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i'm happy karen is back on her feet that relationship with plankton was toxic emily too turnt @mollins_emily1 just when i thought ive seen everything no i found a. The Sun Goes on Rising Summary: Karen and Plankton spend the last night of the She was tired of him spending the length of their marriage .. I think it's important for writers to listen to their readers so I'll take your advice. Plankton and Karen are a married couple. insist to Karen that he is capable of doing everything even though Karen always gives Plankton the best advice.

In fact, he just couldn't seem to think of much else lately. Since his marriage to Cashina—er, Plankton rather— Krabs hadn't been feeling quite himself. For one thing, he'd been sleeping too much. Every morning that week he had arrived no less than one hour late to work, despite the fact that he'd conversely made the decision to sleep an hour or three earlier than necessary at night. But despite this extra sleep, he still awoke feeling drained and miserable.

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It was all he could do most days to drag himself out of bed, let alone be an active member of his workforce. In addition to his excessive sleep, he had a number of other troubling symptoms. He hadn't been eating much lately. Nor had he been very talkative It all hearkened back to the old days when he'd returned from the Navy, married his first wife, and subsequently lost her all in the span of a few short years.

Plankton-Karen relationship

But surely this wouldn't be like then. Surely this time it wouldn't debilitate him the way it had before. Or so he hoped… Needless to say, this week he had made every effort to stay hidden away in his office.

Not only would this give him the alone time he needed to come to terms with his grief, but it would also help him avoid Plankton—who had been making regular attempts at speaking with him, in addition to his usual attempts at stealing the Formula.

Luckily, though, it seemed like the new security system SpongeBob got for him was working like a charm. She had been looking for a likely place to test it, when SpongeBob had mentioned the problem with Plankton—and one way or another, Krabs had wound up with a free security system that really seemed to take its job seriously. It resembled a snail in more than just its appearance.

Its ferocious dislike for Plankton was rivaled only by Spongebob's sneagle, Jerry. His thoughts had a habit of getting off topic lately, too.

The worst part about this mess was the fact that Plankton didn't know, couldn't possibly have known, what this had meant to him. Sure, he had loved Cashina practically from the start; she had been everything he wanted and then some in more than one respect. Beautiful, affluent, and kind… But, Plankton? Krabs covered his face with his claws for a moment, as the terrible truth came crashing down on him for what had to be the tenth time that week, and that awful aching feeling of loss and longing spread through his chest.

He had always had feelings for him. Ever since they were kids. Even worse, the feeling had persisted even after the argument that had ended their friendship those many years ago; if anything, it had only seemed to grow stronger with the distance between them.

Just like that old saying. This incident with Cashina had only served to reawaken those old feelings he had hidden away so long ago, and to remind him that he couldn't always have the one he wanted. Maybe that's part of the reason it hurt so badly. Reopening an old wound, as they say.

But there was nothing to be done for it now. It was obvious to him; after he'd had some time to think about the situation and look at things from the outside; that Plankton had only been in this for one reason and one reason only—and that was the Secret Formula. No matter how much he wished it had been the other way—that Plankton had somehow always harbored feelings for him too, and this sweet agony hadn't been so very one-sided; it simply wasn't so, and he knew it.

The fact of the matter was this: Didn't Plankton know by now that he would be more than happy to accept him with open arms if only he would apologize sincerely?

He thought he had made himself clear all those many times that he had accepted Plankton at his word that he was changing for the better, even those times that it had been desperately obvious that Plankton had been lying. Fool that he was, Krabs had wanted more than anything to hope he'd been genuine. He sighed again, and the claw which had previously supported his chin came to a gentle rest on the table, shaking the cheap desk lamp which bathed his office in its comforting yellow warmth.

Krabs was through with this petty feud. He knew that now. All he wanted was for things to be as good as they once were.

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Before the issue of money, before the issue of notoriety; it had been them, through thick and thin. What he wouldn't give for things to be ok again. What he wouldn't give for his old friend back at his side- even if they could never be together 'that way'. All this fighting and cat and mouse and petty games of the heart—it was killing him. As this thought concluded, he looked at the clock which hung on the opposite wall and frowned. How could it be so late already?

Perhaps he had gotten lost in thought… again. He rose and made as if to leave the office, but hesitated with his keys poised in midair hovering above the lock. I might as well count the money in the register before I go, he reasoned with a mild sense of reluctance. It's not like he really wanted to go home to an empty house, and besides he'd been putting off counting it all week.

Lately, the sight of money made his heart ache where it would usually be set to flutter. Besides, Pearl was a big girl, nearly grown. She could take care of herself for a few hours if he should decide to come home late… Plankton glanced warily behind himself as he crept towards the laboratory doors which separated the kitchen from the main dining area of his restaurant, hoping to all the Gods of the sea and stars that Karen's theft prevention arsenal wouldn't be triggered by his comings and goings at such a late hour of the evening.

