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This is the sequel to Manifestations, continuing the relationship between Heero and Relena, as they struggle to This is the Relena/Heero portion of the story. .. She was in no shape to take questions, and she already had a. Relena bursts into his dressing room, nostrils flaring and eyes ablaze. remember why, she told him a little about her relationship with Heero. Relena and Heero's relationship is one of the bedrocks of the series and . common for the topics of tradition and anniversaries to occasionally.

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Duo stays up late watching Heero work, presumably continuing to try and talk to him. We are not told what the conversation entails, but we can assume Heero will have given Duo some answers. It is obvious some kind of conversation happens- Duo goes to sleep far later than any of his workers, and would not stay up that late unless he had got something out of it.

Duo eventually stops, due to fatique, and realising Heero is not going to quite work anytime soon and be normal friends. Being close seems to be what Duo wants, as he cannot believe after all his help Heero is still so distant from him. Heero steals the parts to Duo's Gundam in order to fix his own.

Heero is a soldier, and forced to complete his missions no matter what- although he does seem over the course of the series to develop an inability to kill civilians, even when the missions require it. Before Duo realises what's happened, he continues praising Heero in the most awed of ways.

When he finds out, though, he does, however, not even know Heero is on the same side as him, yet refers to him as a traitor. Considering Heero did not take up any help from Duo fixing his Gundam, we can only assume it is a betrayal of trust, or perhaps of some deeper feelings which the two formed during their talk. Duo is far more understanding and sympathising to Heero and how he feels and the missions he carries out than Relena, who is far more concerned with what Heero is doing and why he is doing it.

Duo wants to know Heero better, and is most angry at having his trust betrayed. Duo obviously has some ideas as to the relationship he and Heero should have, as he constantly works at Heero to try and make him agree to it. Heero, however, behaves as he does to all those around him- he is cold and distant, the mission comes before small talk. Episode 5 Relenas thoughts turn clearly to the colonies and their alleged plots.

She presumably suspects something about Heero. Her tone is almost spiteful, tasking him to carry out his threat to kill her- almost trying to spite him. She does, however, when she learns that OZ killed her father, begin to understand what it is that Heero is fighting against- and that he routinely risks death to do it reference to his threat to kill her, and the shootout with Duo.

She asks to see him- he is the only one who can help her get revenge on OZ. J tells her that Heero is actually a good hearted young boy, and Relena says that she already knew that.

This is unlikely- it is more likely that Relena will refuse to believe the worst in someone so young- that he must have had good reason to do what he does- that is to say, that she believes in him.

She believes in him enough to be able to help her get revenge on OZ. J also describes Heero light heartedly as a 'rascal', it could be that Heero is in fact more of a deviant than we know of. Perhaps Heero does not always treat his missions including the destruction of civilians as seriously as he is told to. He also advises Relena that he is dedicated to his mission, despite being of good heart, and so that for her own safety, she is in too deep and she should keep away.

J recognises the determination and genuineness of Relena, he compares it to the same qualities in Heero the two are symbols of Earth and Space respectively, and part of the plot of the story is that the two are more similar than either would admit, and both need to work together to solve the big problemsbut also advises her to keep away from Heero- perhaps he knows something that she doesn't about his relations, that he does not form relations with girls, or he will do whatever it takes to carry out the mission.

We do not know and cannot speculate. Perhaps the rest of the episodes will throw some light on the problem. Duo manages to get his mobile suit rebuilt, and meets Heero fighting at an airbase.

Duo has not forgiven Heero, and believes Heero is not interested in getting to know each other- that they are going to have to fight. However, Heero saves Duo from an oncoming mobile suit.

He has no reason, save for the fact that Duo dredged up his mobile suit, something which Heero would have found a way to do anyway. Perhaps it was to say sorry for dismantling his mobile suit- that they were now even. He protects Relena because it is not in his nature to kill, and because later in the story it becomes clear precisely how important Relena is- and also because Relena helped him when he was shot: He has no such obligations to Duo, but clearly bonding of some sort must have happened- otherwise why would he be reacting to him in this way, which is completely different to the way he treats everyone else?

