Snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

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snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

If You Get % On This Harry Potter Quiz Then You'd Be A Part Of Dumbledore's Army Snape Filch Hagrid Dumbledore. This character is certainly one of the .. and that their studies and relationships don't go unattended. Below are comments submitted by users for the quiz Who is your Harry Potter LOL Severus Snape 88%, next one 55%! Severus all the way! Clueless when it comes to relationship, you may have to lead him where you. If you get at least 11 right, you're definitely a Ravenclaw.

Four Two Five The Triwizard cup is a contest that was created to test the students of the magical houses, and to bring about a peaceful union between all of the European houses.

This monster can also only be controlled by the true Heir of house Slytherin, Tom Riddle, other Parselmouths like Harry could only understand her, but not talk back. Parseltongue is a spell, Parselmouth is a curse Parseltongue is an item, Parselmouth is a snakes mouth Parseltongue is someone evil, Paselmouth is someone good Parseltongue is a language, Parselmouth is someone that can speak it One of these terms was brought up in the previous question, so it might be relatively easy to figure out this quiz question by using context clues alone.

Both of these terms have to do with speaking to snakes in the magical world of Harry Potter. Many have viewed this as an evil or dark power, but like most things people are unaware of, there does seem to be a great deal of knowledge that can be gleamed from the slithering creatures if you take the time to talk to them.

Bubble Weed Gilly Weed Water Sponge Frequently throughout the books, Harry has to rely on his friends around him to equip him with knowledge that he has no fondness or clue about.

When it comes to most intellectual matters, the obvious person to seek out would be Hermione, but when it comes to Herbology, the only sensible student to talk to would be Neville Longbottom. And even though Neville was only aware of this plant because of a not-so-generous tip from a malicious professor in disguise, he still manages to help Harry pass this stage of the tournament. And Dumbledore keeps it around just in case he ends up getting lost in those darn troubling Muggle railways.

It is hard to see Harry move on from the fan-favorite Nimbusbut the Firebolt ends up saving his skin on multiple occasions, and it becomes his go-to broomstick.

Accio Imperius Crucio The unforgivable curses are used by the darkest and most malicious wizards, and as their name suggests, they are banned from the wizarding world.

But he uses a lesser curse than this specific deadly curse. When Harry looks into the mirror he actually sees himself standing with his parents, both alive and well. But Ron ends up seeing something a little more superficial. Boggart Muggle Squib It would be the most unfortunate thing in the world to be born a wizard, but to be unable to perform magic.

There are countless numbers of them in the wizarding world, and they basically have to attempt to live normal lives within the wizarding community, while also being ostracized by your fellow witches and wizards.

It contains all parts of Hogwarts castle, including the town of Hogsmeade, and it shows anyone and everyone that is walking around the castle.

The Dumbledore-Severus Relationship, Was it Really Loyalty Between Them?

There are few moments in the films as epic as seeing the Quidditch World Cup fully realized in live action. Harry, who also realized that all people make mistakes, in turn named his child after both Severus and Albus, opting to recognize their goodness. That may also be the year Lily responded favorably to James Potter's advances, perhaps after schooling him on what it meant to be a decent human being.

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That's a long friendship to discard after so much time invested in one another, which points to not only how seriously Snape must have taken the Dark Arts, but also how strongly Lily objected to them. Friends typically don't give friends ultimatums, but in the case of good versus evil, we can see why Lily cut off someone who was sure to be a toxic friend at the time. After reading the books, it makes sense: This is the moment that saved Harry's life, where Lily chose instead to sacrifice herself to protect her infant.

Hogwarts was also, as most recall, a wizarding school for adolescents who are prone to ridiculous behavior as they learn and grow. While we're meant to believe that Lily eventually knocked some sense into her future husband before marrying him, it doesn't change the fact that she married the person who bullied her best friend.

We're also reminded that Snape never apparently got over high school, becoming one of the infamous bitter teacher bullies that many of us can recall in our own youth. After which, she and Harry finally kiss, but she is then forced to tell Umbridge about Dumbledore's Army. Which kind of fizzles out the attraction for Harry. But what else do we know about Cho? What Hogwarts house was she sorted into? Was it Ravenclaw as we are claiming? Pick the right answer.

Wherever he goes, his loyal pet cat won't be far behind, helping watch out for any students who are stepping out of line. The cat's most notable moment in the films occurs in The Chamber of Secrets, when it is petrified after seeing the reflection of the Basilisk in some water on the floor. But what is the name of Filch's cat. We say it's Mrs Morris. Is this is a fact or a fib? Question 24 True False Bellatrix has to be the most vicious of all Voldemort's followers so it was a satisfying moment when she met her end during the grand battle of Hogwarts that occurred in The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Similar to Voldemort himself, Helena Bonham Carter's character disintegrated when she died which isn't canon with the books, but whatever.

But who was it who did the heroic deed of bumping the evil witch off?

snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

Was it Ginny Weasley? Question 25 True False Though he was raised in the muggle world, Harry is actually a "pureblood" wizard - the son of two magical people. Hermione, however, is a muggle-born - or, as bigoted wizards would have it, "mudblood" - and the first witch in her family. We're claiming that they are dentists, but have we just made up this fact?

What he ended up doing was asking the Patil twins - unfortunately, the quartet turned out to have a terrible time at the Ball as no one was with who they really wanted to be with. But which Patil twin did Harry take? As Lupin was a werewolf, the friends all trained themselves to become animagi in order to transform into animals too. After they conquered this ability, they gave themselves nicknames based on their animal forms.

Names like Prongs and Wormtail. They then used these names as a signature on their Marauder's Map. But was Lupin's nickname Padfoot, as we are claiming?

Or did he have a different nickname? Maggie Smith's Scottish professor can be uptight but she's a good teacher, memorably signing Harry up for the Quidditch team instead of punishing him when he was flying unsupervised. Most famously, she is an animagi as she can transform into a cat though this is only shown in the first film. But does this tie in to the subject that she teaches at Hogwarts?

snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

Does she actually teach Transfiguration like we say? As anyone who has been sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore will tell you, though, there is nothing shameful about being part of the badger brigade.

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Many great witches and wizards hail from Hufflepuff. But is one of these Robert Pattinson's Cedric Diggory? He was the coolest kid at school until his untimely death at Voldemort's hands. Do you believe what we're telling you here or do you think we are lying? However, it was sadly destroyed when it was caught in a storm during a Quidditch match.

snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

Luckily for Harry, though, Sirius Black was on hand to provide him with the best kind of broom there is - the Firebolt, which lasted Harry throughout the rest of his time at Hogwarts. But which movie did the broom first appear in? Was it The Prisoner of Azkaban or a later entry in the series? Obsessed with muggle culture, even though he hardly understood it, Mr Weasley was the head of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts department at the Ministry of Magic.

He even tinkered with a muggle car to make it fly. But, here's our question, when did Arthur Weasley first appear in the franchise? We put it to you that he was part of it from the very beginning. True False The Basilisk raged through Hogwarts in the second movie, The Chamber of Secrets, petrifying any muggle-born students that it came across.

But was Ron's future girlfriend Lavender Brown one of those unlikely enough to meet the serpent's gaze? How well do you know the events of The Chamber of Secrets? Prove your knowledge by getting the answer to this question right. Rowling's books, but occasionally they would create new scenes for the screen.