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We hardly get any back story on their relationship at all so it's pretty crazy for anyone to Also, having lots of random sex is the definition of slut. M Pairing: Rikku/Gippal Warnings: Nudity, Sexuality Words: Summary: The on for a while now and it was past time that he tried to define some things. He had everything that most people went into a relationship for, sex, a girl on his . Title: Summer In The City Author: Parron (parron) Pairing: Rikku x Gippal Fandom: but only partially--while that those sorts of relationship can work out, ideally the Rikku and Gippal are model examples of this: she is more energetic and.

The sooner these go down, the sooner I won't remember anything Ever since Tidus arrived at the party with Yuna, everyone was more concerned to see if Tidus was going to score with Yuna than anything else.

Tidus usually enjoyed being the center of attention, in fact he expected it. However, he felt like everyone was intruding this time. Yuna already told Tidus that she didn't want to feel like a sex object, and he understood that fully Okay, everyone get in a circle. She was about to speak, but then decided to have a little more fun with things, and handed the bottle back to Tidus and flashed him a smile. He thought as he realized what Rikku was thinking. He grabbed another beer off of the dining room table and chugged the entire thing in one gulp before he placed the bottle that Rikku gave him on the ground.

I'm gonna need to have a buzz to do this The thought of kissing anyone but Yuna almost disappointed him at the moment.

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In a way he wished that Yuna was down here and he had to go in the hot tub with her, but in a way he was glad she wasn't there. He didn't want to take her virginity like that. No one else watched, they simply continued to play the game and picked rooms to go have sex in. Of course Rikku and Gippal kept spinning until they landed on each other, but everyone knew that they have been dating for several years and it would be unfair to both of them to have to fool around with anyone else but each other.

Naturally, they went up in Rikku's room for the rest of the night and didn't come back out. Tidus chugged his entire beer before he turned on the jets in the hot tub. He quickly shed his clothing and hopped in Tidus knew that Naida was a very promiscuous girl; out of the five blitz guys, she's slept with Letty, Jassu, and Botta. I think two on the same night Tidus thought to himself. However, she was one of the few cheerleaders that Tidus had not slept with, and he knew that would change that night.

Naida also shed her clothing—in a very seductive manner—and sat in the hot tub.

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There wasn't any time between when they sat down and when Naida leaned over to kiss Tidus. Tidus felt like he didn't have any choice but to reciprocate the kiss. Kissing her was nothing like kissing Yuna. Naida was very forceful and liked to be in charge of what direction they went in. Her hand instantly went to his thigh, and slowly trailed her fingers upward and gripped hard when she arrived at his erection.

She started to stroke him up and down and since Tidus was still horny from when Yuna was sitting on him half naked, so it didn't take him long to become turned on at all. One of Tidus' hands moved from her waist to her breast, gently pinching her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Paine broke apart the triangle and Shuyin's spirit left Gippal and Baralai, but secretly lay low inside of Nooj.

They exited the den and met up with the officials who told them they were now Crimson Squad members, their first mission being to guard Maester Wen Kinoc during Operation Mi'ihen. As soon as they turned, however, the guards attempted to shoot them. Paine, still recording, had her camera on as Nooj, again possessed, shot Baralai in the back. When Gippal heard the shot he turned and was shot in the chest.

Nooj turned fire on Paine. All survived but were separated thinking Nooj as a traitor. When Gippal pays a visit to Home he is in the desert where he meets Auron and talks about rushing into the fight and being a "jackass".

His partner gets radioed that the Guado are attacking Homeand they both run off.

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It is assumed Gippal evacuated on the Fahrenheit with the others. At the temple Gippal meets Yuna, Rikku and Paine who want to go digging at the desert, but Paine plays it off like they have never met.

Though he is neutral, Gippal provides his machines to both sides. Gippal announcing the merger of the three conflicting factions in Spira. Gippal goes to the Bevelle Underground to seek out Vegnagun and meets up with Nooj and Baralai, finding the hole where Vegnagun used to be. Shuyin's spirit leaves Nooj and enters Baralai who jumps into the hole and the two follow him.

When Yuna enters a connecting hole she meets with Shuyin on the Farplanewho is actually Baralai, and Gippal and Nooj tell her to keep care of things topside.