Quatre wakes up in his room and finds Trowa leaving out of the front porch. It is implied from Quatre's longing to see him again that they spent a great deal of time together- and as Quatre seems to have woken up, and discovered Trowa missing, then looked out of the window and saw him heading away, it would not be too much of a leap of imagination to think that they may have spent the night together.

He either knew he was missing, then saw him out of the window in which case they spent the night together or he happened to look out of the window and saw him leaving. Heero feels he owes Duo a price for double-crossing him, and now considers them both even. He obviously values Duo enough to want to pay him back for his problems, as he has no other reason to even consider worrying about him. Relena finds herself in incredibly deep trouble- perhaps she should have listened to Heero's warnings.

She begins to form a mental image of Heero as some sort of saviour to her problems. A replacement for her father. Duo is amazed that Heero helped him, and more than a little surprised.

He vowes to 'get' Heero, but he obviously cares about Heero considering the lengths he went to in order to try and befried him too much to make this a genuine threat. Quatre and Trowa spend the night together- possibly in the same room, but although strongly implied it is not conclusive.

Episode 6 Relena finally manages to catch up with Heero. He is busy deleting the school's record on him, in preparation for his leaving.

He had already seen the party which was being organised, but, with something of a sigh, knows that he cannot be free to go enjoy himself, and forget about war for a moment. Relena bursts in, and tells Heero she knows he is leaving to fight. Heero's instant reaction is to kill her, but he is stunned when she tells him how much she knows- including all about Dr. She also says killing her would make a great deal of commotion.

She is right, and Heero knows it- his only choice is to indulge her in her dance, and once finished, will dispose of her- he admits it when she asks if he's still going to kill her, and he says in all honesty 'yes. Heero obviously would have been aware of the assassination, and when Relena tells him she is fighting with him, and is not trying to undermine him, he appears to be taken aback but also releaved and confused- he no longer has to kill her, but exactly what is she going to do?

How is she going to fit into the war? Trowa's deapseated fears and torments Episode 0 mangas are seen by Catherine Bloom in the circus, when she realises his eyes beg for death from her. Duo stares laying at the moon, thinking wistfully about Heero. When asked, he says he is just thinking is Heero even appreciates the moon, but from an inner thought we learn he is in fact wondering what Heero is doing.

He is spending his evening thinking about Heero. OZ attack the party, and Heero, as a reflex of his kind heart, reaches out to save Relena- who has done so much and has such trust in him. This is directly against, however, what would be good for him in the long term.

He cannot understand why he cannot bring himself to kill her- he knows it would be best, but he cannot kill an innocent girl, in cold blood, who has such faith and trust in him- and, it seems, needs him.

Instead, he does the only thing he can do, and flies away. Relena asks him not to go- she knows too much about him, and she considers herself to be a friend, as well as desperately wanting to join forces to stop OZ. Are her motives selfish, wishing to avenge her father? Or are they about friendship for Heero? Considering the cold shoulder she has got from Heero at all times up until now, it is probably mostly the latter- she needs Heero.

Heero on the other hand is facing a crisis which he will learn to accept see later episode, in which he cannot bring himself to kill Duo he just cannot justify killing someone who has made 'contact' with him- the only person whom he could possibly consider a friend, even if they did force that position onto him. Heero has feelings of compassion for Relena, due to the faith and trust she has in him, and as such will automatically try and save her if a reflex is required.

However, his good natured feelings are overshadowed by his own mind, in which Relena is a threat. She considers herself the only friend he has, and Heero recognises that she is indeed trying to reach him, as we have established for her own means and curiosity.

He cannot hurt someone who thinks of him in such a way. We see this also in a later episode when he cannot bring himself to kill Duo. Duo continues to think and dream about Heero. He does indeed admire him, and is thinking about their next meeting. The similarities between Duo and Relena, with regards to Heero, are very clear. Neither can be killed, and both find him a fascinating conundrum.

