Putin and netanyahu relationship

The strange love affair of Putin and Netanyahu | Middle East Eye

putin and netanyahu relationship

Netanyahu's flattery of Moscow helps promote Israeli goals in Syria. relationship stands out on the global stage as Mr Putin is assailed by. Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their meeting at the Kremlin in. Before taking off, Netanyahu told reporters he will discuss with Putin Syria, Iran and “Israel's security needs.”.

This is not something that can be taken for granted, something that just happens.

putin and netanyahu relationship

Rather, the understanding and cooperation necessary to avoid those clashes have been a direct result from the meetings between the leaders at the top. But for Putin, there is more: Inviting Netanyahu to Moscow when the eyes of the world are on the capital because of the World Cup is a high-profile visit. Inviting him to Moscow in May to sit with him and review the parade in Red Square marking the victory over Nazi Germany is a very high-profile visit.

putin and netanyahu relationship

This is the prime minister and Putin meeting in the full glare of the cameras for the whole world — and all the Russian people — to see, and doing so time and time again. What message is Putin trying to send with these meetings?

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Probably there were more phone conversations than the Prime Minister Office has announced for the public record. The most recent phone conversation between the two was at the end of August. It is hard to understand and explain this unusual, wonderful friendship. It was in Septemberwhen Israel panicked after realising that Russia had deployed its warplanes in Syria and had begun bombing rebel positions in support of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

putin and netanyahu relationship

Netanyahu tried to persuade Putin that Russian planes should not fly near the Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights. Since the beginning of the civil war five-and-a-half years ago, Israeli warplanes have attacked at least 15 times weapon depots and convoys shipping land-to-air-missiles, long-range ground missiles, and land-to-sea missiles from Syria to Hezbollah.

The weak Syrian air force and its air defences did not even try to challenge the mighty Israeli air force. But since the establishment of the coordination, which is still in place and operates well, there was no need for any further meetings between the leaders.

Analysis: The message in the Netanyahu - Putin meeting

The de-confliction arrangement is operated by senior officers from both armies. Yet Netanyahu kept flying to see Putin. Aside from issuing laconic statements, the Israeli prime minister has never provided any elaborate and genuine report or explanation, not even to his cabinet ministers or to the Knesset parliamentlet alone to the public, about the nature and content of his intimate relations with Putin.

Russia: Putin greets Netanyahu in Moscow

It is not a secret in international relations that with Putin there are no free meals. But so far no one has managed to decipher the currency Israel pays back to Russia.

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  • The strange love affair of Putin and Netanyahu
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In the past, in order to please Russia, Israel provided licences for its advanced technologies. For example, after the end of the Russian-Georgian war inRussia expressed its anger that Israel sold weapons to Georgia. However, inRussian tourist numbers to Israel fell dramatically due to the economic crisis in Russia and the fall in the value of the ruble.

Netanyahu off to Moscow for 9th meeting with Putin in three years - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Patriarch Kirill said that the fact that "people in Israel speak Russian creates a special atmosphere for our pilgrims, and they often feel at home in Israel". Speaking about the life of the Jewish community in Russia, he cited the chief rabbi of Russia: Immigrants from Russia and other former Soviet republics account for a significant proportion of Israel's citizens, meaning that visits to friends and relatives in Russia are likely to be facilitated.

putin and netanyahu relationship

The Customs Unionbringing together BelarusKazakhstan and Russia, and Israel have launched an exploratory committee to study the prospects for the creation of a free trade zone, the Eurasian Economic Commission EEC - a single permanent regulatory body of the Customs Union reported in March The Russians want to speak to Israel without anyone eavesdropping.

The Moscow Government has implemented a training program for metropolitan doctors and nurses to train in the leading Israeli hospitals: Several hundred Russian medical specialists from Moscow hospitals are trained in Israel each year. The framework agreement is meant to develop joint research programs and other collaborations in areas like astrophysical and planetary research, space biology and medicine, navigational satellites and launching services and technology. Although the agreement is limited to medical treatments, it could form the basis for wider collaboration for ventures between the two countries in nuclear technology.

Rusnanothe Russian government's vehicle for investments in nanotechnology, has established a branch in Israel, with the aim of setting up a fund for investment in Israeli nanotechnology ventures. The school subsidized by Yandex, which will teach 50 Israeli students a year, will focus primarily in "machine learning".