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worship twelve serpents on this day namely Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, on the name of Lord Shiva by chanting 'Om Namaha Shivaya'. When confronted by Shivanya(Mouni Roy), Shesha claims that it was her plan to Shivanya reaches in time, and with Lord Shiva's blessings. Naagin (English: Female Serpent) is an Indian Fantasy Drama series, produced by Ekta Shivanya and her cousin Shesha are female shape-shifting serpents, or Ichchhadhari Unaware of Rocky's relation to Yamini, Shivanya arranges for him to marry Shivangi. Rocky helps Shivangi in killing all the murderers of Ritik.

Bijlani as Ritik had a main role in Season 1, while he essayed the supporting character of Sangram Singh as well. However, his appearance in Season 2 was limited to brief cameo scenes in the first and last episodes, and in flashbacks in-between. Initially Shesha assisted Shivanya in her revenge mission against her parents' culprits, but later on seeds of greed for power, position and money that can be obtained by usurping the Naagmani were inculcated in her mind by Yamini.

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This combined with her lust for Ritik led her to betray her cousin Shivanya and she joined hands with Yamini, and emerged as Shivanya's and later on, Shivangi's ultimate nemesis. By the end of Season 1, Shivanya managed to get rid of Shesha by trapping her in the kingdom of the Mahishmatis, shape-shifting honeybees belonging to the Chandravanshi clan or Lunar dynasty. Later, their queen, Avantika joined hands with Shesha, freeing her from captivity.

The two along with a resurrected Yamini became the deadly villainous trio of Season 2, where a year-old Naagin Shesha took the pseudonym Ruchika and wanted to marry her new love interest Rocky alongside pursuing her dream of achieving the Naagmani and becoming the most powerful Naagin in existence.

However, her plans were foiled by Shivanya's daughter Shivangi after she and Yamini viciously killed Shivanya. Shesha is acknowledged as the Kaali Naagin literally the black serpent due to her pitch-black textured snake skin while in her Naagin form. Shesha later gained immense powers by pleasing Lord Shiva on performing an auspicious dance ritual before the Shivalinga and transformed into a Panchmukhi Naagin literally five-headed serpent. However she was tactfully turned into stone by Shivangi on directing the terminated Takshak-Naag Clan's Queen Takshika's gaze on her.

She managed to make a return and assumed the title of Takshika, with a new alternate red-black striped snake skin and additional wings. She thus became immortal upon raising to the rank of the Queen of Takshak-Naag Clan, which she did by resurrecting and then killing the reigning Queen Takshika at Mount Takshak. She was finally killed by Shivangi and Rocky in the divine form of Ardhanarishvaraby first spinning to drain all her blood having Takshika's immortality and then transferring it in an alternate dimension; leaving behind the ashes of a deceased Shesha, who was thus finally punished for her sins.

She was King Sangram Singh's younger half-sister whom she attempted to murder and thought to have succeeded in doing soin order to emerge as the sole inheritor of her family's wealth and to satisfy her endless greed by usurping the Naagmani. She married her family's gardener Ankush Raheja after he got himself involved in her plan. However, when she failed to grasp the Naagmani, she adopted her fraternal nephew Ritik only to use him as a pawn to get the precious Naagmani.

However, her intentions were foiled by Shivanya who returned to avenge the death of her parents, also killed by Yamini.

She then joined hands with Shesha and plotted against Shivanya with her. However, Yamini was finally killed by Shivanya, only to be resurrected by Avantika. Years later, the three of them Yamini, Shesha and Avantikaalong with their other allies, stabbed Shivanya to death. Yamini was also the conspirator behind Ritik's death. One of the primary antagonists to the series, the character of Yamini also served as the occasional comic relief in the show.

She got Rocky married to Ritwik-Shivanya's daughter Shivangi to fulfill her aspirations for the Naagmani, as Shivangi was the only pure-hearted one belonging to the Suryavanshi dynasty capable of touching the gem.

She was ultimately killed by Shivangi and Rocky in their serpent forms by lifting her with their tails and allowing her to fall straight down on a holy trident, putting an end to all her crimes and scheming. She was an Ichchhadhaari Madhumakkhi or a shape-shifting honeybee, and ruled over the Mahishmati Kingdom, primarily inhabited by her follower honey bees. She hails from the Chandravanshi clan or Lunar dynasty, which is rival to the Suryavanshi clan or Solar dynasty Shivangi's father, Ritik's lineage.

