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In the end Griffin and Sabine disappear and no one hears from them until a Matthew is carrying on a long distance relationship with Isabella. NICK Bantock's The Golden Mean (Griffin & Sabine trilogy. Sabine's Notebook ended with a disturbing disclosure--Griff and Sabine had somehow eluded each other .. The beautiful connection between two strangers who have never met. It gives you the impression that Griffin and Sabine know each other. .. And while author-illustrator Nick Bantock gives the impression that it is the end, readers . The mystery behind Griffin and Sabine's connection itself is as.

Bantock has since published 25 books, including children's pop-up volumes. His books, which have sold 5 million copies worldwide and been translated into 13 languages, almost always incorporate visual elements, a combination Bantock likens to a marriage. They are not illustrations of a story but have narrative force, too," he said in a recent phone interview. Images are ways by which we think intuitively.

When you write at [a slower] speed, what comes out of you through your heart down to your arms and your fingers and the pen is different. It will surprise you. He says his visual work has one overriding concern - to help us slow down and appreciate what we see.

Filled with allusions to alchemy, mysticism, and Jungian psychology, Bantock's books fit into a certain hermetic tradition that uses romantic love as a metaphor for spiritual awakening. Social life encourages us to create false masks, to compromise, to hide our true creativity, Bantock said. I was kidding myself. I desperately desire your company. And no doubt your society teaches patience and acceptance. Mine teaches obsessive logical enquiry.

Indeed, as a logical thinker—and a lonely, depressed soul—physical companionship makes more sense to Griffin.

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Griffin And yes, he is going through withdrawal. Sometimes willpower alone cannot make things happen. Sabine This is where the forces of the universe are given greater attention. Remember how, in her first letter, Sabine described about the dream she had? That dream in which Griffin was drawing the flower?

As opposed to willpower, dreams and visions come to us naturally. We do not force ourselves to dream. This is what Sabine wants Griffin to understand. Sure, there will always be that question about how and why they are linked. But why even try to rationalize? Why not simply take pleasure in what they have? He sinks deeper and deeper into his obsession. He is caught in the middle of his emotions, allowing them to consume him and take control of his life.

His only chance—a photograph of Sabine. Sabine I remember when people would tell a girl that if a guy truly loved her, then he would follow her wherever she goes. Similarly, Sabine is telling Griffin that if it is indeed her company that he seeks, then he should travel to Sicmon Islands and be with her.

Isabella de Reims - Introduced in The Gryphon, Isabella is Matthew's strong-willed girlfriend from Montreal, currently residing in Paris as a graduate student completing a thesis on archaic zoology and assisting Professor Lacourt, a kind older professor writing a thesis on the origin of sphinxes. Unlike Griffin and Sabine, Isabella and Matthew are lovers who already know one another as they begin correspond while they are apart.

Griffin and Sabine: They finally meet, after 25 years, in finale to famed series

In contrast to Matthew, she is more open to the less rational aspects of Griffin and Sabine's relationship. She is guided by Griffin, who corresponds to her and assists her with interpreting the strange waking dreams she has that seem to be connected to the danger that she and Matthew have become involved in.

Vereker - First mentioned in Griffin and Sabine, Vereker was Griffin's aunt, the stepsister of his mother, and one of the few positive influences in his life. Following the death of his parents, Griffin lived with Vereker, an artist who became his mentor, until her sudden death, which devastated Griffin. She inspired him to become an artist and he established Gryphon Cards with the inheritance she left him. Tahi and Gust Strohem - Sabine's parents, who adopted her when she was discovered as an orphaned infant on the Sicmon Islands.

Gust is a naturalist from Europe who moved to the Sicmons and has worked for years to complete an illustrated work of the fauna and flora found on the Sicmons called The Catalogue, with Sabine as his assistant.

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Despite his gentle and open-minded nature, Gust is more perceptive than he appears, even when it seems that he fooled into welcoming Frolatti into his company.