Ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship

"For 2 Days, Jayalalithaa Stood By MGR's Body. She Did Not Shed A Tear."

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship

The tumultuous ups and downs in her relationship with MGR started in the early s when MGR increasingly began to act with younger. JayalalithaaJayalalithaJayalalithaa deathMGRJayalalithaa MGRAmma: life Jayalalithaa ageJayalalithaa careerMG Ramachandran. The lady with power and charisma is Jayalalitha Jayaram, who has loyal Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran, popularly known as MGR.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship

Ramachandran extended unconditional support to the Janata party Government. He continued his support to the Charan Singh Government in After the fall of the Charan Singh government, fresh parliamentary elections were conducted in Congress-DMK victory in the parliamentary election emboldened their alliance and made them think that people lost their faith in M.

The ADMK ministry and the assembly were dismissed by the central government and fresh elections conducted in Ramachandran was sworn in as Chief Minister for the second time. He became the first leader since K.

Kamaraj to win a re-election as Chief Minister. During the same time, M. Ramachandran was diagnosed with kidney failure and admitted into a hospital in New York City. Rajiv Gandhi assumed office immediately and this required a fresh mandate from the people. Ramachandran was confined to the hospital. The video was distributed and played across all over Tamil Nadu. Rajiv Gandhi visited cyclone-hit areas in Tamil Nadu, which also boosted the alliance.

The sympathy wave created by Indira's assassination, MGR's illness and Rajiv Gandhi's charisma helped the alliance sweep the election. R was admitted to a hospital in the U. The electoral victory proved the undying charisma of MGR upon the masses.

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This scheme was at a cost of Rs. A little more thanchildren of the state were benefited. He also introduced Women's Special buses. He introduced a liquor ban in the state and preservation of old temples and historical monuments, ultimately increasing the state's tourist income.

He led the ADMK to victory in the assembly elections, despite not taking part in the campaigning. At that time he was undergoing medical treatment in America and his images were broadcast in Tamil Nadu through cinema halls. He won his seat in a double landslide victory in He still holds the record of being the chief minister with the highest consistent longevity of more than a decade.

Economic data under his rule showed that annual growth and per capita income was lower than the national average and the state went from being second among 25 industrialised states in development after Kamaraj's rule to tenth. This decline, according to critics has been due to shift of government resources from power and irrigation to social and agriculture sector according to Madras Institute of Development Studies reported in In addition, the emphasis on "welfare schemes" such as free electricity to farmers, mid-day meal schemes, etc.

Her bruised spirits must have soared as party workers and several leaders, including MPs and MLAs, started pouring in to see her. They swore to stand by her in her claim to be MGR's successor as party leader. Many among the cadres openly said, 'We want a charismatic leader.

M. G. Ramachandran

Jayalalithaa is the only person with charisma. But there was no immediate need for an election. And the next elections were two years away. Khurana, the Governor, who then invited Janaki to form the government.

Janaki was sworn in as the chief minister on 7 January She was required to prove her majority on the floor by 28 January.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship

On that day there was absolute pandemonium in the Assembly on account of the Speaker showing open support to Janaki's side.

Several members angrily protested against this open flouting of rules. Suddenly some goondas entered the house and started beating up the pro Jayalalithaa group and the Congress MLAs. During the rampage someone alerted the police. For the first time in the history of the Tamil Nadu Assembly, the police entered the legislative house and lathi-charged MLAs.

15 things you didn't know about Jayalalithaa

In the midst of all this fracas, the Speaker announced that the confidence motion was won by the government. When Jayalalithaa was informed about the rumpus in the Assembly she knew there was no time to waste.

She issued a statement that democracy had been murdered and appealed to the Governor to dismiss Janaki's ministry immediately. Jayalalithaa got rave reviews. Thousands became her fans overnight. A star was born!

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She became the highest paid actress in the Tamil film industry in after 11 consecutive hits that year. She was also the highest paid Indian actress from Jayalaitha was the first heroine to appear in skirts, knee-length dresses, sleeveless suits and gowns in Tamil films in the mid-'60s.

She acted in over movies and played double roles in eight of them. She holds the record for being the Tamil actress with the maximum number of silver jubilee hits. She also gave five hits in Kannada and starred in one English and one Hindi film.

When Jayalalitha was first cast opposite MGR, he was 48 years old and she was just Despite the huge age difference, the pair became a superhit.