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so suave how to flirt

How To Flirt With A Girl (Because Sending Mixed Signals Is Overrated) Your mixed signals are only going to push her away, so put your effort into making her . Hello and welcome to The SoSuave Guide to Women and Dating. .. One minute she's flirting, and smiling, and rubbing up against you, and the next minute. If you want to meet, attract, and date more women then you need to learn how to flirt with women. The best way to do this is learn a few good flirting techniques.

She is going to want nothing to do with you. Give her lingering hugs, not just a quick pat on the back like you do with your buddies. Let her feel your arms around you. Leave likes across her Instagram. It sounds childish, but liking her selfies is an easy, no-effort way to hint that you are interested in her. Find excuses to touch her every so often to increase the sexual tension.

so suave how to flirt

Offer her your jacket when you notice her shivering from the cold. Tell her about a song or a movie or even a meme you think she would be interested in and use the phrase: This reminded me of you. Listen to what she is saying. If she mentions how she is dying to see a certain movie, mention how you should go together. If you get into a random conversation about mini-golf, challenge her to a game with you. Use your everyday conversations as excuses to ask her out.

Call her by her name. Use it in texts and in face-to-face conversations. When she wears something new, give her a compliment to prove you noticed. Tell her you love her new haircut or the new necklace she bought.

It shows you are perceptive. It shows you care. Run your hands through your hair. Give her bedroom eyes. Make sure your body language is conveying your interest. But that's not enough to spark any kind of emotion in her. Now imagine you'd spent 60 to 70 percent of the date listening to her really listening and asking questionsand about 30 to 40 percent of the time telling her about yourself.

Specifically, telling her about yourself in a way that makes the two of you seem very similar. This time when she goes home, sits down, grabs something to drink, and starts reminiscing about the date and youshe's going to have something substantial to think about. She's going to think what a wonderful conversationalist you are. You didn't monopolize the conversation.

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You didn't bore her with details of your job, your childhood, or the health of your colon. And because you spent a substantial amount of time pointing out how similar the two of you are, she's going to think that you are very SPECIAL.

After all, you're just like her. People always like others who are similar to themselves. By being similar to me, you essentially validate my perceptions of the world. I will see you as clever, intelligent, charming, and likeable Of course, it's true that opposites do sometimes attract. But only under certain situations.

On the other hand, similars almost always attract. You should always go for the similarity angle during the first part of a relationship. You'll can reveal to her your unique qualities later. And don't worry or feel cheated because you don't get to talk about the things you want to talk about.

so suave how to flirt

If you play your cards right during the first few conversations or dates, you'll have plenty of time later on to bore her with all your interesting stories. The first few conversations and dates are critical and you have to play them right.

That means focusing and listening for free info, asking interested questions, and making "me too" statements. It's a simple 1, 2, 3. Bonus Material If you can master the very simple tips listed in the above article, you will have no problems at all talking to women. Talking to women is very simple, but very, very important.

Probably the most important seduction skill you will ever learn. Now, if you want MORE Really, this simple secret changed my life and I am confident it will change yours as well. Chapter 2 The Secret of Being Almost Completely Irresistible to Women What red-blooded male hasn't at one time or another dreamed of having a magic wand. A wand which would instantly turn you into the most charming, irresistible hunk of manhood this side of Robert Redford?

Or perhaps a word or phrase that you could utter to create a magical, sensual effect on the woman you're talking to? Or maybe a particular behavior, such as snapping your fingers, that would instantly fill any woman you wanted with feelings of infatuation, love, and lust You wouldn't want to be completely irresistible.

That would be far too much trouble. You'd have girls that you're not interested in chasing you all over the place. You simply want to be charming and irresistible to all those girls you are attracted to. A wand, a word, or a simple behavior that would instantly turn you into a charismatic and irresistible Don Juan.

Yes, life would be good! Something that will make you almost completely irresistible to any woman you "point it" at. Something guaranteed to fill your life with love, romance, and excitement. No, I'm not talking about some kind of mythical aphrodisiac.

I'm not talking about a pheromone cologne, or some kind of pill you slip into her drink. No, this is much easier and simpler. It doesn't cost you anything and it's something that any man can master.

