Ruthie and martin relationship

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ruthie and martin relationship

The eighth season of 7th Heaven—an American family-drama television series created and Ruthie's boyfriend Peter starts spending increasing amounts of time with the Camdens, and he even tags along on A mysterious teenager named Martin wanders into the Camden home and spends some time with the family. Ruthie was beginning to wonder if she should have come to the wedding at all. Martin had been staring at her the entire time from where he. Furthermore, Mackenzie Rosman, who played youngest daughter Ruthie, did Martin frustrates Sandy by suggesting that they get married and build a family for .

Martin decided that even if Ruthie were asleep that it was time to reciprocate. Ruthie's eyes opened and slowly focused on Martin's face. The two smiled and their faces inched closer to one another and their lips came ever so softly into contact.

The kiss started out slow. Martin was the first to open his mouth to allow Ruthie access to it. Her tongue entered it and the two kissed and began to give into their urges.

Ruthie sat up and hiked up her dress so she could better straddle her future husband's waist. As she did this she couldn't help but feel Martin's member straining against his dress pants. Martin likewise could feel the heat and wetness coming from Ruthie through his pants.

Martin and Ruthie

He knew that they should stop, he knew that they were getting carried away but while logically they should stop neither he nor Ruthie were halting their progress. After having a similar internal debate, Ruthie had come to the same conclusion and decided to start unbuttoning Martin's dress shirt.

Martin had not allowed their lips to break contact, nor had he removed his hands from Ruthie's backside. After Ruthie had lifted her dress to straddle Martin's waist, Martin had slid his left hand under the dress and was caressing her back. The feeling of her warm skin against his hand sent shivers down the young woman's spine and excited Martin to no end. His left and was currently kneading Ruthie's panty covered bottom until he felt cool air upon his chest. Realizing that Ruthie was pushing their relationship forward Martin decided that it was time to "up the ante".

Martin removed his hands from Ruthie's body, earning him a whimper of disappointment. He gripped the hem of the dress and began to slowly remove the black and pink garment. The whimper Ruthie had released suddenly changed to a moan as chills ran down her spine and goose bumps formed on her body as her love slowly lifted the dress up.

His fingers were traveling up the back of her thigh and the sides of her back to maintain contact as the material was raised off her smaller form. The two finally were forced to break their kiss as the dress came off its owner and was placed on a nearby coffee table. Holding Ruthie close to him Martin began kissing her chest and trailing down to each of her breast.

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Ruthie began to thrust her fingers through Martin's thick, black hair, holding him closer as he left sensual kisses on the exposed part of her breast. Martin then took a moment to admire Ruthie as she knelt before him in only her bra and panties.

While not Victoria's Secret lingerie on her the pink undergarments enhanced her already magnificent features. Martin opened his mouth to relay this to Ruthie but she put her left index finger on his lips to hush any complement he was about to bestow upon her. Instead she wanted to finish what she had started. Without saying a word Ruthie let the finger slide from Martin's mouth down his chin and then along the right side of his neck until she was once again at the buttons on his shirt.

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Reaching the third button she used both hands to slowly undo the button. Martin was having a hard time swallowing. He wanted so badly to divest himself of his clothes and the rest of Ruthie's but he knew this was all a game. The two of them were romantically trying to one up the other. This couldn't be any clearer as Ruthie's face neared his chest and placed searing hot kisses along his chest as she undid one button after another. This continued until all seven of his shirt buttons were unclasped and she allowed the garment to fall of his shoulders.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Ruthie then began to slowly kiss and suck along the left side of Martin's neck. This was the moment Martin had eagerly been waiting for. With her legs locked behind him Martin placed his left arm under her bottom and his right wrapped around her back.

The two of them were covered in a light sheen of sweat so Martin made sure he had a good grip, which earned him a giggle from Ruthie as she thought he was tickling her. Bracing himself, Martin pushed up and carefully lifted them off the couch.

The motion took Ruthie by surprise causing her to strengthen her hold on Martin, not that he was complaining about that. While she could not see their destination she knew in her heart that he was carrying her towards the bedroom. If she were about to panic from the thought of being alone in that room with him it was lost when Martin began nipping and kissing her neck and ear.

Ruthie just closed her eyes and gave into the wants of her body as she closed the bedroom door behind her. Martin was currently sitting on the edge of the bed as Ruthie, having released her grip on his waist, was now sliding down once again kissing her way down Martins finely sculpted chest.

Her hands which had been resting on his upper body, were teasing their way down along his abs until they reached their goal, Martin's pants. She released the button, breaking contact with his body to watch him stare at her in awe as she pulled the zipper down. She began pulling the waist of his pants down and allowed Martin to lift him self up enough so that she could finish removing the pants from his legs. With his pants discarded the two young lovers were left with only their underwear on.

