Ramin and sierra relationship with god

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ramin and sierra relationship with god

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Ramin karimloo, Sierra boggess and Angel. Emma and Killian are married and they have a baby girl .. Oh my god. Jesus Christ Superstar Live Arena Tour . Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess, who co-starred in the "Phantom" sequel "Love Never Dies" in London, reunited. They are pretty much one of the cutest tv couple eve r. Find this Ramin Karimloo Sierra Boggess Photos: Love Never Dies - Photocall good god i love them.

After which there were ads announcing the sale of DVDs of this event come March next year. I guess we still have to wait that long to get an original copy of this special.

Then there was about another 5 minute pause as if waiting for the audience to fill up before the show itself actually began. I see that this film was going to approximate a real theater presentation. Unfortunately, this also included a real 20 minute Intermission after Act 1. The theater we watched in SM Megamall actually paused the movie for the whole 20 minutes!

I knew these were the same actors who played these same characters in the short-lived sequel of Phantom called "Love Never Dies. Boggess was beautiful as Christine channeling both innocence and sensuousness. Karimloo has got that X-factor that makes the role dangerous yet riveting and sympathetic.

His voice can navigate the highs and lows that makes Mr. Lloyd Webber a musical sadist. It can be strong, yet tender and also menacing. The supporting performances were also very strong. Hadley Fraser cuts a dashing figure as Raoul.

ramin and sierra relationship with god

Kiera Duffy makes a hilarious Madame Carlotta even as she also hit those unbelievable high notes, in songs like "Primadonna. Everything was so expertly staged: The camera work and direction was also very effective in conveying the drama, danger and romance of the story.

After the last scene where Meg Giry holds up the Phantom's mask after he vanishes, there was a very long curtain call. The whole stage was filled with actors and dancers. It was a very emotional moment. However, after the three main characters made their bows, it was not yet over.

Sir Andrew himself took center stage and thanked the audience and his crew, present and past. Then he introduced the man who played the first Phantom, Michael Crawford! Finally he brought out his "Angel of Music", Ms. Sarah Brightman who was looking very hefty indeed nowadays. He goes as if he has a stick up his ass or something. The result is funny, though. Point of No Return: I like that here she goes down the stairs instead of walking straight from the wings.

I love that the wind instruments are so dominant here. Sierra has no cleavage at all. Rachel Barrell have some kind of pushup when wearing this costume. Ramin decides that he afraid to touch her. In his performance with Gina Beck her first one, should I mention?

Anyway, I think that Sierra tries too hard at the beginning. For Ramin it comes naturally. I like that he has subtle yet defined gestures. And now Sierra takes on the naughty schoolgirl who tries to seduce her teacher.

Hey, a new Amnita stomacher! Sierra starts to get comfortable. Ramin sounds almost too casual. Ramin begins to pour the sexiness in. I love his hands.

EXCLUSIVE: We Talk To Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess Before PHANTOM 25!

Ramin has no reaction at all to her voice. Show some reaction, dammit. Are those castanets in the background? Have I mentioned how much I love the orchestrations?

Oh, finally, some emotion from Mr. And now the weird, shaking fingers appear. And I mean, really. At any rate, so much sexual frustration. But more importantly - the way Ramin thinks fast and grips her within a second and drags her violently across the stage.

ramin and sierra relationship with god

Is it just me or does the Amnita dress look much firmer? Most Christines stop at that point. More Raoul presence in that scene - Hadley goes down the staircase, but backs a few steps after the Phantom notices him. He sounds very choked here. Hmm… Sierra accepts the ring with no visible expression.

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Same goes for the unmasking. She just stares at him with semi-parted lips. She does, however, grabs his back of the head strongly. I like that Hadley rushes down the stairs to stop the man in the pit from shooting Christine. He screams at the workers to bring water for Meg. Again, I guess only the role of Greedy-Pimp! Madame-Giry works for her. Good function under pressure? She sounds very desperate. I like that when the Phantom grabs Christine by the head and then throws her back.

It shows great madness and fury. Thank goodness this is the last time we hear from you. Again, zero emotion from her. You should be at least a little nervous, you stupid woman. He trusts you enough to let you with all his bureaucratic business, you know the way to his home - one of the greatest secrets of the Opera House - and you act casually?!?!?! Liz Robertson plays the stupidest Mme. She ruins the whole atmosphere. Please let it be a good one.