Now I'm not talking about just any smile. I'm not talking about that pathetic little smirk of yours that makes you look more scary than friendly. But a big, face-consuming, I-feel-good-about-life-and-I- like-you-too kind of grin that will instantly light up any room and any woman that you point it at.

Never forget that women are irresistibly drawn to smiling guys. They flirt with smiling guys. Have sex with smiling guys. And live happily ever after with smiling guys. Why this infatuation with smiling guys? Well, smiling says a number of awesome, positive things about you: You don't smile at people you don't like, do you?

I'm sure you know at least one girl that you're attracted to, but you're not sure exactly why. Physically, she has neither a perfect body nor a perfect face. Yet, to you and most every other guy, she's beautiful, irresistible, and charming. Chances are she smiles a lot. So smiling make you more attractive, reveals your positive personality, and indicates that you like the person you're smiling at. Sounds perfect to me. Clint Eastwood never smiled. John Wayne never smiled.

James Dean never smiled. And they always wound up with the women. Well, friends, I'm talking about real life here, not television or the movies. Being a hard, tough, cold, unemotional, unexpressive guy may work in the movies, but it doesn't work in real life. But that's how most of us guys were raised, right? We were taught to be unexpressive and unemotional.

We grew up trying to be cool, trying to be what we thought others admired. We wanted to be Clint Eastwood or John Wayne.

We wanted to be tough, cool, and get all the women. Just doesn't work that way in real life. Want to see something really enlightening and sad? Go out to one of the more popular bars or nightclubs in your area. Try and peel your eyes off all the beautiful women and check out the guys for a minute.

Notice how most of them are trying to attract women by being cool, tough, hard, unemotional. They think they can attract women by acting like they don't really care. Notice all these cool guys leaning against the walls by themselves or with their equally cool, male buddies. And they go there to meet women. Surrounded By Women Now take a look around the club at the men who are surrounded by women and are having a great time. What do you notice about them? Take a look at the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they act.

But most importantly take a look at their faces.

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They're smiling, feeling good, and having a great time. They know the secret. They brought the wand. But the secret is that they came into the club like that. With those positive, happy, fun-loving smiles. They didn't wait for the fun to start before they started having fun. They have learned not to "pursue" women but to "attract" them Okay, so HOW do you smile?

Remember, most of us have been trained since childhood not to smile, not to reveal our emotions, not to reveal vulnerability. Trying to force yourself to smile can be quite difficult, especially if you're feeling nervous, or the girl of your dreams happens to be around. How to Create a Magnificent Smile So how do you learn to smile? Smiling is like any other behavior.

To get good at it you have to practice. Think about the simple act of snapping your fingers.

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Can you snap your fingers? The first time you try you'll most likely get a pathetic little "snuupff. You'll get so good at snapping your fingers that you'll almost hurt yourself doing it. That's what you want your smile to be like. You want your smile to demand the attention of everyone around. You want your smile to be powerful. So how do you practice?

Just go into your bathroom or bedroom or anyplace there's a mirror and you can be alone. Look into the mirror and smile. And smile some more. Smile until your entire face aches. Smile until every muscle in your face is so fatigued that you can't possibly smile anymore.

Yes, you're going to feel stupid, silly, and ridiculous. The sillier you feel, the more you'll feel like smiling. And the act of smiling itself, will actually make you feel better and feel more like smiling.

This is an excellent exercise to practice before going out on a date, or out to a nightclub, or to the bookstore, or anywhere else you might meet a woman you'd be interested in. You want your smiles to be real smiles though, not fake-looking smirks.

So it helps to think of things that naturally make you smile or laugh. Maybe make a list of things that you can think about before you start.

Fake smiles go on instantly, and disappear just as fast. They look like a practiced behavior. They utilize mainly the muscles of the mouth and not the eyes and the rest of the face. And they look unemotional.

Real smiles, on the other hand, are slower to form, and slower to disappear. They're fueled by emotions and emotions do not change instantly.

They involve the whole face. They utilize more facial muscles, especially those around the eyes. Thus, you have to learn to fake a real smile. By faking, I simply mean a smile that you can put on whenever you want.

