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Ikari Shinji lays in bed, unmoving, tubes and wires all over, machines beeping away. . Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Romance/ Humor. jcmoorehead is a fanfiction author that has written 19 stories for Evangelion, and StarTrek: The Next Generation. Female Morpheus and Percy, 7. . "I know but I was looking for my keys and I brought Shinji-kun over to help. . Asuka grumbled while looking at the stormy night sky. that she's the product of a fucking relationship between an adulterous man named Gendo fuck and her own stupid ass whore of a mother.

Good signs her motor skills were working. Yui walked near a mirror in the lab and saw that this body was different from her original, but it still had her natural charm to it.

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Probably a secret project Gendo had been working on. She also noticed that besides the shoulder armor, she had blue gauntlets on her hands, shin guards, and had her torso covered by a blue colored plugsuit that seemed to show off her decent size c-cups. But then, an alarm went off and Yui noticed several security guards, or simply thugs, from sector seven appear near her, but luckily no one recognized her thanks to her eva helmet.

Then soon Yui managed to get out of the building and ran towards the city, which was empty due to being nighttime there, and soon went to search to where her son lived. The day had been strange. He heard some woman's voice that Asuka didn't hear, then unit 01 just suddenly lifted Asuka and her eva up and tossed them into the sea. He had gotten a scolding form Misato about what happened, but he surprised them by explaining that he wasn't even in the cockpit when it happened.

That still didn't keep Asuka from punching him and giving him a bloody nose. Before he could dove off, he suddenly heard a loud bang coming from the front door. He rushed out of his room and saw Asuka and Misato stood there and saw the same odd thing he was. The figure that knocked the door down appeared to be wearing blue armor that was similar to his eva. The armor covered the hands with gauntlets similar to the hands of unit 01, while also having the same shoulder armor as well.

The helmet however looked like uni 00, but blue. The rest of the body was covered up by a blue plugsuit that revealed it was female by the large breasts. However Yui didn't hear nor cared about what Kyoko's The reaction from all three was instant and quite different.

Misato's mouth hung open from shock, Asuka was confused but still angry, and Shinji looked catatonic with the reality that his own mother was here. His eyes began to leak tears as he looked at her in the face. If the chance this was his mother, he didn't care.

Shinji couldn't hold back anymore and let tears of joy cascade down his face as he held onto his mother for fear of her disappearing. Meanwhile, Misato found the scene adorable and wished for a second that her father would appear and do the same before reminding herself that Shinji deserved this, but Asuka You don't know who you're talking to. Unlike you, I have the skills to help save this world.

Yui suddenly gained a smile on her face that was hidden behind the helmet and grabbed Asuka by her shirt and lifted her up. Than I guess you wouldn't mind fighting me with your precious Eva than. At last Shinji got her hints, and because she became more psychologically stable thanks Shinji she became the Number One, and she and Shinji defeated an enemy together Shinji and Asuka both have a moment of this immediately after their Relationship Upgradethough they were more surprised that it wasn't All Just a Dream a really, really nice dream than who the other person in the bed was.

In chapter 1, after sleeping in the same bed for first time, Shinji wakes up and spends a while staring at Asuka. He stood by the bed for a moment, burning the sight into his memory. Before hooking up Shinji and Asuka often fought and argued despite being clearly drawn to each other. Eventually they got together but they don't want anybody knowing, so that they pretend their relationship is still stuck in that stage. They look for places to talk withouth being seen by their friends because having a close, perfectly civil conversation would blow their cover.

Shinji had noticed that Asuka pretended to be harsh and prideful, but she was a frightened, vulnerable kid deep-down. After getting together she shows him her kindest, nicest side constantly. When Leliel almost killed Asuka, calm, soft-spoken Shinji went berserker and tore it in pieces, roaring the whole time. Hurting her emotionally is also a very, very, very bad idea.

