Sally and linus relationship quiz

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sally and linus relationship quiz

Here we go Charlie Brown! We're going to hold this quiz like a football, and you come running up and kick it. What could possibly go wrong? What's Your. Features gay characters and relationships. If you don't like that, "A quiz?" Charlie Brown groaned. "As if this day couldn't get any worse " "Relax Linus, Franklin, Sally, and Pig-Pen had a table to themselves. Art certainly. It's the great quiz, Charlie Brown! Linus Peanuts Character throw blanket | BOOM! . Peanuts Characters, Charlie Brown Characters, Charlie Brown Games , Sally Charlie There are many enduring relationships in the Peanuts universe.

Unlike Shermy, who lived among these characters without noticing their eccentricities, Franklin has always been halfway convinced that Charlie Brown's friends are a collection of lunatics. And as Linus gradually abandoned his function as dispenser of piquant advice, Franklin has inherited that role: Whether quoting his grandfather or simply taking note of life's peculiarities, Franklin rarely lets any great social change occur without remarking on its merit.

August 24, A startling blast from the past, and one whose identity prompted Charlie Brown to faint Lila is Snoopy's original owner.

She and her family adopted him from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm in August of one year, but they lived in an apartment and didn't have nearly enough space for an active canine particularly one with Snoopy's personality quirks. Wanting to do what was best for her new pet, Lila reluctantly returned him to Daisy Hill, where Charlie Brown then got a "used dog" when he adopted Snoopy a few months later, in October.

For years thereafter, Snoopy continued to get cards and letters from Lila, and they always left him depressed for the rest of the day. But the love for his first owner remained undiminished, and when he learned that she had been hospitalized, he immediately traveled across town to be with her in this hour of need a plotline that formed the basis of the big-screen film Snoopy, Come Home.

June 5, Bullies rarely appear in the Peanuts universe -- Lucy's psychological warfare notwithstanding -- but this diminutive meanie was an unexpected exception. Charlie Brown met him when Peppermint Patty begged a favor and asked that he allow one of her players to borrow Chuck's baseball glove. Always willing to oblige a friend, Charlie Brown cheerfully gave his mitt to the player in question -- Thibault -- who, after the game, refused to return it unless Chuck fought him for it!

May 23, First mentioned by name: May 31, First appearance: March 26, The youngest regular member of the Peanuts gang initially arrived purely to torment older sister Lucy, who already had gotten fed up enough to banish Linus from the house. Rerun Van Pelt proved quite a prodigy, since he was speaking full sentences and playing baseball while only a year old! He brought an infant's innocence to the strip, a view not seen since Sally was a toddler back in the early s.

By far Rerun's funniest escapades took place while riding on the back of his mother's bicycle -- and, based on the frequency of those trips, Mom must have built pretty sensational muscles! He has eventually reached "no-neck monster" status, and has learned that the world is always stacked in favor of those who are taller, wiser and older January 7, Credited by Charlie Brown as the first person to refer to him by both names -- an appellation that obviously stuck -- Poochie also has the honor of almost having been the first to adopt Snoopy presumably, even before Lila.

The frisky puppy happily obliged, but when Snoopy returned with the stick, he was just in time to see Poochie walking away Although justifiably distressed at the time, no doubt Snoopy has drawn comfort from the knowledge that Poochie has spent every subsequent waking moment combing, brushing and clipping her chosen pet. May 22, Shortly after Snoopy made his first appearance as the World-Famous Beagle Scout, he took a lengthy hike and quickly discovered -- to his profound embarrassment -- that he was lost.

Truth be told, Snoopy really wasn't that far from civilization, but his building apprehension was relieved when he was "rescued" by Loretta, a girl scout with a flair for selling cookies.

An acknowledged cookie hound, Snoopy visited her a few more times; then Charlie Brown met her at a party, where she apparently "dented" his feelings.

sally and linus relationship quiz

Apparently wanting to "do the right thing," Loretta invited Chuck back to her house, ostensibly so that she could apologize No doubt she'll one day become CEO of a globe-spanning corporation. The Beaglescouts First appearance: June 9, Snoopy's unfortunate experience with that first hike notwithstanding, he soon was promoted to the position of Beagle Scout Leader.