A smile that you can control. A smile which is not completely dependent on your emotional state. After all, you may not be feeling all that wonderful when the girl of your dreams walks by. So you practice slowly forming a smile You have to train the muscles of your face to do this.

It's not hard, but it does take practice. We're talking about slow relative to a fake smile. We're not talking about slow motion. If you're looking in a mirror, you'll be able to tell when you get it right.

And the payoff for your practice and "hard work" will be enormous. Think about top professional models or top professional actors. They've learned how to fake smiles. Their smiles look real. And they can unleash them anytime they want. A magazine cover, a TV interview, the public, their fans. The world is literally at their mercy. And when you learn to smile You've stopped in at a local restaurant to grab something to eat with one of your buddies.

An unbelievably cute waitress skips up to take your order. You unleash your smile. Watch her face light up. Watch the special treatment you receive.

Watch your buddy turn green with envy. You're standing in line at the grocery store. There's a very beautiful, yet very tired-looking girl at the register. Watch her whole personality change. She suddenly feels like talking.

Do you think she'll remember you? Unleash your new smile at the office. Unleash it at a local bar. Unleash it at the gym. Unleash it anywhere there are beautiful women you'd like to meet. Think of it as your magic wand. Think of it as the secret that you know that most guys don't — the secret to being almost completely irresistible to women.

But I know some of you reading this are doubtful Follow the instructions above, practice your smile, and then see what happens. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another, but I'm confident that smiling will work wonderfully — magically — for almost all of you. For more detailed info on smiling and creating great first impression check out these articles and links. So pay very close attention.

You don't really know her, but you're pretty sure she's a Goddess You exchanged glances in Chemistry, had a few brief conversations after class, and even bumped into her at the mall. You KNOW you want her.

There's no doubt about it. The question now becomes, "Does she want you? You saw her leave with another guy after class She flirted with you last week, even touched your shoulder Does she like you? How can you tell? You really need to know this before you begin the "pursuit" don't you? Does She Like Me? Perhaps the most common question posed on the SoSuave Discussion Forum concerns "reading women" and trying to figure out whether they like you or not.

The poster usually describes his situation, what he did, what she did, and then asks, "Does this mean she likes me? Definitely a question in need of an answer. Okay, here's the best answer you're probably ever going to get and what you need to remember She won't because your worry and your obsession with what she thinks of you will actually push her away.

Let me try to explain. She smiled at you — she didn't smile at you. She emailed you — she didn't email you. She returned your call — she didn't return your call. Confusion, frustration, and anxiety result. This obsession with her behaviors and their meanings will paralyze you, confuse you, and suck every ounce of confidence you have from your body.

You will become a Blithering Blob of Insecurity. And women, in general, are not attracted to Blithering Blobs of Insecurity. So are you wrong to be confused by women? Always have been and always will be. That's just the way they are. Especially when it comes to romance, women seem totally inconsistent in their behaviors. One minute you're convinced you're the man of her dreams, and the next she seems to be unaware of your existence.

One minute she's flirting, and smiling, and rubbing up against you, and the next minute she's gone, left without even saying "bye. Now, no one knows exactly why women give off such mixed signals and deliberately, it seems, attempt to confuse us. Some suspect it's those magazines they read. Others think it has to do with the secret bathroom conferences they hold. Still others propose that their illogical behaviors are due to the wacky hormones they have surging throughout their bodies.

The cause is relatively unimportant. You just have to accept it, and plot your strategy to deal with it. Just Say No So, given the inconsistencies of female romantic behavior, attempting to read women and figure out what they're thinking, is, at best, an incredibly frustrating experience.

So don't do it. Don't even attempt it. Just say NO to "reading" women! After all, they may be confusing, illogical, and somewhat annoying, but you still wanna get you one. Assume that she likes you and would like to get to know you better. Assume that she's physically attracted to you. Assuming the negative will kill any chances you might have with her. Pessimists, my friend, are not chick magnets. Benefits of Assuming She Likes You Now there are many exciting benefits of adopting this attitude of assuming that women you like also like you For one, if you refuse to obsess about all the little "signs" she's giving you, whether they be good signs or bad signs, you will feel more relaxed, calm, and confident.

