Smeagol and deagol relationship quotes

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smeagol and deagol relationship quotes

"Oh, are you indeed, my love," said Sméagol; and he caught Déagol by . If you were addressing me, and not YayGollum with the above quote. Bilbo DID become addicted to the Ring - when it came time to part with it, he had a full on freakout: 'Everything?' said Gandalf. 'The ring as well. 24 quotes have been tagged as gollum: J.R.R. Tolkien: 'It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,It lies behind stars and unde.

Also I think you have had it quite long enough. You won't need it any more. Bilbo, unless I am quite mistaken. His kindly face grew hard. It is my own. It came to me. The wizard's face remained grave and attentive, and only a flicker in his deep eyes showed that he was startled and indeed alarmed.

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Even if Gollum said the same once. It's not his now, but mine. And I shall keep it, I say. It has got far too much hold on you. And then you can go yourself, and be free. Do as you promised: I won't give my precious away, I tell you. Then you will see Gandalf the Grey uncloaked. Bilbo backed away to the wall, breathing hard, his hand clutching at his pocket.

They stood for a while facing one another, and the air of the room tingled. Gandalf's eyes remained bent on the hobbit.

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Slowly his hands relaxed, and he began to tremble. What is it all about? It is mine isn't it?

smeagol and deagol relationship quotes

I found it, and Gollum would have killed me, if I hadn't kept it. I'm not a thief, whatever he said. I am not trying to rob you, but to help you. He survived on cave fish, which he caught from his small boat, and small goblins who strayed too far from the stronghold of the Great Goblin.

Over the years, his eyes adapted to the dark and became "lamp-like", shining with a sickly pale light. Bilbo Baggins stumbled upon Gollum's lair, having found the Ring in the network of goblin tunnels leading down to the lake. At his wits' end in the dark, Bilbo agreed to a riddle game with Gollum on the chance of being shown the way out of the mountains.

Would Sméagol have murdered without the Ring?

In the first edition of The Hobbit, Gollum's size is not stated. Only in the revised version is it specified that he is small and is actually an unnaturally long-lived Hobbit. To fit the concept of the ruling Ring that emerged during the writing of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien revised later editions of The Hobbit: Bilbo inadvertently discovered the Ring's power of invisibility as he fled, allowing him to follow Gollum undetected to a back entrance of the caves.

Gollum was convinced that Bilbo knew the way out all along, and hoped to intercept him near the entrance, lest the goblins apprehend Bilbo and find the Ring. Bilbo at first thought to kill Gollum in order to escape, but was overcome with pity, and so merely leaped over him. We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever! He spent the early years of his life with his extended family under a matriarchhis grandmother.

He wandered in the wilderness for a few years until he finally retreated to a deep cavern in the Misty Mountains. Gollum left his cave in pursuit of Bilbo a few years after losing the Ring, but the trail was cold. He made his way to the edge of Mordorwhere he met the monstrous spider Shelob and became her spy, worshipping her and bringing her food.

He was eventually captured by Sauron 's forces and tortured, revealing to Sauron the names of "Baggins" and "the Shire ". His testimony alerted the Dark Lord of Mordor to the existence and significance of Hobbits in general and the Baggins family in particular.

smeagol and deagol relationship quotes

He was freed, but was soon caught by Gandalf and Aragornwho interrogated him about the Ring and placed him in the care of the Wood Elves of Mirkwood. He escaped them with the help of Sauron's Orcs and descended into Moria. Gollum picked up the trail and began following the Fellowship of the Ring in Moria, only to be spotted or heard by Frodo Baggins younger cousin and heir of Bilbo, as well as the Bearer of the RingGandalf, and Aragorn on several occasions.

Gollum began trailing them again as they left and followed them all the way to Raurosthen pursued Frodo and Samwise Gamgee across the Emyn Muil when they struck out on their own towards Mordor. Frodo tied an Elvish rope around Gollum's ankle as a leash, but the mere touch of the rope pained him. Taking pity on the wretched creature, just as Bilbo once had, Frodo made Gollum swear to help them.

Agreeing to the oath, Gollum swore by the "precious" itself, and Frodo released him. Perhaps you were addressing YayGollum though Taking into account that he is a hobbit, and all hobbits we know never had such intentions, I would say that he wouldn't.

Just because it is not in the nature of hobbits. He might steal or lie, but I don't find him capable of murdering someone. We both use this fact that it was not normaly in the nature of a hobbit to kill like this, as evidence. Whereas you say that this likely indicated that Smeagol would not have killed otherwise. I say that the fact that he was so quit to kill shows that he wa snot your typical hobbit and therefore may have killed otherwise. YayGollum, it is true that the number 1 option that I posted could apply to everyone, though I ment that it would apply to Smeagol to a greater extent.