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Park Yong Ha and So Ji Sub: Filling Each Other's Weaknesses, the .. watch his dramas, but he doesn't have any connection with us as an. Quiz of God is a South Korean television series broadcast on cable channel OCN . It was the The title refers to a local saying that rare diseases are like quizzes God gives to humans so as not to become too arrogant. . ep 2); Park Min-ji as Park Ha-young (guest appearance, ep 2); Song Ji-hyun as Ahn Hee-yeon (guest . Posters and stills are out for Only You, the movie starring So Ji-sub . In fact, in Accidental Couple with Hwang Jung Min, he was pretty .. I watched Park Yong- ha's funeral on YouTube and on when it was .. Red Moon, Blue Sun ( MBC); An Empress's Dignity (SBS); God's Quiz 5 (OCN).

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So when I learned that Jisub was my age, I felt like he was my friend. My first impression of Jisub was, how do I put it Maybe it's because he's the type who doesn't talk much and is silent, but something about him caused me to feel curious about him.

I felt that he was a guy who forced people to feel curious about him. If I'm a little more honest about it, I approached him because I was wondering what kind of person he was.

The two of them exchanged phone numbers, and saying "Let's meet up sometimes", they parted ways. Of course, it was Park Yong Ha who was the first to suggest that they meet again.

After he opens up to you, he tries hard to give you only really great things. He's not particularly careful or friendly, but his heart is tender and warm. Last year, Park Yong Ha had a girlfriend, but the two of them were in danger of breaking up. His girlfriend and So Ji Sub were acquainted with each other.

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So Ji Sub, knowing that the two of them were in danger of breaking up, bought a delicious meal for that woman, and attempted to help the two of them fix things by arranging for Park Yong Ha to arrive at the restaurant.

But one day, I received his phone call, and he said 'Your girlfriend's waiting for you, come quickly. I could see his 'trying his hardest' self.

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It was impossible not to feel touched. To year-old men, women are of a special interest. When I asked whether So Ji Sub had a girlfriend, he replied with a laugh, "If I did, would two guys be meeting each other like this?

So Ji Sub said, "A gentle and well-behaved woman would suit Yong-ha well", but Park Yong Ha said that he likes women who are open-minded and positive, rather than gentle. It's because he thinks that he doesn't have anyone around who can protect him. So I think that Jisub needs a woman who can relax his tense shoulders, and whom he can lean on and be comfortable with.

If he could find a girlfriend who can warmly accept him and who is stable-minded, I think he would be able to smile much more brightly than he does now. He merely has a memory about hearing about a woman So Ji Sub had dated in the past.

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He said that he really liked her a lot. He told me that he felt very sad when he heard that that girlfriend had gone to the United States and gotten married. Both their hobbies are motorbikes, snowboarding, and video games. The two of them ride their motorbikes in the suburbs during every free moment they have, and they go to the ski resorts at night in order to go snowboarding.

They're still new actors who are still worrying about their next productions.

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So mentioned the difficulties that he had to go through when he filmed the drama by saying, "I had to go on location continuously, so at first, I took care of my skin and got facial massages, but in the end, I just gave up about skin care. Sometimes it was too cold to just stand outside and sometimes it was too hot to be outside". So" thanks to his fashion and his way of acting. He said, "At first, I thought that the nickname is too much for me, but now I do not care about it anymore.

Instead, I just do anything the way I want to do it. I think that the nickname has come from my behavior, that I always do something comfortably without trying to put on airs".

So Ji-subwho is 34 years old, faced rumors of romance with actress Han Ji Min at the end of last year.

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He talked about the rumor, "I do not know from where that rumor came. I used to hang out with actress Han Jin Min as a friend, but since the rumor has spread, we do not contact each other anymore". He continued, "Right after I was discharged, I broke up with my girlfriend and I have been alone since then. Now, acting is more important for me than seeing someone".

He added, "I am very much satisfied with my age which is in the mid-thirties because I think that this age is very helpful for acting". Then he talked about actor Choi Min-soowith whom he acted together in the same drama.