Hurt Shinji, upset him, or try to take him away from Asuka, and she will plot your demise and look for places to hide your corpse. And Rei will help her. Speaking of Rei — threaten Shinji and Asuka in front of her and there will be nothing of you left after she is done with you. You will not touch them! Their bond is the most beautiful thing in this world! They love me and I them, and even I will not risk disrupting it! You will not 'love' them! You will do nothing that might disrupt it!

Shinji and Asuka both went berserker fighting Leliel. That poor bastard got ripped from outside and within. Rei also crossed the line or came dangerously close to it when she was fighting Zeruel, and the Angel threatened her friends. Their relationship developed mainly in the chapters 6 and 7. Beware the Nice Ones: Shinji is pretty quiet and meek. However when Leliel trapped Asuka inside itself, he forced his Eva into a berserker, roaring rage and tore it to shreds. Beware the Quiet Ones: Rei is a calm, collected person.

During the entire battle against Zeruel she acts in a determined but non-aggressive fashion. Then when the Robeast tries to attack Shinji and Asuka, she goes full berserker on its posterior, completed with glowing red eyes and furious snarls and growls. Rei eventually falls in love with both Shinji and Asuka.

Ritsuko also starts showing interest in Maya after it becomes painfully clear that Gendo doesn't have any feelings for her.

We find out at Asuka's birthday party that there's a very good reason why Kensuke's two girlfriends are willing to share him. SEELE is a secret organization that intends to kill the entire human race and merge their souls into a single being. They are literally the origin of all the trouble in the story, and the cause of all hardships that the main characters have faced and the pain they have endured.

Asuka and Shinji's feelings for Rei are Both of them have said that they care about her almost as much as they care about each other, and one of the fastest ways to piss them off is to hurt her. Asuka — and Shinji — become this to Rei after the former realized the latter was being treated like a puppet. Asuka convinced Rei to stop taking a medication regimen tailored to turn her into an emotionless doll, and she and Shinji helped Rei to move in a decent apartment and improve her social skills.

Rei started to model her behaviour patterns after Asuka, and Asuka and Shinji became very protective of Rei. In chapter 7 Rei is fighting Zeruel, alone. The Angel is about to atomize her when Shinji and Asuka come in riding Unit 03 and knock it to the ground before saying simultaneously: In chapter 1 by Shinji and Asuka.

After an awkward beginning they suddenly become so engrossed in kissing each other they fail to notice where they're going. They trip, land on a beanbag and still manage not to break their lip lock. It takes several minutes before they can tear themselves away from each other. Big Ego, Hidden Depths: Shinji used to think that Asuka was an arrogant, although intelligent and brave girl.

Then they had a heart-to-heart talk and he found out about her painful past, her deep traumas, her nightly nightmares, and her feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and loneliness.

In chapter 4 Asuka shouts one when a classmate severely misunderstands Rei's words: Though I believe this bond predates that session. Ikari is the first person Pilot Soryu ever let inside her Entry Plug. Chapter 9 has Asuka celebrating her fifteenth birthday.

After her birthday party, Shinji and Asuka retire to their bedroom to have celebratory sex. In chapter 7 Rei fights Zeruel. It is explored how she — an ancient alien goddess stuck inside the body of a human teenager — sees the world differently, how she senses everyone's AT Fields, their nature and their power, and during the battle she feels her Field and Zeruel's clashing.

As part of her campaign to convince Misato to let them sleep together — both literally and figuratively — Asuka informs Misato that Shinji will not cook until she sees reason.

Until you see reason and let us sleep in one bed again, you can suffer deprivation too. Kensuke's newfound status as a Chick Magnet means that he's constantly out of money from taking so many girls out on dates.

This dies down once he settles on just two girls. Asuka has been training to pilot a Humongous Mecha and fight alien monsters since she was a four-year-old child and found her mother's corpse hanging from a ceiling. Fighting is her whole life and she genuinely likes it.

Her self-image is so tied to being a Pilot that when Gendo fires her and Shinji, she very nearly collapses right away. She was practically giddy when she slashed and stabbed Bardiel. Bardiel took over Unit's body. A fortunate side-effect of this was Unit growing a S2 organ, which helped Shinji and Asuka to survive the next battle.

