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Mako Mankanshoku "Winning with friendship means winning at life! Mako will do whatever it takes to keep her relationship with Ryuko, even. Fiercely independent and extremely hot-blooded, Ryuko prefers to work alone. Nudist Beach, Ryuko's schedule quickly fills up, though she still finds time to spend with her new best friend, Mako. Relationship Status single. TAKE QUIZ. The Relationship Between Ryuko and Senketsu There's this quote from In an early scene, Ryuko dodges Mako as she comes flying at her.

In their day-to-day, however, the pair are treated little differently than any other anime couple. That is with warmth pockmarked by good-natured humor, which is usually the result of Uranus's consistent flirting with other women. The two do die, but only occasionally. They're not singled out for being gayeither, as biting the dust and making a miraculous recovery is just par for the course on Sailor Moon.

In fact, Uranus and Neptune get the benefit of more heart-wrenching demises. And since they make a full recovery from oblivion, the duo gets both the best dramatic exit and a joyful return. Its messaging is wobbly, the finale doesn't stick the landing, and its hero -- Ryuko Matoi -- has trouble standing out among its stellar cast of much more colorful characters.

One thing the series did have going for it from beginning to end, however, was pacing. Episode-long power-up sequences weren't the only filler to hit the floor, however. The series' end-of-show romance between two women is dropped without the grinning, blushing, cringing setup most anime would train you to expect. Just before Ryuko's literal launch into the final battle, her best friend-cum-sidekick Mako bleats out her desire to go out with the heroine once she makes it back.

Her storyline simply makes zero sense if she's not head-over-heals in love with Madoka Kaname. Especially after the Rebellion sequel movie, it's blatantly obvious her feelings for Madoka go far beyond anything you could consider "friendship.

She's obsessive and possessive, not exactly handling her feelings in a healthy fashion. She'll do anything to keep Madoka safe, but her ideas for "saving" Madoka aren't always what Madoka wants. Most of the main characters are bisexual.

One of the only characters who was officially straight in the manga, Juri Arisugawa, is a lesbian in the anime! The heart of the show is the budding romance between the crossdressing female "prince" Utena Tenjo and her "Rose Bride" Anthy Himemiya.

Director Kunihiko Ikuhara has long been interested in exploring queer and feminist themes in anime. Utena is maybe his masterpiece, but before Utena he was one of the directors of Sailor Moon. More recently he directed Yuri Kuma Arashi, a surreal social commentary, the title of which translates in English to "Lesbian Bear Storm.

Queer la Queer: From Illogical Dedication to Misappropriation – Taylor Ramage

Thanks to Cloverway's bizarre censorship of the original English dub, which made the two Sailor Scouts "cousins" in a failed attempt to hide their obvious attraction, it's also the most infamous. Haruka's characteriation varies between the old anime and the more manga-faithful Crystal: Early on in the series, however, there are some tired "hitting on and freaking out straight men" scenes. Over the course of the show, though, it becomes clear Fire Emblem is as heroic and upstanding as any of their fellow superheroes.

Instead of a bunch of cowboys, the film's heroes are disgraced gambler Gin, teenage runaway Miyuki and transgender drag performer Hana. Hana is the voice of reason and morality of her makeshift family.

Her Christian faith and desire to be a mother influence her choice to rescue the lost child she finds in a dumpster on Christmas. Note the official English subtitle translation misgenders her at points, which aren't in the literal Japanese script. That complaint aside, she's one of the most lovable trans characters in anime. As mentioned, this is not a romance. However, many fans seem to desire that, so it is up to the fans to create that.

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Ryuko and Senketsu have a great amount of trust—they have to to work so well in battle together—and they also deeply respect one another, always quick to defend the other, and actively communicating their fears and thoughts and concerns.

In the OVA, she compares the two of them to soulmates. Largely, it works as foreshadowing. Regardless, however, Senketsu plays a critical role here, which Ryuko explicitly states in the following episode when she proclaims that both Senketsu and Mako are more than friends to her. This is such an interesting moment, because in your standard shounen fare, this would undoubtedly be a love confession.

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But Ryuko and Senketsu? The whole series features their development, and both the OVA and episode 24 end with a focus on their relationship. Their relationship is so incredibly crucial, heartfelt, compelling… and also so incredibly ignored.

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Being a feminine outfit means nothing in regards to his sex, though it could very well mean something in regards to his gender. Does Senketsu see himself as female?