Snape and dumbledore relationship problems

Did Dumbledore and Severus Snape had a relationship?

snape and dumbledore relationship problems

20 Most Dysfunctional Relationships In Harry Potter . magic was "dangerous" and "abnormal"—we learn that her real problem was jealousy. Albus Dumbledore's relationship with Harry Potter will be the main focus of the . and adults are influenced by what they read, however, the problem is that .. made, and because he only heard half of it, courtesy of one Severus Snape. But the real truth is that Snape hates Harry most of all because he loved But the real problem is Dumbledore continually insisting to Harry that . and now, and saying that his relationship with Harry is the same as a current.

What we do know is that Ron loved his pet. He let him sleep on his pillow, which is awful once you realize that Peter was not just an adult, but a traitor and a killer in league with the archenemy of his best friend.

That's a lot for any relationship to make it through. The friendship between Ron and Scabbers ended immediately when the feisty pet rat was revealed to be an evil old man. Isn't that always the way? In fact, she and Narcissa are first cousins of Sirius and Regulus Black. Her husband is pureblood wizard Rodolphus Lestrange—another enthusiastic muggle-hater and Voldemort supporter. The Lestranges are, along with Barty Crouch Jr, among those who sought Voldemort even after his downfall.

Even when the two married, it was common knowledge that Bella's true love was Lord Voldemort. Rod and Bella married mainly to uphold their familial obligation to marry purebloods. Ridiculous as that seems, it does indicate that the Lestranges' marriage was devoid of love, children of their own, or lasting commitment. They did work well together as Death Eaters, a job where loving violence and hating muggles is usually enough, so there's that.

Misunderstandings like that can bring havoc into what was once a close friendship. Dumbledore learned the hard way that terms like "revolution," and "the greater good" mean different things to different people.

Readers know that the love between sweethearts Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald ended in a duel that became the stuff of legend one we'll soon see play out on the big screen. Being a gay wizard in the early s was probably already difficult. But when your boyfriend becomes a dark wizard and you and your brother actually have to fight him physically? The death of Ariana had to be the last straw in a dissolving alliance that ended in a bitter rivalry.

Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Dumbledore didn't end up killing Grindelwald, but he made sure he was imprisoned…until Voldemort murdered him in jail.

We don't think Albus ever got over it. Father and son relationships can be difficult, even in the wizarding world.

snape and dumbledore relationship problems

Children rebel against even the best of parents in ways that can lead to tragedy. Even considering the tumultuous nature of fathers and sons, the relationship between Barty Crouch Junior and Senior is unusually toxic.

snape and dumbledore relationship problems

It's not known how the boy fell under Voldemort's spell, but Barty Jr. He participated in the torture that ruined Frank and Alice Longbottom's lives. Movie fans know that Barty Sr. In the books, though, it's less clear at Barty's trial that he's guilty.

snape and dumbledore relationship problems

We don't know for sure until "Moody's" polyjuice potion wears off. It seems out of character for Barty Sr. The elder Crouch's plan to keep his son under control fell apart, and began a chain of events that ended with Barty Jr.

That's gonna make Father's Day pretty awkward. If the kids are all miserable and show signs of abuse, you can presume they're the bad kind. Credence Barebone was a nice kid and a secret wizard. He was forced to hide his magical abilities after being adopted by a whackadoo named Mary Lou. He became an obscurial, which is basically a violent impulse come to life. Not only was Graves a terrible person using Credence and his adoptive sisters to meet his own ends—but he was both Grindelwald and Johnny Depp—forming a conglomerate of evil Albus Dumbledore himself would have difficulty taking down.

Credence was a nice kid trapped in a bad situation, who both needed and deserved real help. Instead, he met one of the worst villains in the history of magic. Despite, or maybe because of, hints from the film—we think we'll see Credence Barebone and his sisters again.

But we have to think that his marauding card was revoked after he handed James and his family to Voldemort and then framed Sirius for multiple murders. The legendary double-cross perpetrated by this rat set in motion the events that became an entire series. You'd think someone might have written a book about what could have happened if only Sirius had remained the Secret Keeper, or Wormtail had had any loyalty at all.

