Rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship problems

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rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship problems

Last evening, Rajeev Khandelwal 'officially' said goodbye to 'Kahiin To 'good friend' Aamna Shariff on how she feels about the whole issue. Rajeev Khandelwal has opted out of a TV serial again! I have a fantastic relationship with the producers Tony and Deeya, so I left it to them to Another obvious question are Aamna Shariff and you just friends? . Kohli · Narendra Modi · Rafale deal · Sabarimala issue · IPL players list · Satta result. Usually an extremely private person (he never confessed that he and ex- girlfriend Aamna Sharif were even going around), Rajeev goes on to.

It is a nice feeling. The show is getting a lot of response, more than what I had expected. I did not know that such a large audience is watching shows online. After season one, I realised how many people watched it and felt that my decision was truly a right one. What different shades of Dr Naushad Rizvi will we get to see from now on in the series? When you see it, you'll feel the natural progression in the lives of the characters.

Like all the questions that were unanswered will get clearer.

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No one knew the back story of Dr Naushad and wondered why he was like that and what made him the man he comes across as. It was an unanswered question.

There is going to be a progression in the tales of all the protagonists. Haq Se was shot from start to finish like a film.

It is not like we saw the success of season one and extended it. It is just that the makers decided to release it at different times. How creatively satisfying was this project? I was a wonderful experience. Ken Ghosh, our director gave it a lot more than I expected. As an actor, you always wish your project shapes up in a certain way. You always feel it could be better. Ken took it at a level, which was way above my expectations. Haq Se was a web-series but nowhere did the makers cut corners.

rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship problems

I was mounted like a film, bigger than the film projects I worked on and the budgets were high. We shot in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and other scenic spots. Ken gave the show close to ten months. He took time to get every character and nuance right. How was it like working with Surveen Chawla?

Aamna Shariff & Rajeev Khandelwal BACK TOGETHER AGAIN in Hongey Judaa Na Hum 18th January 2013

Surveen is a fab person. Both of us do not need to fake before one another. I can be totally myself before her. I do not meet very often post shoot but every time we speak on the phone or text, we take off from where we left with our interaction in Manali.

I feel our friendship will continue for many more years. You had a great debut with Aamir but your Bollywood career post that was somewhat bumpy.

In retrospect, do you feel you could have done something better? They will also be close to my heart. They were all interesting projects.

rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship problems

I'm happy that I am the only who did films, TV and web with successful projects in all the mediums. I was also a host. Very few have a career like this. I have done six to seven films with a success rate of 50 per cent.

Yes, while Shaitaan and Table No 21 worked, Fever did not. There are many others with a lesser success rate but they are in the news with lot of PR activities, being in the news for their party appearances or magazine spreads. Social media is a such a huge platform but you seem to be very inactive on it when others are using it to the maximum It is different to be active and to be a salve.

I don't feel the need in the morning to reach out to people telling the world what I am doing. Sighs Romance is history. But you never admitted that you were ever in love. Okay, okay, you know what I mean.

Do you mean Aamna Sharif? The talk that we were seeing each other went on for three years. I think it has died its natural death now.

No one links me with Aamna any more. In fact I just.

rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship problems

I read that Aamna is seeing another. Who is this guy? Not me for sure. Let me tell you. She was busy with her film. I was very close to her and still am.

My best wishes will always be with her. I had no choice but to take the risk. No one was planning a magnum opus for me. It was very important for me to get noticed in my first film.

'Marriage to Aamna? I don't know'

I also had to fight with the mental block that TV guys cannot make it in films. Most of them said get a bigger name. No one was ready to take the risk. It was said that before Aamirno producer was keen to sign you on because you barraged them with questions.

Yes, I was or I could have. I quit shows, I took several breaks. The idea was not to own a five BHK or a palatial house in Mumbai or buy a limousine. You have been a documentary filmmaker.

My involvement in any project has nothing to do with my past. I made a documentary in Delhi because I was looking for a source of income. By default I got into it.