And since every leader needs a troop of followers, it was only natural that Woodstock and several of his bird-buddies should assemble and meet the numerous outdoor challenges imposed by Snoopy. The troop membership has changed over the years, although it began with a flock of four. On a typical hike, Snoopy brought the hot dogs; Woodstock brought the buns; Conrad and Bill took care of the mustard and catsup; and Olivier, perhaps not understanding the concept, packed a copy of TV Guide.

Harriet joined the group on May 12,on the basis of her delectable angel food cake with seven-minute frosting. Snoopy and his Beagle Scouts had all sorts of adventures over the years, perhaps none more surprising than when Harriet and Bill ran off and got married! The School Building First appearance: August 31, Although Charlie Brown and his friends attended school ever since Peanuts debuted, on this date their school building -- which dreamed of being a liberal arts college on a big university campus -- suddenly developed sentience and manifested its own thought balloons.

At first it did little more than react with sorrow when Sally, delighted by the advent of summer vacation, defiantly proclaimed that she wouldn't have to set foot in the place for three months. But as Sally entered the next grade, she began to treat her school building with more respect; it, in turn, came to enjoy her visits. If Sally were particularly vexed by studies or teachers, she could count on the school to provide a sympathetic wall.

When she remained home sick, the school missed her terribly but derived comfort from chatting with the cute little dress shop across the street. Those who made fun of this relationship -- notably Lucy -- were apt to get bonked on the head by a dislodged brick. The school finally collapsed one night into a pile of rubble, because it "had all it could take"; a distraught Sally was forced to join her friends at Peppermint Patty's school, while a replacement was constructed.

Although Sally struck up a relationship with this new edifice, they never achieved the warmth that she had maintained with its predecessor. March 31, Although Linus actively resists all of Sally's attempts to land him as a steady boyfriend, he has occasionally been smitten by other lovely young ladies. Truffles was his first crush, and they met one day while Linus and Snoopy were -- appropriately enough -- hunting for truffles the edible kind.

Truffles was living on a farm with her grandfather, who had given her that name because he believed she was "as rare as a truffle.

Truth be told, in Snoopy's case the cookies probably were a stronger lure than Truffles herself. Because he could not remember how to find her grandfather's farm, Linus lost track of Truffles for a few years But allowing Sally to meet Truffles proved a mistake; the two squabbled immediately, and Sally commandeered the possessive high ground by identifying Linus as her "sweet babboo" her first use of the phrase.

Poor Truffles, perhaps conceding the inevitable, quietly retreated. August 4, First appearance: August 13, For a canine who once lamented his lot as an "only dog," Snoopy has uncovered quite a sizable extended family over the years The precise size of his litter remains open to debate -- with the number of puppies ranging from five to eight -- but the world's most famous beagle has thus far made contact with four brothers and one sister, not to mention both parents and a wayward nephew.

Most of these siblings pop up only for short visits, but older brother Spike, who resides in the desert outside Needles, California, has earned his place as a regular. During Spike's first visit with Snoopy, he was taken under Lucy's wing, who found him "as thin as a promise" and fattened him up Invited to be Best Man when Snoopy got engaged, Spike ran off with his brother's fiancee, only to have her dump him for a coyote.

Later, after a fruitless attempt by Charlie Brown to get him adopted by somebody in the neighborhood, Spike resigned himself to desert living, where he subsequently has invented hundreds of innovative uses for cactus and tumbleweeds.

June 22, First appearance: June 28, Snoopy's first reunion with his sole sister came when he was en route to a tennis tournament; while tracking her down, he recalled that she had married a "worthless hound who ran off" and left her with a teenage son. Snoopy's unnamed nephew never appeared again after this first visit, but Belle remained an occasional guest star and an enormously popular plush character in toy shops.

Most often, though, she is a note of canine common sense in a family best known for its eccentricities.

sally and linus relationship quiz

The tall drink of water standing at her side is her teenage son. July 26, Faint heart never won fair lady, and clearly Floyd regards this as a motto to live by. While attending summer camp, Marcie complains to Peppermint Patty about a boy who keeps "bothering" her; it eventually transpires that the pest is Floyd, who has fallen in love with Marcie and merely wants her to notice him.

To her intense embarrassment, he finds her "beautiful" and repeatedly calls her "Lambcake. Unfortunately, nothing is as fleeting as a vacation romance, and Floyd becomes nothing but a memory when Marcie and Peppermint Patty return home. Ruby, Austin, Leland and Milo First appearance: March 11, Convinced that the EPA will sue and jail him for taking a bite out of the infamous kite-eating tree, Charlie Brown flees his neighborhood and winds up in an unfamiliar part of town, where he encounters a baseball team comprised of rather diminutive players.

As the only "big kid" who has ever paid attention to them, ol' Chuck is embraced as a mentor, and he jumps at the chance to be their coach. But even the accommodating Charlie Brown finds it difficult to work with players whose strike zones cannot be measured, and he cannot help but wonder if the team's choice of name -- the Goose Eggs -- may prove prophetic.

As luck would have it, the Goose Eggs' first big game is against Charlie Brown's own team, which prompts a rather disrespectful remark from an obviously sarcastic Lucy. When Charlie Brown admits that these are, indeed, his friends, Milo quite astutely comments, "Their rudeness matches their size. May 6, With partners like this, most players would have no need of opponents. During a mixed-doubles tennis match, Snoopy learns that he has been teamed with the tough-talking Molly Volley, who once beat up her partner, two linesmen and a ball boy.

Molly is one of the few people who can make Snoopy lose his usual tranquility, and with good reason: She has quite a temper.

Molly is sensitive about her weight, and snarls at anybody who comments on her "fat legs"; she also promises to hit Snoopy with her racquet the first time he double-faults. The match goes well until Snoopy, feeling the need to be honest, calls an opposing ball "in" But apparently she forgives him, because they team up again on several future occasions, notably in one significant match against Crybaby Boobie and "Bad Call" Benny see entries below.

June 13, Every year, thousands of children eagerly look forward to summer camp Eudora belongs to the latter group; she worries about being "shipping to the Orient" and clearly cannot get comfortable in such unusual surroundings. When this concern is coupled with loneliness, Eudora becomes another of life's troubled souls in desperate need of a good friend. She finds one, when camp-mate Sally turns up at just the right moment. Sally and Eudora make quite a team; both seem slightly out of phase and display occasionally lopsided views of the universe.

Eudora moves to the neighborhood from another state and joins Sally in school, whereupon the two have several adventures together, including a few rather unusual field trips to a car wash and a barber shop. Eudora remained a neighborhood fixture -- even playing on Charlie Brown's baseball team -- and appeared regularly throughafter which she faded into the woodwork.

No doubt Sally still misses her; after all, she's unlikely to make other friends who like chocolate sandwiches! Crybaby Boobie First appearance: September 5, Fine wines improve with age; fine whiners just get worse.

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We've never seen Crybaby Boobie's face, and thus would not recognize her on the street if she walked past; she's always pictured with her nose pointed heavenward, and her mouth opened wide in an indignant squawk.

Crybaby Boobie plays tennis We're told that she has a brother, Bobby Bobby Boobie? He'd never get a word in edgewise. Crybaby's apparently a girl whom only a mother could love; indeed, her mother does adore her little daughter, and honks her car horn every time a point goes in her darling's favor.

Crybaby wins her first match against Snoopy and Molly Volley, but it's not to be the last time these characters face each other across a tennis court. Joe Richkid and his caddy First appearance: June 22, Marcie attempts to enlighten best friend Peppermint Patty by taking her to Young People's Concerts; Peppermint Patty returns the favor by trying to share the virtues of sports.

Unfortunately, Marcie lacks both interest and inclination, whether the field of glory lies with baseball, football, hockey or golf. But she makes a trustworthy caddy, and does her best to assist when Peppermint Patty enters a Little Kid's Golf Tourney and winds up in a threesome with the Masked Marvel Snoopy and the insufferably haughty Joe Richkid The match begins well enough, but Peppermint Patty eventually loses when Joe's unnamed caddy gets fresh with Marcie.

Never shy about defending herself, she retaliates by tossing the caddy into a water hazard It must have been the Masked Marvel's day. April 16, Does tennis attract all the oddballs? One memorable doubles match pairs Snoopy and Molly Volley against Crybaby Boobie and "Bad Call" Benny, so named because he'll defiantly label fair balls as foul, and vice-versa. But he encounters more than his equal with Molly, and earns a smack in the mouth after he comments on her fat legs.

Suitably chastened, Benny minimizes his subsequent bad calls, and it looks as though the "good guys" will win While Crybaby Boobie wails against the universe and everybody else waits for a ruling, Snoopy unwisely fills this interval by filling his stomach with chocolate chip cookies.