Attempting to read her will only lead to confusion, frustration, and anxiety. And this will make you more tense when she's around, and thus, less likely to be the charming, charismatic Don Juan that you'd like to be. And you also won't be wasting your time trying to figure out what she's thinking You'll be able to devote your mental brainpower to something more useful and productive. Secondly, if you just assume that she likes you, then you will actually increase the probability that she eventually WILL like you.

This is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy, and is a well- documented phenomenon in psychological research. This means is that if you have a "she likes me" attitude, then you'll project positive, optimistic behaviors and thoughts. She'll pick up on these and If, on the other hand, you have a "she doesn't like me" attitude, you'll project negative, pessimistic behaviors and thoughts.

She'll, likewise, pick up on these and And if you have a "confused does she like me" attitude, then you'll project tense, anxiety-ridden behaviors and thoughts that will decrease the probability of her liking you Isn't it easier to relax around people who are relaxed themselves? And third, the attitude of just assuming that she likes you, rather than worrying about whether she does or not, allows you to maintain control of the situation If you are obsessing about the signs and allow the signs to control your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, then you have given her complete control of the situation.

And complete control over you! If she's GOOD to you, you're happy. If she's BAD to you, you're sad. If she wants to encourage you, she can throw out a few positive signals. If she wants to discourage you, she can throw out a few negative signals. Your happiness is under her control Not the position that a Don Juan likes to be in. Not the position that you want to be in. However, if you just assume that she likes you and treat her accordingly, and refuse to be controlled by all the little signs and signals and confusing behavior, you take charge of the situation.

You have decided that you like her. And you have decided that she likes you And you act accordingly. The poor girl won't stand a chance up against that aura! Okay, so you agree that obsessing about a particular girl and whether or not she likes you is not in your best interest.

It will turn you into a Blithering Blob of Insecurity, decrease the probability that she will like you, and give her complete control over your happiness. Controlling Your Thoughts So what do you do when those obsessive thoughts start to take over your mind?

I mean, after all, she is a Goddess, right? Here's one simple little mental trick that might help you Whenever those obsessive "does she like me" thoughts start to take over your mind, even if they're the good ones, mentally grab them with your hands, throw them down on the floor, and step on them. Then remind yourself that obsessing about her is not in your best interest, that it will suck away your confidence, and actually decrease the probability that you'll eventually get her.

At this point you want to take a deep breath You are able to relax. And you take charge of your life.

For more detailed information on how to think and how to act and how to take charge of your life, check out the following great articles and links.

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Shockingly, you are going to find that this is quite easy But as soon as they meet someone that they are attracted to, they turn into a nervous, quivering, degenerative wreck. They get upset, angry at themselves, and even depressed. They feel that their nervousness is holding them back and preventing them from expressing who they really are So the question very frequently pops up Both strategies work fine, as far as they go. But personally, I think there is Not only will you not feel nervous, but you'll also benefit from enjoying the sensations of infatuation, while learning to use those feelings to your advantage in attracting women.

The first and most important thing you need to realize, is that being nervous around a woman that you're attracted to isn't necessarily a BAD thing. In fact, it's actually quite a GOOD thing. It's something to be happy about, something to relish Think about that for a second. If she's having this kind of effect on you, if her mere presence is enough to make you sweat like a pig and utter completely nonsensical phrases, she must be pretty dadgum special!

This is not the type of thing you should be depressed about and trying to fight. This is the type of thing and these are the types of emotions you want to embrace, enjoy, and even celebrate. A Big Mistake Yet most guys interpret their nervousness negatively. They mistakenly think that the anxiety and nervousness that they experience whenever an amazing woman is around, is something that must be eliminated.

Something that must be overcome. Something that true Don Juans never experience. This is a completely harmful and negative way of thinking.

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I mean, wouldn't it be boring if you never met any woman who made you feel this way? If you never met any woman who made you anxious, nervous, and babble like an idiot? If you just felt your normal, comfortable, relaxed self around all women?