Sure, Pettigrew was a weak, grasping, frightened person who was probably terrified of being killed by Voldemort or Snape, or Rosier, etc.

The Dumbledore-Severus Relationship, Was it Really Loyalty Between Them?

But as Sirius pointed out, Pettigrew should have accepted death. It's a far better choice than betraying your best friends, and by extension, the entire wizarding world. Eventually, Wormtail does find his spine and commits one small heroic act before his new hand turns on him. But we wouldn't go so far as to say that Peter Pettigrew died a hero. In fact, we'd say he's the only marauder who didn't. These three brothers are at the origin of an epic magical legend surrounding the most powerful enchanted or cursed, depending objects known to wizardkind.

We know these objects as the legendary Deathly Hallows. Cadmus, the second brother, sought to humiliate death by asking for the power to bring the dead back. Of course, the dead have no place on Earth, so the girl became morose and disconnected—something Cadmus didn't seem to have considered at all.

The couple ended up insane, then dead.

Harry Potter Theory: Dumbledore's SECRET Reason For Trusting Snape That You Didn't Know About

The Resurrection Stone was then put into a hideous ring, and you all know the rest. We're going to say some harsh words about Merope Gaunt here, even as we recognize that she had a terrible life. Merope grew up in squalor, terrorized by a father and brother who treated her even worse than the Dursleys treated Harry.

The Gaunts were also more hateful. Meanwhile, Tom Riddle Sr.

snape and dumbledore relationship problems

We can't blame Merope for becoming infatuated with the muggle, or for leaving her family home to be with him. Tom Riddle didn't love Merope back. After that, Snape kept his promise, but I believe that the way Snape treated Harry in general and even at times when he was supposed to be protecting him, evidences his distaste for the job.

Once Dumbledore told him that he believed Voldemort would return, Snape agrees and in fact does not want Harry to know about his forthcoming help at all. Snape suspects Harry went to Hogsmeade. In an effort to protect him, he begins a tirade during which he belittles Harry and his father, setting Harry's back up completely and Harry feels only anger.

Lupin steps in and takes over - lesson learned. There is a killer on the street; a man who was the cause Harry's parents were no longer alive, a death eater, a traitor.

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Harry has been forbidden to leave the School premises on those grounds. But does Harry listen? I think Snape is well within his rights to scold Harry and inspect an old parchment Harry has on him and one he clearly does not wish to leave with Snape.

I think Snape read that in his mind, though and he checks the paper to see if its safe and wen he sees the insults which he may have heard from the Marauders, I don't know about that, but to Snape those words make him turn to the floo and call Lupin.

Snape is called upon to protect Harry specifically against Voldemort by teaching him occulmency - Snape, the adult in the sitution, allows his emotions to once again rule him and fails at enabling this particular protection. Here I think Dumbledore and Harry share the blame.

snape and dumbledore relationship problems

Snape started well enough, but if Harry was never going to practise, because he kind of liked seeing the black door and was wanting to see what would lay beyond it, that was not going to help Occluding his mind any IMO. Snape also did not know about the scar, while I think Dumbledore had already begun suspecting.

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Harry did not know why his scar hurt so much and why he could see as Nagini. Snape did not know the scar was actually a part of Voldemort. So both of them were a bit in the dark there. Snape showed his impatience with Harry, especially as Harry kept coming out with memories of Voldemort meeting his death eaters.

In fact when Harry breaks into Snape's mind, Snape is not angry nor does he shout at him. He seems shocked and surprised.

Then he proceeds to knock Harry about, taunt him and belittle his father, loses control and viciously whips Harry protection over. Buckbeak had to come in and rescue Harry from Snape himself. This is her post from the Snape's death V. This is so aptly expressed, I found it amazing. An act that even Moody and Remus and Kinglesy would not agree to do for the repercussions that would follow.

It is at this time Harry chases him and taunts him.