However, at this stage, their reasons are different: Relena considers herself a 'friend' to Heero, and wants to help him destroy OZ to avenge her father. Duo, however, admires Heero for his physical prowess and abilities- he has no more motive than simply wanting to get closer to Heero for the sake of it.

We only see this side of Heero after Dr. J has told us he is basically a kind boy- and we know he rides his emotions. Episode 7 The pilots begin heading towards a meeting, which OZ has disinformed the public as having all the OZ officials in attendance. In reality, it is all of the Alliance's pacifists, the only people who stop war. Heero, while loading his Gundam onto a plane, discovers Duo also on the plane loading his as well. Instead of demanding Duo to leave, or threatening him, as he would have done earlier, Heero instead lets Duo continue as he pleases, much to the amazement of Duo.

We can only assume this is an emotional development on the part of Heero- he realises Duo is an ally, even if he is still cold to him. In the plane, Duo tells Heero of his plans to go back to outer space when the mission is completed.

Heero stares at Duo for a good while, looking at his eyes, with an expression of what can only be called ambivalence- he seems to have wanted Duo to come along with him otherwise he would have thrown him outbut also seems to be jealous of Duo's having plans, or to be more accurate, a life to go back to after the wars are over.

To further continue their relationship, Heero and Duo fight together when they arrive at the base, and work far better. This implies that during their flight, they bonded even more and became much closer. Heero seems to have a desire to have Duo 'around', perhaps as a friend or ally, make of it what you will, and Duo seems to enjoy being around Heero, whom he admires.

Trowa and Quatre also fight together, but Duo tries to strike out at Trowa. This proves the theory that just because their suits look alike, it does not mean the pilots instantly assume they are on the same side, so we must ask the question: Heero does not think about Relena this whole episode, but Relena is shocked to hear on the news that Heero destroyed the Alliance Pacifists. Heero cannot believe it either, his mission was faulted. Perhaps he is beginning to learn that missions are not always right, and one must try and call the shots as one sees fit?

There is a dramatic development in the relationship between Duo and Heero: However it is a comradeship overshadowed by Heero's jealousy and longing for Duo's way of life, and of Duo's admiration for Heero. Trowa and Quatre continue to work together, although Trowa now appears far colder to Quatre. We can only assume Quatre works through this as their fighting continues, as by the end of the episode they seem friends again. Wufei also finally meets the other Gundam pilots.

Heero and Duo have developed mutual 'reasons' to be around each other, and these reasons are clearly more self motivated, as oppose to Relena's reasons which are motivated by her circumstances and ambitions. Heero and Duo work together because they want to. Episode 8 Heero takes his mistake during the mission very much to heart, and when ordered to go and deactivate the missiles seems quiet, miserable, and yet very determined.

Duo's inclination is obvious that he does not believe Heero will succeed, and that they should leave- and only when Quatre reminds him that Heero will also need a transport aeroplane does he think of it. This would seem to imply that Duo is more than a little uncertain with regards to Heero, he has taken in that Heero is cold to him, and much as they have bonded, Duo still has considerable doubts. However he is the only one who screams his concern when Heero simply stands, at the start of the episode, and lets the enemies shoot at him.

Duo does, secretly, seem to believe that Heero will deactivate the missiles, however 'it's all up to you now, Heero', but just will not let himself admit it I make reference to the continued 'contest' which Duo offers to end with Heero in Episode 9 and when the missiles are deactivated, he is very congratulatory to the Japanese boy.

Duo's final doubts in Heero's abilities and in his ability to save other people's lives appear to have been set aside. Wufei is beaten by Trieze in a sword fight- Wufei's beliefs are such that one is a weak warrior if one is beaten, so he leaves the fight with the firm belief that he is a failure, and not fit to be a Gundam pilot.