Naagin: Shesha backstabs Shivanya and it will break your heart! -

She got married to the original Mahishmati King Shishupal and seized his powers, emerging as supremely powerful, even to the extent of resurrecting a dead person with her powers as she did to Yamini. She got married to his slave-general, Vikram, raising him to the status of the King of Mahismatis. She initially seemed to be unconquerable, and joined hands with Shesha and Yamini to usurp the Naagmani's powers and committed many crimes including Shivanya's murder to maintain her association with Shesha and Yamini to achieve her goal, the Naagmani.

Avantika was the main powerhouse of Yamini's team but was later, stabbed to death by Shivangi who avenged her mother's deathusing a magical dagger. Goradia had a guest role in Season 1 before gaining a main role in Season 2.

He fell in love with and subsequently married Shivangi, unbeknownst to her revenge mission. He was Ruchika's love interest as well. Rocky was initially caring and supportive towards Shivangi, but later when her Naagin identity was revealed, Yamini manipulated him into believing that Shivangi was responsible for causing the numerous deaths in the Nikanj family and was their ill-wisher.

This led Rocky to hate Shivangi intensely and his depression triggered his transformation into an winged Ichchhadhaari Naag or shape-shifting serpent with black pepper malt textured snake skin on his 27th birthday. He then got to know his real identity, that he was the prominent heir to the throne of the Takshak-Naag Clan of shape-shifting serpents; arch-rival of the Shesh-Naag Clan, to which Shivangi belonged.

The two had to go through a few more trials to reunite and kill their enemies, most prominently Yamini and Shesha. However, at the end of Season 2, Rocky, following Ritwik's command, inexplicably stabbed Shivangi to death. He was Shivangi's helpmate in her revenge mission in the initial days and saved her identity and intentions from being discovered, especially by the hands of Shesha, on numerous occasions.

His frequent affiliations with Shivangi for their mission's sake caused Rocky to get jealous of him and led him to even suspect Shivangi of having an affair with him.

Rudra's motive or real reason behind aiding Shivangi was to get his own revenge from the Nikanj family for defending Amar Nikanj in the case when he murdered Rudra's wife. He is often depicted as immersed in deep meditation, with his wife and children or as the Cosmic Dancer. In fierce aspects, he is often depicted slaying demons. In many holy texts and puranas like Mahavishnu, Shiva or Mahadeva is also called Paramatman Supreme soul.

Shaivas often see him as Parabrahma Supreme Brahmanand is regarded as Bhagwaan by devotees. Gayatrimantra, DhunNaamsmaran. Happy Maha Shivratri to you all I hope this one is the most of them favorite song for Lord Sivan lovers. Especially if you hear the song in the morning time, you feel the real power. I personally enjoy myself to this song, I hope everyone like this. To subscribe click here: Founded in by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress-management and service initiatives.

The organization operates globally in countries and has touched the lives of over million people. Angry Naagin kills Yamini as it was the climax of Naagin season 1. Lyrics in English in comments below The grandeur of this song has allowed us to express the beauty of every mesmerizing attribute of the Supreme Lord of DanceNataraja. Hope you enjoy it! Nidhi and Neha Music credits: It's a great composition by Isaignani Ilayaraja Salutations to Lord Rudra with the golden arms, the leader of hosts, to the Lord of the four direction,salutations.

Salutations to the trees tufted with green leaves. You can witness the dance of Shiva in the rising waves of the ocean, in the oscillation of the mind, in the movements of the senses and the Pranas, in the rotation of the planets and constellations, in cosmic Pralaya, in epidemics of infectious diseases, in huge inundations and volcanic eruptions,in earthquakes, landslips, lightning and thunder, in huge conflagrations and cyclonic storm.

Every atom, every molecule, every nerve, vein, artery, should powerfully vibrate with these ideas. Lip-repetition of 'Sivoham' will not produce much benefit. It should be through heart, head and soul. Shivanya believes her and ends up being duped by her. In reality, Shesha and Yamini had struck a deal that if Yamini is helped with the pooja, she will let Shesha get together with Ritik.

And poor Shivanya is unaware of all this.

  • Naagin: Shesha backstabs Shivanya and it will break your heart!

Later, Shesha overhears Shivanya confessing her love to Ritik for the first time. This drives her crazy and she swears she will get Ritik no matter what. She also tries to kill her but fails. Finally she confronts the Shivanya, and tells her that now it is an open war. And also that she has assigned a different naagin for the next attempt at carrying out the ritual.

Well, of course who can betray their family could betray anyone. She violently confronts Shesha about her intentions. And Shesha reveals it all to Shivanya. Nothing else could have broke heart more than her own beloved cousin betraying her.