Parappa the rapper stage 6 ending relationship

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parappa the rapper stage 6 ending relationship

PaRappa Rappa (パラッパラッパー), alias Parappa the Rapper, is a Relationship PaRappa does not do any actual rapping except for one episode near the end. In Bad and Awful mode of Stage 6: Taste Of Teriyaki, the frog on PaRappa's. He is arguably the antagonist in PaRappa The Rapper as he makes several attempts Relationship At the end of Stage 6: Parappa's Live Rap With MC King Kong Mushi, Joe Chin thanks everyone as he assumes the party was held for him. Relationship He appears at the end of the episode when he prays for the king of kings to bring him He is shown to be a very loudmouth character always yelling at Parappa and friends, Stage 6: Food Court PaRappa The Rapper Wiki .

Punk 2 fists still raised: What do you say? How about if you and I go for a little walk outside, huh? Scene cuts to Katy and Sunny who are still scared while the punk speaks. Let the punks stay and eat their food! She suddenly hears a voice and looks around. There is no need to fear!!

Out flies a muscled superhero wearing a blue cape, who then spins around and drops it to reveal Because Joe Chin is here!! Joe flashes his teeth in a smile, and Sunny and Katy are quite surprised.

I have travelled the Seven Seas, I have crossed every mountain known to man, and I know the mighty powers that I have are enough for jerks like you. While Joe speaks, the girls are amused, but Parappa and PJ are anything but, and Joe points his finger at the punks, who become surprised. I shall put on my magic gloves of glory and shall take you on a cruise to destroy all of you.

While he speaks, his boasting leet-speech baloons are filling up around him, and the punks are getting scared. Now, let me tell you of this one incident at this coffee shop Joe's speech starts to speed up and he starts to sound like a chipmunk while while the four of them are kind of annoyed, and the music speeds up as well. Oh, here we go again. He walks away from the restaurant with Katy and Sunny, who are getting chased by Joe's boastful leet-speech balloons.

Scene cuts to Parappa, who thinks in wonder and the rainbow swirls around him. I need to become a hero, too!

The rainbow scene cuts to Parappa confronting the punks and tackling them on in a dustcloud with materials flying before the cloud fades to him triumphing over the punks. Scene fades back to him at the table. But how could I possibly do that?

As he thinks, he suddenly gets an idea, complete with a light bulb being turned on before he moves quickly into close-up. Welcome to the Fruites Dojo. I trust that you are here to redeem yourself and to acquire skills that are necessary for your goals.

Are you ready, young one? I shall give you my best. But first, let's see if you can challenge my rap The echo fades, and the lights turn on inside the dojo. There is a picture of an onion and a sign that says "Chop Chop" with a knife between the words as an indication that he is revealed to be Chop Chop Master Onion. It's all in the mind. If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find that all the things I'll teach ya is sure to beat ya, nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher now.

Once more now, Kick. Don't get cocky, it's gonna get rocky, we gonna move down to the next, ya jockey, now. Hmm, yeah, I see you're getting better, kick to the limit in order to get her now.

It's gonna get harder now. There is a scene of the kanji pic on the wall next to the words "Chop Chop", while on a corner there is a deer's head hung as a trophy before the camera moves to Parappa and Chop Chop while the latter raps. Come on now, why don't you follow my words, because we're almost done.

I'll make it easy at first. I wanna see if you wanna see what it means to be the man with the master plan. Are you the man now?

That's it for today. He spreads his arms around. You can go on to the next stage now. He waves his arms around as the scene ends. Now, the end of my simple introduction. Camera moves to the two frightened punks as he continues. Put up your fists, you evil crusaders!! The last of the leet-speech balloons fade out as he speaks. Let me knock you out! As he finishes, the two punks suddenly fall down to the floor, and Joe is stunned as the scene fades to black.

Scene then cuts to Sunny. It's a great day today. So what do you guys wanna do? Let's go down to the beach! PJ licking his ice cream cone: Don't we need a car to get anywhere? Yeah, and a license, too. Parappa and PJ suddenly hear something: A car emerges from the cloud dust while Parappa continues. That's the new Super Stretched Limo ! The red-hooded limo drives up in frontal view. The maximum speed is tuned up toHis speech is getting kind of slurred while he tries to count.

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And vinyl panther seats, too! The red limo stops with the brakes on it, and waits for a few seconds before the door opens up, and out steps Joe Chin, up close and personal.

