Pro and cons in a relationship

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pro and cons in a relationship

The word 'comfortable' definitely has all kinds of positive associations, but when it comes to relationships, it can be used in a negative way as. For some people, the sacrifices involved in a committed relationship are well worth all of the benefits that having a deep bond with a romantic. Whether you're freshly single or have been wifed up forever, you'll know that there are both pros and cons to be being by yourself or all coupled up. There are .

Part-time jobs can sometimes be your chance to meet someone new that takes you out of your typical routine. Flirting at work can make things exciting and boost your self-esteem. Our coworkers later asked if we were dating and it was funny because we thought we were going unnoticed! For John, he learned about trust issues after hooking up with several ladies in his office.

pro and cons in a relationship

Sarah said her high school romance helped her deal with conflict management and unfavorable life scenarios. More Time Together With other responsibilities on your plate, your job may be the only time you can see your counterpart. Just being able to grab a quick bite or discuss a similar project at work can really strengthen your relationship and make things easier.

For John, one of his past hookups ended up getting a little too hooked. Here are some tips for avoiding a meltdown: Sign up for an early spin class or take your dog for a walk before you head in. You will feel and look great, and he will be able to notice. This only shows that his actions have affected you and you want to come off cool, calm, and collected despite the tension. Focus on your work. Distract yourself in a good way! Invest yourself in a lengthy project that requires most of your attention.

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Go for a walk. Are you allowed to take a minute break? Go for a pleasant stroll and take in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Distractions Knowing your beau is a few cubicles away can completely distract you from your work. Romantic relationships can be pretty consuming which is great but it's also a lot of work, so when they just exist without being stressful or questionable it can be pretty nice.

You're Complacent On the other hand, sometimes being in an overly comfortable relationship means that you've settled into it a bit and might even be a bit complacent there.

The Pros & Cons of Work Relationships

You're not worried about losing them, but because of that, you don't feel like you have to put a ton of effort toward the relationship or give them any credit for sticking around. You just take it for granted that they do. This is not a great position to be in. Even though you're guaranteed that the boat isn't going to rock anytime soon, it's also not serving as something that's necessarily making your life fun and exciting. It's fine to be comfortable, but not at that expense of having wonderfully fulfilling experiences.

You deserve to feel in love with and thrilled by the person that you're dating regardless of how long you've been dating them. It's not necessarily negative or controlling unless it is and then you know you have to leave immediately. But it's pretty much time to focus and step it up.

pro and cons in a relationship

Maybe you have to stop dating multiple people at once, or agree to share your bed, or care about another person as much as yourself, whatever. But when you're in a comfortable relationship you've already made it past all of that stuff and made whatever changes were necessary to get that far into the relationship. And the other person did the same to get into the relationship with you. Now that you guys did that you're just kind of existing in your relationship, and while there are always things to deal with there aren't like major barriers in the relationship anymore.

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You've already gotten to know one another deeply, and you've already come to terms with who you are and who they are, and you've seemed to accept it and worked things out. Same On the other hand, when you get complacent in a relationship or overly comfortable, you just might not be motivated to change in a positive way, either. In reality, we should really be changing all the time because there's always room to grow and there are always new things to try.

It's impossible to not meet new people or try new things and have those experiences change you in some ways, and hopefully, as we make mistakes along the way which we all do that we're learning how to do better every time.

pro and cons in a relationship

We are offered choices every single day and if we're not making good ones eventually it will catch up to us. If we're not ever changing we end up stagnant and not living up to our potential.

Even if we try specifically not to change for some reason, the rest of the world has a way of moving around us which renders our standing still meaningless, it's actually easier to go with the flow than not.

Dynamic relationships will encourage us to change and grow in good ways all the time. You Know Everything About Him When you're totally comfortable in a relationship, you might know pretty much everything that there is to know about that person, which can be awesome.

You don't have to ask to know where they would want to go to dinner, you know why they're in a certain mood even when they aren't communicating with you directly, you can offer them advice that's relevant because you know them pretty much as well as you know yourself. This can be a really nice place to be when the other person is receptive to hearing your ideas, because it just serves to help you two work as a single unit, as a team. There's a closeness that can't be replicated with people with who we know well.