Left nauseous after having eaten far more than he should, Snoopy is unable to return to the court; Benny and Crybaby Boobie thus win by default. Needless to say, Molly is displeased. Marbles First mentioned by name: September 24, First appearance: September 28, The brother Snoopy identifies as "the smart one in the family" first visits after sending a post card, rather forlornly explaining that he has lost his home.

Marbles is introduced wearing jogging shoes, and he's quite the intellectual; he proudly describes a current research project designed to explain why some dogs walk at an angle. But Marbles discovers that life with his "bro" can be unusual at best, particularly when Snoopy dons his signature WWI Flying Ace togs. December 24, When language-mangling Sally is cast in a Christmas play, she's given a single line -- "Hark!

Then, according to her script, "Harold Angel" will start to sing. Naturally, nobody takes this statement at face value; with her history of malapropisms, Sally's interpretation of her script remains decidedly suspect He returns one more time the following spring, to invite Sally to a movie, but of course she explains that she's saving herself for Linus, her "Sweet Babboo.

June 9, This impressively complicated little girl, yet another pretty face who catches Linus' eye, must have been inspired by children whose parents let them "try out" different names before selecting one to keep.

She initially drives poor Linus crazy, because she believes that he's "too old" for her He sat across from her at the table, and he was having an animated conversation with Linus and Schroeder, pretending he didn't notice her. Boy, sometimes she just couldn't stand him. His palms were dark with charcoal pencil, and she shuddered as he picked up his sandwich and took a bite. Lucy gripped her own sandwich tighter, and mustard oozed out the back. Everything annoyed her- the dull fluorescent lights in the cafeteria, Pig-Pen chewing, and the sounds of Charlie Brown and her brother talking.

She was just about ready to pull her hair out. Speaking of hair, Frieda took the seat on Pig-Pen's other side. Ever since a Christmas when they were children, Frieda didn't mind the boy's perpetual dirtiness so much.

Maybe that was what Lucy needed to forget about this Charlie Brown nonsense. Frieda was telling Pig-Pen how she was going to wear her hair, Marcie and Patty were talking about music, and Schroeder was asking a very flustered Linus if his green or purple striped shirt suited him better. The bell soon rang and interrupted their conversations.

Lucy got up quickly and hurried to math class, not wanting to talk to anyone. Math class passed quickly. Nothing much happened except the teacher assigning seats. Linus was moved to the front of the room, while Lucy was given the spot next to Charlie Brown.

His smiles and energy from lunch melted away when she sat beside him. The last math class the three of them had gotten along fine- Lucy almost began to think that being in Linus's math class wasn't so bad after all. But now the space between the two teens was fraught with tension.

Trying to ignore him, the girl looked resolutely to the front of the room. If Charlie Brown wanted to give her the cold shoulder, Lucy could certainly do the same. Linus was leaving the physics room when Schroeder caught up to him, grabbing his arm. His eyes lowered to the hand on his arm. Schroeder let his hand drop, and it brushed against Linus's before coming to rest by his side.

Linus's hand tingled from the contact, and he felt his cheeks coloring. Would you like to come by again? Can I come by another time? Next Saturday, too, I have a concert, if you'd like to come to that. Down the hall, he saw Lucy getting her things from her locker, and he knew he'd need to meet her by the car soon. I'll talk to you later.

As they sat in the parking lot of the middle school waiting for Rerun, Linus played his conversation with Schroeder over and over in his head. Lucy, on the other hand, was not so cheerful. As she searched for a radio station, she violently turned the dial, and finally Linus just had to break the silence between the siblings. Linus turned the volume back down. Can't you just tell me what it is? Linus shut the radio off altogether. Why don't you just tell me what's bothering you?

It'll be better to get it off your chest. He's been upset ever since this morning. It does look like Schulz sometimes lived out parts of his affair through his comics. In real life his wife caught on to his long-distance phone calls to Tracey. Poor woman, how awful. Soon after, Schulz penned a comic where Charlie Brown scolds Snoopy, telling him he's not allowed "to see that girl beagle" and to "stop making those long-distance phone calls. Schulz's first marriage ended inabout a year after he'd stopped sending Claudius the letters.

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Apparently she broke it off because she didn't want a scandal to hurt his image. But there's a comic strip where Lucy taunts Charlie Brown with divorce papers -- just like how she usually would taunt Charlie with the football. Was that really Charles working out his longing to leave his wife for Tracey? The Washington Post has found several more possible references to Schulz's infatuation with Claudius in past Peanuts strips.