Sora and shiro relationship questions

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sora and shiro relationship questions

They have a wholesome and platonic sibling relationship. . my opinion about people who would ship the Sora x Shiro incest loli relationship. Read the topic about Steph x Sora on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on But I still feel that Jibril is the best for Sora or Shiro. . bit funny:) (comparison, some of your questions in the Mahouka thread will be answered Shiro x Sora I don't see them yet in the Kousaka siblings type relationship yet. In real life, relationships between sisters and brothers are a big taboo. of Shiro and Sora, and while they are most certainly really really close.

One day, they are challenged to a game of chess by Teta god from another reality. The two are victorious and are offered to live in a world that centers around games. They accept, believing it to be a joke, and are summoned to a reality known as Disboard. There, a spell known as the Ten Pledges prevents violence and enforces the rules and outcomes of games. The two traverse to Elkiathe nation which inhabits humans, and befriend the duchess Stephanie Dola.

sora and shiro relationship questions

Seeking to further their reputation as the undefeated gamers, Sora and Shiro seek to conquer the other species in order to challenge Tet. Following the death of their parents and feeling ostracized by the world, the two suffer from a degree of agoraphobia and became hikikomori. After Sora and Shiro are summoned to Disboard, they decide to uphold their undefeated reputation as Blank by besting the sixteen ruling species, followed by Tet.

She has a lot of explicit knowledge but lacks the intuition to win games. They discover her grandfather kept hidden records on the other species which becomes an asset to their victories; Her experience with Sora and Shiro improves her skill to the point that she can win against normal humans.

Jibril is over years old and is the youngest and most powerful of her species. After losing to Sora and Shiro in a game of Shiritorishe becomes their slave but is treated as an equal. She often provides magic or transportation necessities for the protagonists. Warbeast The warbeasts are kemonomimis with high physical abilities; their nation is known as the Eastern Federation [Jp. Her explanation was quick, concise; words spoken in hushed whispers. It was hard for Sora to understand but sensing her impatience, he pretended he understood when she finished.

sora and shiro relationship questions

The first game began with Shiro starting. He didn't quite understood and simply continued, moving the pieces wherever he saw fit. The game quickly finished with Shiro as the winner. Her eyes glowed from pointed concentration to a curious weak flame. She wasn't easy to defeat.


A victory would take an arduous amount of skills and wits. The way she conquered in games wasn't modest either. For every move he made, there was a small smirk on her face. For every move she made, that smirk widened into a toothy grin. It was disconcerting and terrifying; to be both losing and made fun of.

Her little expressions seemed to claw at your mind, toy with your heart, until, until you were reduced to a lost and a feeble remainder of your former self. Sora didn't feel this way though. He reached to pat her head. Her eyes were not shining happily like that of a victor but were dimming like that of a loser. Why would a person who won so triumphantly feel dejected? And above all, why didn't anyone notice this about her? You're prettier when you smile. It was a seedling finally blossoming into a delicate flower, rare to those who actively seek it but a treasure to those who rightfully deserve it.

A smaller pinky slid around his. Shiro stared back dumbly. The girl now could barely contain the red spilling her face and the boy who was rapidly advancing near his face to neither Sora's nor Shiro's notice. You're embarrassed—" "—hold it," a pull forcibly tugged them apart.

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He bristled at her words, jaws tightening. I'm not a pervert! I didn't mean to! Out of the corner of his eyes, he could spy Shiro enjoying this, smiling smugly so openly.

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Schadenfreude was her go-to mode of entertainment. Sora looked at her questioningly. But please stick to an organized schedule so you won't upset Shiro. He had a soft smile on and a faraway, dreamlike star. I think this one was from when you were playing that chess game with Shiro.

He flipped the card, flipped it again. His picture still remained the same with him looking as He didn't remember feeling that happy. All he could recall from their match earlier was how much he enjoyed it.

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He looked up to find Shiro, only to see her already by his side and snatching the ID card from him. She didn't say anything, inspecting it with an authoritative flare before handing it back to him. She definitely had more to say, hiding her intentions with indifference.

I pink promised didn't I? His questions were never answered but he got something even better than answers and that was— —the opportunity to see Shiro every day. I sincerely hope things didn't get too cheesy towards the end or if it did, it was at least bearable. Like I don't know. This chapter was, by far, the hardest to write. And undoubtedly future chapters will be challenging as well so yay, more slow updates!

sora and shiro relationship questions

This is demonstrated during his card game with Stephanie. Rather than computing numbers like Shiro, Sora can quickly determine what his opponents are going to do based on observation of their behavior and motivations, a technique called "cold reading". His amazing observational and deductive skills help him come up with complex plans quickly and efficiently.

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This is shown during his game against Jibril and when he figured out the previous King's plan to beat the Werebeast. He was even able to learn to read Imanity-go language in just about one hour slower than his sister self-proclaimed.

He is also highly manipulative convincing an Inn-keeper to let them stay four nights despite not lying to others although he does tell half-truthsalong with showing proficiency at strategy and romance games. Weaknesses While brilliant, Sora is not nearly as intelligent as his sister when it comes to calculative based games and through his own admission, can't play games such as a match of chess against a high level AI as effectively.

Despite being a shut-in, he is slightly perverted and desires a girlfriend for himself, with his lust leading to a linguistic mistake that causes Stephanie to fall in love with him and elicits a scolding from Shiro. He also has trouble with crowds but is shown to be able to can handle them when he is with his sister.

His most significant weakness is his reliance on Shiro. If he is separated from her by so much as a door, he becomes a quivering, spineless coward. During episode 11, he was able to overcome this completely as they were holding hands in the real world while in their game pods.

Character Sora is 18 years old. He later becomes King after winning a game and therefore his sister becomes queen. He lives with his step-sister Shiro and was abandoned by his parents at a young age.

sora and shiro relationship questions

After that, Sora pledged to be there for his sister no matter what. Sora cares about his step-sister Shiro very much. He has an absolute trust in her which can be shown in anime episode 9 or volume 3 chapter 1 where two things more important than himself were his trust in Shiro and everything about her.

Similar to his sister he has a sibling-complex, being with her at all time and panicking if they're not in the same room together. Although this doesn't keep him from hitting on other girls mostly Stephanie Dola. He is also shown to have perverted tendencies. Background In the light novel, Sora's family isn't explained well. But there are parts from Shiro's point of view which tell about their parents. Sora and Shiro are step-siblings, which means Sora's father married Shiro's mother.

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After the wedding, his family lived together, and that's when he met Shiro. When she saw Sora for the first time, Shiro mumbled " That day, they played 20 games in a row. As time elapsed, the siblings began to live together. Sora mentioned that "those that were called their parents were no longer present," implying that their parents abandoned them.

He mouthed out such words to his little sister in reply, "Meh, from now on, it's just you and me then. Conjoining the two names: