Rachel berry and finn hudson relationship poems

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Hummmelberry romance fics because if Kurt wasn't gay and if Rachel wasn't with Finn they'd be perfect for each other. Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5, - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 5 - Published: Nov Kurt has plans and Rachel cheats on her vegan diet. ;) Hummelberry relationship. The Rachel-Finn Relationship, commonly known as Finchel, is the on-off romantic relationship between Rachel Berry and Finn senshido.info fell in love with. Haha real love Lea And Cory, Rachel And Finn, Finn Glee, Glee Quotes .. My favourite Glee brothers: Finn and Kurt Their relationship had hard start but then.

Finn and Quinn pair up with the balloon in the celibacy club meeting and freaks out when the balloon popped. Rachel later sings Take a Bow while watching Finn talking, who appears very happy, appearing to be commenting on how pretty she is, and laughing with Quinn, while she is doing the same. Showmance Quinn tells Finn she is pregnant, but doesn't tell him that the baby is not his.

She makes him believe he ejaculated in a hot tub, during a heated session. She decides to lie to 'Yes, Puck is the father' him because she believes he'll be a better father than Puck. Although shocked at first, Finn promises Quinn he'll support her fully. Quinn and Finn share loving looks throughout the football game. When they win their first game of the season, Finn kisses Quinn after the siren which makes Puck jealous he is the father of her child and loves her.

Finn gives Quinn his old baby blanket called Geege the only item that he can remember his father by for "their" child. Finn also stands up for Quinn and tells him "don't talk to my girlfriend like that" against Puck's nasty remarks. Schuester to give away some of Quinn's verses in fear of something happening to her and the baby, if she performing too much.

Finn tries to get Rachel to rejoin Glee club in hopes that he will get a musical scholarship to support Quinn and "their" baby. The Rhodes Not Taken During a voice-over Finn says he's actually proud to have Quinn, because she's popular, hot and carries "his" baby. Quinn acknowledges Finn's stress over the baby as well his good character and heart.

She claims that the reason why she is giving up the baby to Mrs. Schuester is because of Finn which is a lie. Quinn is seen leaning on Finn while he is sitting down at the beginning of the episode. Finn takes Quinn to the clinic to get a sonogram, the doctor tells them it's a girl and they kiss each-other. During a test Finn suggests her the name Drizzle for the baby and she asks him if he's a moron. Quinn confronts Rachel about her crush for Finn and tells her to back off, as a result of Rachel telling Quinn to sing more as she has a lot to express, Quinn sings You Keep Me Hangin' On as a way to express her jealousy between Rachel and Finn.

Finn comforts Quinn when news get out to everyone that she is pregnant. Throwdown Quinn stands up for Finn when he gets slushied by one of the football guys. In the choir room Quinn washes Finn's face and talks with him about their popularity. They visit together Mrs. Pillsbury and ask for advice. She suggests wearing sunglasses by accidents, which they actually later do. However their plan backfires on them as they get slushied and made fun of again.

Quinn can be seen caring for Finn by cleaning the slushie off of his face.

rachel berry and finn hudson relationship poems

Mash-Up Finn comforts Quinn in the gym as she watches the Cheerios practice. She also urges him into finding a job and calling him a moron for not finding any during the bake sale.

Also Finn walks in during Quinn and Puck's bake-fight and is shocked. She assures him they're only baking and Finn stares after Puck jealously when he leaves the room. Finn finds a job to support Quinn and "their" baby.

He is seen carrying her off to class in his wheel chair. Wheels Quinn's suspicion of Finn. Will forces the Glee kids to sing a ballad together and Finn wants Quinn as his partner, but Will says the fate will decide.

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Finn tells his mom Quinn is pregnant; this makes her angry because she thinks that she might tell her mom which does not happen.

Finn tries to defend her when her parents insult her for getting pregnant. She later moves in with Finn, when Quinn's family yells at her and kicks her out.

She stays at Finn's house. They go through a hard time together. Ballad Quinn wants to see if Puck would be a good father, and decides to distract Finn with Rachel. Quinn asks Kurt to give Rachel a makeover to make Finn more attracted to Rachel but Finn feels uncomfortable when Rachel advances on him. Quinn gets mad at Puck when she finds out he was sexting sexy texting Santana while they were babysitting Terri's sister 's kids together.