Again with Doctor Who moment: Ramin, are you afraid the angels statues in your lair are actually Weeping Angels? They are both now anonymous DW fans. Our Phantom sings with zero emotion. I take that back. I like the emotionally detached approach. Sierra squints a lot. That soft tone with his death grasp on her shoulders just wins. Hadley goes down the stairs with cat-like quality, his hand up. Ah, the infamous Ramin!

I like that, actually.

Voice Teacher Reacts to Phantom of the Opera - Sierra Boggess & Ramin Karimloo

Erik chocked Christine as well after she unmasked him, but then he collapsed before the job was done and it would have saved us so much trouble. Think of him as a wounded animal whose attacker gets near his territory - of course he would launch on the closest thing in order to show his greater power.

He gives Hadley a wink. Has our angry Raoul turned into a Nancy? Ramin experiences a realization moment: Again, Sierra and Hadley kiss. Sierra and Hadley, you irk me.

Sierra Boggess

Despite that, beautiful shot here: Again, no comment from Ramin about the kiss. Sierra is a dynamic Christine - she raises her hands and steps back as Ramin advances her. Her expression is horrified.

I really, really, really really hate the fact that she sings that with her back turned to the Phantom. Hadley sings with no emotion whatsoever. He did kind of imply she was screwed all over the place. Oh, right, across the globe. Oh, the epiphany starts to sink in. She pretty much ignores Raoul the whole scene. She has the stance down, so why not the same thing in her voice? Oh, no, wait, you can do that with Ramin Karimloo as well!

He knows what good pauses are, as he demonstrates here after you finish your line. Again, very soft, a whisper, but very spooky. It definitely looks more realistic, but also very wiped out. Oh, and also - irritated skin!

ramin and sierra relationship with god

Even the brain tissue it is brain tissue, right? Surprisingly though, I can detect some sincerity in her voice. What can you do, I insist on finding something good about Sierra in this Final Lair - she sounds full of disbelieving curiosity. Oh, Ramin, let me love you. He really does have tears streaming down his face. And not in a pathetic way like Gerik had. Ramin looks truthfully traumatized and shocked.

I would have loved to see more reaction from him in the body language area. You know, the one where the Phantom has his hands all over the place as Christine launches on him with all power? She hesitated for a brief moment before kissing him. The second kiss, however, is much more better and also passionate.

ramin and sierra relationship with god

Horrified and traumatized expression throughout the two kisses until the very last two seconds, where he allows himself two seconds of bliss. Did I just analyzed that poor kiss to death?

Maybe he does experience some catatonia symptoms. Did I say that the man needs to carry a complete Final Lair all by himself? For a change, he behaves like an old man. An exhausted old men who has nothing else to live for. Phantom actors do that often, but remember that Ramin was a hell of a young Phantom a very teenage one, that is in his previous run. Sierra looks slightly anticipating. Not much devastation and wonder here. Hadley gives Ramin the Glare of Doom. And Ramin helps Raoul out the rope…?

Are we getting a Kay! They should be deep in their own pity and misery. Last demonstration of power and supremacy from O. He is, after all, obsessed in his own ways. No, no pun intended. Honestly - Hannibal went to war against Rome, he won some glorified battles, but at the end - he lost. So I think Hadley shows something like that here - even though the Phantom gives up and lets them free, he still wants to kill him.

And he looks very dashing while doing that. Manlier, all of a sudden. Ramin makes it very clear that he feels trap in his own skin. Never have liked that. Not for the whole Masquerade Reprise. See, Sierra, please take some lessons from Ramin.

Ramin turns to Sierra with a suspecting look. She has this slight smile. That kiss to his hand is really out of place and inappropriate. And I mean really. At least she looks convincing. You know, we all had rejoiced when Gina Beck looks absolutely crushed for leaving Erik, but after a while we realised she pitied him greatly.

She gives him one, final farewell look. Oh, that little head turn to the side? I will never understand that. That clapping is well deserved for Ramin - and Ramin alone. Daisy seals the show. Beautiful paisley print on her vest: Great acting from Ramin - considering he had to carry the whole scene alone… very impressive. Nothing much Raoul can do here.