It had been quite a long time since last he'd left the restaurant at any time past 8 PM and further intended on staying out past such an hour, and as such it would be only natural for such activity to be regarded as suspicious.

Cause enough, perhaps, for such a finely tuned weapon as his handcrafted security system to be triggered. But sometimes a man just has to do what a man has to do, and there was a certain crab that Plankton desperately needed to talk to— and he needed to talk to him now, security system be damned. Once again, he glanced at Karen's darkened monitor for a moment with apprehension, expecting her to awaken from sleep mode and start in on him anew for thinking such unfaithful things, but her screen remained dim and mercifully silent even after Plankton crested the threshold of the doorway and pushed the door open on its rusted hinges.

He winced as the metal screamed in feeble protest, yet still Karen remained quiet and complacent as he successfully made his leave of the restaurant—walking through the lobby and pushing open the Chum Bucket doors to a rush of fresh, crisp nighttime ocean.

Perhaps if he were a little more alert he'd find her silence in itself rather alarming. Many times before had an equally quiet exit at an equally obscene time of the evening prompted her to awaken and lay into him about sneaking around. But as it was, he stood there in the doorway for a moment completely oblivious of the terrible thing he'd just completely overlooked.

Do I really want to crack open this particular can of worms? Even as he was thinking this, his feet mechanically began to carry him towards the silent lobster trap which brooded across the street—squatting in the dark like some slumbering, wooden monster.

Even without the aid of his telescope, Plankton could not mistake the glow of light coming from deep within the restaurant. Through the porthole on his office door, Krabs's desk lamp cast an unearthly halo of golden light onto the wooden floor of the dining area. Plankton crossed the street, stopped before the glass double doors of the Krusty Krab, and peered inside. As he was watching, the door to Krabs's office suddenly opened, bathing the empty restaurant in a wedge of honey-colored light as Krabs himself stepped outside.

He walked to the cash register and opened it with none of his former enthusiasm, and Plankton frowned somewhat to himself with confusion as he pressed his face against the glass to see into the restaurant better. Surely that had been a trick of the mind, he thought disbelievingly; there was no way he had seen that correctly. His antenna twitched thoughtfully atop his head with distress. There was something very wrong with Eugene. In fact, this situation was much worse than he previously thought.

If he knew anything about Krabs—anything at all—it was the fact that Eugene could not resist money. Why, Plankton could recall many a serenade he'd overheard—Krabs singing about his love for money and how good it was to be rich. In fact, one could even argue that their whole feud had had its origins in finances, amongst a few more complicated questions of ethics that didn't bear thinking about at such a late hour of the evening.

So why was he so slow and deliberate withdrawing the cash? Plankton wondered, struggling against his caffeine high and lack of sleep to comprehend what would have been obvious to him had he had his full night's rest. Why did he give the stack such a sad and meaningful look as he carefully cradled it in his claws and slowly closed his office door behind him?

Where was his previous elation? Pull yourself together, Krabs, Plankton thought with a mild sense of impatient disgust as he pushed open the doors to walk inside. Somehow, he wasn't all that surprised to find that the doors were unlocked; despite the fact that that was another of those things that was wrong about this situation. In many ways, it almost seemed as though someone purposefully left them open if only so he and Krabs could have this conversation tonight—one on one, with no interruptions.

He strolled deliberately right up to his rival's office door and stood outside it for a moment, listening hard to whatever was going on inside. He'd heard something from the moment he entered the restaurant, and somehow this was even more surprising than the fact that the doors had been carelessly left wide open. It was surprising because he recognized that sound. In fact, he'd heard it so many times over the course of their rivalry that it had become one of his favorite things to hear.

He'd come to associate it with victory, with one-upping Krabs and coming out on top for once. But this time all it brought him was a deep sense of regret, and he even found himself feeling the slightest bit guilty. Sure he'd meant to crush him and make him miserable, but this? This was too much. He swallowed hard and pushed open the door. Krabs was sitting at his desk, his head down, his shoulders shaking.

The stack of cash and coins that he'd taken from the cash register lay beside him in a sad pile, completely forgotten. He lurched his head up off his claws and gave Plankton a look that was singularly vulnerable and yet somehow unsurprised before he found it in himself to look away. He glanced to the corner, where the C. When the robotic snail didn't seem to register him, Plankton sighed in blessed relief and walked up to the desk, then jumped up on the desktop so they could look at one another eye to eye.

We uh… we need to talk about… what happened…" Plankton began awkwardly and at length, walking up beside him and resting his hand on Eugene's claw in a clumsy attempt at being supportive, and he wasn't surprised at all when Krabs responded by jerking out of reach.

Krabs remained looking away, though Plankton's brief touch registered on his face as a grimace of displeasure and pain. There's nothing to talk about. Ye played my feelings and acted like it was all just a joke t'you. For that matter, what're you doin' here talkin' about it as if you really care?