Finn then tells Quinn what happened with Rachel and admits he loves her and he only wants to be with her, feelings, which she reciprocates. They then walk off together, looking happy while Rachel and Kurt watch jealously. Hairography Puck and Finn rushes to Quinn's aid when she slips. Finn finds out trough Rachel the baby isn't his and punches Puck.

He wants to make them admit they both lied to it. He seems genuinely upset and angered when he hears the truth. Quinn tries to apologize to him, however he doesn't listen to her, leaves the choir room and kicks a chair.

When he returns to the New Directions he doesn't seem to have gotten over it and still shows Quinn and Puck the cold shoulder. Theatricality Finn tells Quinn he has and always will have feelings for her when Quinn asks him out on a date because Rachel told her to see if Finn still loves her and her only.

rachel berry and finn hudson relationship poems

Sam asks him if he's still not over Quinn and Finn answers he has Rachel now. Duets Quinn and Finn are seen holding-hands and hugging each other when they sang Dog Days Are Overwhich promotes their friendship. When he and Sam get into a fight, Quinn says it's actually hot. Finn causes Quinn to finally quit Cheerios over Glee Club to sing at the half time show at the big game.

They share a feeling-filled look during the big game, and afterwards Quinn kisses Finn in the hallways, stating, "It reminds me why I loved you". Finn is stunned as she leaves.

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He sets up a kissing booth, because he thinks she is the only girl in the school who won't willingly kiss him. At first she denies him, and tells him she knows what he is doing, but later she does kiss him at the booth, and they both see fireworks. Then, she asks him to meet with her in the auditorium the next day. They meet, and kiss, after Quinn relents that she only thinks she loves Sam.

Finn and Quinn both then catch mono due to Santana's meddling, and lay in the nurse's office together. Finn is determined to pursue Quinn, but she stops him, by telling him that she will not do anything with him until she figures out what is happening with Sam, and he with Rachel.

Silly Love Songs Finn continues to go after Quinn, who tells him still that she has to figure out where she stands with Sam. He manages to decide on a date on Friday to "the Sullivan rink", which is incidentally the same day Sam had originally planned to take Quinn to "Color Me Mine".

Rachel Berry

Finn later tries to imitate Sam by dressing like Justin Bieber as well, to impress Quinn. Sam breaks things off with Quinn when he learns of her cheating on him, and their future is left unknown. Comeback At the Celibacy ClubPuck spots a Hickey on Quinn's neck; she tells him she burnt herself with a curling iron. Quinn is seen making out with Finn on her bed.

She tells Finn that he should have been her "first", instead of Puck, and that she belongs with him. They are revealed to be secretly dating. Sexy Quinn wants to bring their relationship out in public for Prom King and Queen votes. He is initially hesitant, but then later agrees. Will that be the only reason they form a friendship or maybe more? AU Finchel Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: They have gone on with their lives, or have they? See what fate has in store for the 'tethered' couple as they figure out where they are meant in each other's lives.

One night Cory gives Lea an idea that neither of them can pass up. They want to be a family, but with little time with their schedules things are difficult.

rachel berry and finn hudson relationship poems

T - English - Family - Chapters: Will things work out for the best or will they find that it was all too good to be true? Suddenly they have something that will tie them together forever, will they come through? Finchel with other glee characters Glee - Rated: Rachel is a young, ambitous singer from New York.

Finn is a tough, heartbroken rancher in Post-Civil War Montana. The two meet and sparks fly. But can they be together or are they too different? Down Goes Another One by caityjane reviews A tragic accident strikes at McKinley High and no-one can understand how such a perfect day went so horrifically wrong. Tragedy based with the comfort of slight Finchel, Quick and Tartie at the side! What will Rachel do when she finds out that Finn is sick? Journey After Regionals by cappievonbuettner reviews After they lose regionals, Finn and Rachel are heartbroken.

But they know that they still have each other, and the summer to look forward to. Secrets are revealed, cupcakes are burnt, and relationships grow along the way.