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Quatre also refers to Heero as Duo's 'friend'. Heero and Duo have a bond, as previously established, but this episode highlighted the faults within that bond- most notably Duo's lack of belief in Heero as he started off with admiration for him, this could only be the result of Heero's cool behaviour and also of his mistake of killing the pacifists.

However Quatre refers to them as friends, and considering the two tended to stick together, this would seem to be the case. Duo's faith in Heero is restored at the end of the episode, and although it was not actually his doing, Heero would have been more than aware whom arranged for the transport carrier for him.

We can only assume that their relationship and bond is strengthened. Quatre also shows an innate ability to judge and have faith in those who deserve it. Episode 9 Heero and Duo attend school together, and appear to 'bunch up'.

They both appear on the same team in basketball, walk together, and take the same classes together. Heero is a loner, and Duo, when telling him not to be so severe all the time, mocks him by mimmicking 'yeah I know, leave me alone'.

It is strange that a loner like Heero would take someone this close. Perhaps we would do better to interpret this as Heero only asking Duo to leave him alone when it came to personal matters? Duo also says that he knows he and Heero are after the same thing- and that the first one to reach and destroy a base is the winner of this 'contest'. We can only assume, therefore that since Duo has spoken before episode 2 that Heero is trying to out do him, that this refers to some intangible contest they have going.

Duo also displays a tendancy to refer to the pair of them as 'we', together, rather than separately. He also makes an effort to smile and wave at the girls in the crowd, although he immediately follows this by saying 'You wouldn't stand out so much if you smiled once in a while'. We could quite safely interpret this, therefore, as Duo just trying to act normal. When Relena arrives, Heero is shocked to see her, and Duo comments it is a very unique girl who goes to such lengths to find the man trying to kill her.

Relena says she is glad with heartfelt conviction to see Heero again. How does he know Heero is 'trying' to kill her and it was not just a one-off incident? As it were, the three officers were left together much of the time, always near the other two, but typically always in a crowd as well. As such, there were things that had never really been raised again. Delano, Ry, and Alli had plenty of time to themselves during the course of their stay to rehash what they knew and what they'd learned of the agent's past.

But Delano had largely stayed quiet, allowing the other two to decide for themselves what to make of it. Ry and Alli were rather oblivious to what they were faced with. Ry especially knew absolutely nothing of the Gundams or their battles other than what was popularly advertised to the people—which of course was a pack of misdirection and blatant lies.

Alli had spent a small time with a colony rebel organization, but even then she had still been led along primarily by the media reports. Delano, however, had been OZ trained as a MS pilot. He had entered into the war very late and hadn't finished with official training by the time the final battle had been waged. But during that time he had been briefed time and again on the Gundams.

There were rumors that circulated nearly every week on where they were and what they were up to. Spec sheets and information reports were handed down for any man that ever climbed into an MS. It was supposed to be a guide for how to quickly identify and report back the sighting of a Gundam. His training group dubbed those orders the same way everyone else did: The idea that no one lived to tell of the Gundams was ingrained in the soldiers, young and old alike, even when it no longer rang true.

The idea that Agent Heero Yuy of the Preventer Special Forces—his superior officer and a man seven years his junior—was a Gundam pilot was not exactly unnerving, so much as it was terrifying.

If that wasn't enough to completely floor him, the man was not only well known to the Preventer Commander as being a pilot, but he was also hopelessly endeared to the pacifistic Vice Foreign Minister. But Delano had held his tongue. Agent Yuy, first and foremost, had done nothing to him personally to deserve his distrust. If nothing else, Delano was also a pilot and a solider… the ways of war were never pretty and he knew that there were things that every solider regretted at the end.

That didn't exactly settle his nerves around the younger man but it did get him to sleep in the same room at night. As it was, Ry had managed to bring up one point that stuck with them: Miss Relena trusted him completely and whole-heartedly. And Delano would concede to the point that Heero had looked after her. The agent would have had the authority to shove the three officers into harm's way and save his own neck during their past trial, but he hadn't.