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I hope this is what you wanted. After a moment's pause, he tried his voice. I've been too busy thinking about it to sleep. Thinkin' about what I did and… why I did it…" "You don't haveta explain yerself t'me. He scraped it together in a big, untidy-looking wad so he could grab it up in one hand, then stood from his desk and walked to his safe, which he casually unlocked in full view of Plankton's wandering eye.

He placed the money inside, obviously uncaring if Plankton should see the combination or the Secret Formula cradled safely inside, and then shut it again. He then sat back down at his desk as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and not for the first time did Plankton wonder to himself if this was all just a bad dream.

That's right, his fevered mind agreed, this had to be some kind of twisted nightmare! There was no way Eugene could be so very lazy with his defenses! No way Eugene could be saying all these things. Talking to him like he was hiding that one certain Something that Plankton was beginning to suspect. The lack of sleep was really getting to him. Krabs crossed his arms defensively. So how 'bout you do me a favor an' let's stop dancin' 'round the issue.

Is there something else ya gotta say, Plankton, that I ain't already heard from ye? Some other clever lie that y'wanna see if I'll believe? I'm being serious this time! I mean it," he attempted to reason even as Krabs finally shoved himself to stand from his desk and snatched him up by his antenna.

He switched off the light and grabbed his keys in his free hand while Plankton writhed miserably in midair, trying to free himself from his grip. That's what'cha said last time, and the time b'fore that, and the time b'fore that," said Eugene as he exited his office, casually locked the door behind him, and finally pushed open the doors of his restaurant.

He released his grip on Plankton's antenna and allowed him to fall to the pavement, then stepped past him as though he weren't there. If yer so smart, I bet you'll figure it out eventually. A few moments later found Plankton back within the Chum Bucket. He stood before Karen's darkened monitor for a moment, staring up at her, wishing she were awake if only so he could ask for her advice on the situation. Despite the harshness of her words of late, as a result of her updated wifing software and the lingering sense of betrayal he knew she felt, he knew intuitively that she only wanted the best for him despite what her choice of words might have one believe.

Karen had all the answers. It was one of the many reasons he had married her, those many years ago. She always knew what to do, and what to say. In many ways, she'd been his most loyal companion all his life, despite the fact that he himself had not always been… as reliable nor as compassionate… And so, bracing himself for what was sure to be a fresh onslaught of complaints, Plankton stepped up to her console and nudged her mouse, hoping that that would be enough to wake her up.

In response, a very loud whirring noise emitted from within her monitor, and Plankton tilted his head in confusion. She'd never made a sound like that before. That this wasn't really happening. That he was so sleep deprived that this whole thing, along with the terrible thing Eugene had hinted at earlier that evening, was a nightmarish figment of an addled mind.

Karen couldn't possibly have bluescreened since the last time they'd spoken to one another earlier that evening, he thought disbelievingly as he took a step back and nearly stumbled on Spot- who had been behind him this entire time.

Plankton hardly registered his little amoeba's startled yelp as he stepped on one of his paws and hastily corrected his bearings before he fell over. There was just no way she could leave him like that… Though Plankton, his eye wide in mounting horror as he stared up at her vacant monitor. No way that the last words they'd spoken to one another had been so callous with bitterness and resentment.

Things just couldn't be left like that. Echoed Karen's voice unhelpfully in his mind as Plankton swallowed down the urge to scream her name, and the memory of her voice was shrill with a convincing simulation of hurt and resentment.

Obviously you don't need me, anymore! Ghost-Karen cried, her voice chip cracking with old hurt that broke Plankton's heart. You think I didn't notice the way that you spend every waking moment pursuing him, and vice versa?

You think I didn't notice the way he looks at you? Maybe I'll follow your example and pretend the last few decades between us never happened! You make it look so easy! The last words she'd said to him echoed hatefully in his mind, repeating over and over.

A sick broken record. Positive relationships In " F. After he rants about SpongeBob, she asks him, "You're not letting him leave, are you? This is the perfect opportunity for revenge! She says, "Get moving, genius, don't let him get away! In " Chum Caverns ," Plankton steals Karen's plan to set up a restaurant underground. When he asks if she put the "secret ingredient" in it, she asks him if he means love, and makes a heart on her screen.

In " Eek, an Urchin! A little embarrassed, Plankton replies, "I love you too, snookums! In The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of WaterKaren needs to use all of her processing power to fuel her time machine. Plankton admits to her that he is sorry to take her for granted: I just wanted to say I'm glad you're on my te-am.

He starts to cry. In " Plankton Gets the Boot ," Karen changes her screensaver to look pretty for Plankton, who tries hard to win Karen back. In " Plankton Retires ," Karen feeds Plankton from a bottle like a baby.

In " Spot Returns ," Plankton helps Karen instead of getting the secret formula, and if he does not help Karen he would have had the secret formula. In " Spin the Bottle ," Karen tells Plankton that he looks adorable in his genie outfit.

Plankton and Karen about to kiss In " Grandmum's the Word ," Plankton and Karen have a romantic date in a tub full of oil.