Ruthie reached for the waistband of Martin's boxers but her lover had other plans.

ruthie and martin relationship

Grabbing her wrists Martin carefully pulled Ruthie to a standing position. He then guided her back on to the bed and allowed her to pull back the sheets and she crawled into the center of the bed. Martin slid in next to her and started kissing her ever so tenderly.

Martin's right arm slid behind Ruthie's neck to act as a brace and to draw her in closer to him. Ruthie intertwined her legs with Martin's and began rubbing her panty-covered sex against Martin's confined manhood.

ruthie and martin relationship

Martin nervously placed his left hand on Ruthie's lace covered right breast. He let it rest there to make sure that Ruthie had not opposition to him touching her there. If he had any doubts they were removed when Ruthie covered his left hand with her right and urged him to fondle it. Martin did not remove the fabric covering her breast and instead, using the palm of his hand simple teased the nipple through the cloth further stimulating it until it was very visible through the bra cup.

ruthie and martin relationship

Once it was poking into the cloth of her bra Martin used his fingers to gently tease the nipple with his thumb and fingers as he attempted to excite his lover. He opened his mouth and liked the sweaty flesh before his lips would kiss her skin. Martin then gently used his teeth to tease the other nipple through the bra cup. Martin slid his left hand to the back of her leg, and then moved all the way up her thigh and to her center.

ruthie and martin relationship

Gently rubbing the palm of his hand over her center, massaging her harder with every touch, he created a sensation of ecstasy that sent shivers all down Ruthie's spine.

Ruthie was so overly stimulated that she thought she was going to have her release and they hadn't even gotten naked yet. She felt Martin kiss and lick the valley between her breasts and was about to moan his name when Martin playfully dived down and nipped and licked her belly button.

Ruthie yelped, laughed, and then went into a fetal position. She was very ticklish in that area, a fact Martin knew all too well, and covered herself to keep him from doing so again. Martin pulled her to him and hugged her oh so close. He kissed along the left side of her neck and shoulders and was about to remove the bra strap when Martin's telephone rang.

To say that the two were surprised to hear this, particularly since they looked at the clock and saw that it was just about six o'clock in the morning was an annoyance nonetheless. Martin let the phone ring two more times and listened to see who was calling at this early hour. The answering machine picked up and the only sound that came was the sound a fax machine makes when it's transmitting data. Martin leaned over and turned off the answering machine.

He looked back at Ruthie was staring at him with a smile on her face. Ruthie nodded in agreement. They both realized that they had given into their wants and desires and that they were on the verge of consummating their relationship before they married. While they may be fine for some, and at the time they saw nothing wrong with making love, now that cooler heads were prevailing they both mutually decided not to have sex.

Martin walked over to his dresser and pulled out a brown Hanes t-shirt for himself and one of his heavy cotton t-shirts that the occasional slept in during the winter for Ruthie.

Handing it to her he watched as she slipped it on and then patted the bed besides her. Martin slipped back in and the two got comfortable and decided to rest for a bit longer before getting up to start the day.

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It was quarter to ten when Ruthie Camden awoke again. She was snuggled up against Martin Brewer who was still out cold. She grinned and guessed their early morning festivities must have really tired him out. Well, he did put a lot of effort into last night, who knows how long it took him to get everything ready. She wasn't alone for long as moved his arm from around her and stretched.

Martin was up and about and feeling completely re-energized. He had never felt more alive then he did at this moment. He was alive, almost finished with college, had many lucrative offers from major league baseball teams, but most importantly he had the love of an amazing young woman. Martin opened his eyes once more and looked at the smiling face of his ladylove.

I don't think so. You've gotten exactly what you wanted. I should be worrying about what college to go to not weather or not I'll be able to survive as a single mother because the guy I love is such of a jerk, he can't step up to the plate.

The guy I love just wants to sleep with me. Not marry me and heaven forbid he be faithful to me. For some reason I can't stop loving you. He bumped directly into Jenny Harpy.

And I'll never bother you again. But as soon as he entered the room the door slammed shut and the lock turned. Jenny had locked him in. He walked over and pushed her up against the bathroom sink and began to kiss her neck. Lucy moaned as she felt her insides turn to goo. Kevin quickly unbuttoned her shirt as she ripped his top off and unzipped his pants. Before they both knew it, both of there clothes lay on the floor. He managed to pick her up with there lips never parting.

He began to head to the bedroom until he slipped on the water that Lucy had left behind when she'd gotten out of the shower. Landing on the floor, Lucy looked daze for a moment and the looked down at Kevin and saw the blood.