Heero had chosen to leave them in relative safety and had risked only himself when confronted with a dangerous situation. Winner had made a comment, just before the fireball came out of the colony side that had stuck with Delano. Delano wasn't sure how well the three young men knew each other. There were reference here and there that gave him a suspicion that the five pilots may not have been trained together, as he would have previously thought.

But he was sure that comment revealed a great deal about Heero's typical tactics. He vaguely watched Alli manage to take Ry's last piece off the board. The two had been far more capable of regaining their trust in Agent Yuy than Delano believed he could be. Alli had even gone so far as to be mildly thankful that the two had trusted them enough to tell them. Delano wondered if they actually would have said something on their own if he hadn't made the first comment.

He hated to be so doubting. After all, he had spent over a month and a half with the man, respecting his authority and direction. Did he have a right to be this worried by him now? Delano, out of all of them, should be respectful of a warrior who fought for what he believed in… no matter what side he was on.

What are the emotional relationships within the Gundam Wing Series?

He looked over at the two again for a moment while the others started a new game in front of him. Easily one of the most lethal men in the Sphere was sitting directly across the table from one of the most peace-minded and gentle souls he could ever know. And Delano was starting to believe it. Something had passed through the two out here. There were no major differences that he could notice, but the quiet affection that they held each other in before seemed to have been expanded on.

Relena knew him during the war. If they honestly met at her school before her father's death, then she would have known him almost from the very beginning. And that would mean that she knew what he was capable of.

Probably better than Delano did. That was mildly comforting. But more than mildly confusing. Shouldn't a pacifistic leader have been terrified by the war-minded soldier? She obviously knew him better than he did. The doors opened and Agent Po stood in the doorway, holding a data pad.

The room looked up at her as she picked Heero out and motioned him to come with her, casting a smile at the rest of them. He seemed to be expecting the interruption and handed over a stack of sheets to Relena before wordlessly rising and following her out. The door slid shut again, and Relena turned back to her work. Ry and Alli shrugged at each other before he muttered, "The guy's not much of conversationalist, is he?

Yes, Miss Relena obviously knew him quite well. In fact, she may know a few things that Delano had decided that he was not going to ask Heero himself about…. He met her eyes a moment, feeling slightly ashamed of what he was about to do.

Leaning back in her seat, she left her work. From behind him, Ry and Alli shifted. Delano turned back towards him. I watched his suit get blown to bits on a colony vid-screen when I was on leave from training. Winner is pilot The crew that he had with him would easily fit the description of a secondary group of soldiers who tended to back him up.

Relena smiled at the comment and then folded her hands and laid them on the table. Quatre and his group were part of the forces that tried to protect me when OZ attempted to take over the Sanc Kingdom. Relena shook her head sadly. He simply waited, hoping she would allow him the last piece of the puzzle. She closed her eyes a moment and then reopened them. It was the only 'victory' that OZ seemed to be able to get over them.

The Gundam itself may have been rebuilt, but the pilot had died in the self-destruct…. Relena looked back down at her folded hands. But none of them exactly counted on Heero. She nodded to him and Delano had to pull out a chair and sit down next to her. He had expected 03, possibly 05… but not the pilot of ZERO. Relena stared at her hands again. Finally she seemed to realize the oppressive silence and looked up at the group. Relena still didn't flinch.

Delano had suddenly lost all faith in the idea that Heero, "would never hurt her," or that he was entirely all that stable. Relena looked back at him, her expression soft.

I told you that I trusted him with much more than my life. And he knew that I would have easily given my life to prevent a military take over. I don't know if I was any influence on why that third shot missed, but I do know that if Heero wanted that place in a pile of ash, it would be.

I was standing in the command center. I heard the soldiers state that his first two shots were so precise that the shields were collapsing.

They said that one more direct hit and it would be over. That third shot was close, but not enough to completely blow the whole shelter. Relena gave him a slightly surprised expression, and then settled back into that patient look.