Bonding Over Missing Parents: Shinji mentions that his father abandoned him right after his mother's death When Shinji and Asuka open up to each other, Shinji tells how he got abandoned by his father after his mother's death, with no explanation or apology, grew up with no friends, has nightmares about it the whole time They get together and his life is apparently and finally getting better Although the premise of the story is "Shinji and Asuka's ruined First Kiss was Asuka's turning point which led to her breakdown.

What if they would have gotten it right? She gets swallowed by an Angel, her best friend gets absorbed by her giant robot and she gets fired by Gendo. The last was a potentially devastating blow since her self-worth is completely tied to being a pilot. She was hanging by a thread afterwards, and Shinji was the only thing that helped her to cope with the situation in lieu of falling apart and crumbling down.

In an early chapter Asuka tells Rei: Several chapters later she shows her new panties to Kensuke to determine if her new underwear is or is not boring. When Asuka asks Rei why Kensuke was passed out in the hall and what she did, Rei replies "What you told me. That is Ikari-kun's job. Shinji" and Rei, despite being heavily drugged, makes the same joke. After Misato and Kaji having sex keeps them up at nightAsuka mentioned that she and Shinji would have to get Misato back once her birthday hit Misato had forbid them from having sex until then.

In chapter 8 Ritsuko pisses herself in terror when Unit 00 goes berserker and tries to kill her yet again. Bring My Red Jacket: Red-suited Asuka's fights are bloody, and she usually gets hurt or worse. When Leliel swallowed her giant robot whole, she ripped it apart from within, and its blood bathed her mecha. When the pilots fought Bardiel she got the worst injuries and she felt the pain of getting your arm ripped off when her robot lost its limb.

Asuka — the best pilot in the team as well as a certified genius and a gorgeous, hot-blooded, brave girl — was already pretty broken before the beginning of the history, and she was heading towards a full breaking. Part of the premise of this story is altering the event where her downward spiral began her and Shinji's ruined First Kiss and seeing if she can avoid becoming a fully broken ace.

So far her self-esteem has suffered a few severe blows but she has managed to hold herself together. In chapter 1 Shinji and Asuka open up and talk about their pasts their mothers' demises, their fathers' abandonment, their lack of friends, their feelings of insolation and loneliness, their self-worth and trust issues The one my father abandoned me with after my mother died in an accident with the Eva!

Not that you'd understand that. There was an accident with Unit Your father abandoned you after your mother was gone. You have nightmares all the time about it.

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You feel lonely and cold at night, because no one ever held you after that. You never had many friends before you came here. No on ever wanted to just talk to you for you. Your father never explained or apologized for why he just left you. No one even tried to understand your pain.

You miss her every day, but don't even have any pictures, barely any memories. No one tells you about her. And there was never any point in talking about it to anyone, because there was no one in the world who could understand what being an Evangelion Pilot was like.

But one without a wing grabbed him by the leg and started to take flight, only to fall down. Two of the moved over and held her mouth open before one aimed her spear for her inside.

Shinji went wide eyed before before doing something unexpected and like his father in a way. The girls stopped while turning to him. Aren't you here to, I don't know, kill us? Just knock it of all of you! He blinked feeling all their eyes on him and coughed while feeling self conscious.

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They other girls put their spears away while taking a seat on the ground that looked similar to a crow roosting. And he thinks using the girl Rei, the being called Adam, the Lilith, and you can bring the world under their control is possible. And Rei's part of it? He's been using all of us! They looked ready to start another fight as Megumi spoke up. They might be killers, but maybe with them around our job of protecting Shinji will become easier.

And his voice sounds like a fog horn mating with a whale. Shinji nodded before looking between Hilda's and Yuina's legs. Isn't that a witch that made the town of Salem go nuts? They looked at her before grabbing Shinji by the arms. Misato watched as both sides tugged on him while Asuka walking off with a huff.

Misato blinked as she walked to the door and opened it.