Joe takes out his sunglasses: He slams the limo door shut before continuing. How do you like my new car, guys? PJ looks at the front of the car and is surprised to see it. The color is awesome, too! Not only that, it's a convertible! And it is capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound! Parappa looks around the car wheels while Joe speaks. Would you girls like to go to the beach with me?

Only if all of us can go. Katy shrugs her shoulders. Of course, of course!

The Prince (human)

Come on, girls, sit up front with me. The girls are pretty much amused a bit. You guys can sit in the back. He points to the limo's farthest end in its longest shape, complete with a pool and a rubber duck, with two car seats located near two tailpipes, and Parappa, PJ, and Boxy Boy are far from amused.

Scene cuts to Joe, Katy and Sunny in the front seats. Joe with sunglasses on: The car starts up, and goes into reverse for a few seconds, knocking out the Phat Donut Restaurant manager and damaging the restaurant. The impact has made poor Parappa and PJ dizzy and knocked out, with donuts that had fallen from the restaurant, and PJ eats one of them while still dizzy.

The car soon starts up again, and drives off on the road; meanwhile, the car's methane smoke comes from the tailpipes and pollutes the dizzying Parappa and PJ so much they can't even breathe. The smoke fills up the entire screen, and the scene fades into a dream sequence, with Parappa and Sunny driving a winged car, complete with hearts, in the sky over a lake as a duck flies over them. If I only had a car and a license I could take Sunny anywhere!

Scene fades to Parappa and Sunny smiling together and waving at the flying duck while he thinks of his dream before the scene fades into How can I do that? While PJ is still eating the donuts, Parappa thinks for a bit before he suddenly gets an idea again, complete with a light bulb being turned on as he moves quickly into close-up.

He jumps around in excitement, and the scene fades into The moose officer, Instructor Mooselini, begins to speak in a tough female voice. You wanna learn how to drive, huh? Scene cuts to a close-up of Mooselini before cutting back again. It's harder than you think it is. Scene cuts again to a brief close-up again before cutting back. If you think you can handle it, try this rap!

parappa the rapper stage 6 ending relationship

Scene cuts to one more close-up before cutting to black, and "Instructor Mooselini's Car Rap" begins. As it drives off, the car hood is blown off of it before she starts her rap. Alright, we're here, just sittin' in the car. I want you to show me if you can get far. Step on the gas! Step on the gas?

PaRappa Rappa

Step on the brakes! Step on the brakes?

parappa the rapper stage 6 ending relationship

Now step on the gas! When I say boom boom boom! No pause in between. Come on, let's jam! I'm glad you know which way to go, but it ain't gonna stop me. Check and turn the signals to the right!

Now turn to the right! The car wildly swerves around to the right against a stoplight before continuing on.

parappa the rapper stage 6 ending relationship

Mooselini points in the other one: Check and turn the signals to the left! Now turn to the left! The car wildly swerves around to the left, but its right door opens up while it swerves around before it continues.

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Woh ho ho ho! The car stops as she continues. We got an emergency, can't you see? Do you know why we stopped the car? Do I know why we stopped the car? I forgot to close the door You forgot to close the door While Mooselini and Parappa boogie around for a few seconds, she reaches out to the car's right door and slams it shut.

The car soon moves on again. Now just don't forget, this ain't kung fu, come on again! Step on the gas, now turn to the right! The car turns quickly to the right again. Step on the gas, now turn to the left! The car quickly turns to the left again. Step on the brakes. The car stops again this time. Do you know why we stopped the car again? Do I know why we stopped the car again?

The rap is almost finished while they continue. That's because you just got your license! The rap is finished, and Parappa has a smile on his face as the scene ends. Camera pulls away from close-up to reveal Parappa's father, Papa Parappa, getting stressed over something. Where are you going with my car!!?? There is a sound of Papa Parappa's car starting while he speaks.

You've only had that license ten minutes!! Camera moves to the car driving away with Parappa at the wheel, who doesn't seem to mind at all. All of a sudden they look around and the scene cuts to Papa Parappa's car driving up close before stopping. The car door opens, and out steps a red shoe. The three are surprised to find They are astounded to find that Parappa had indeed driven the car.

parappa the rapper stage 6 ending relationship

Scene cuts to a duck on the hood of the car before moving to Parappa at the steering wheel and driving with the trio in the streets. He moves the wheel, and Sunny gives a smile at him as they ride on to the left and to the right.

As he drives, scene cuts to Katy smiling in the car and then to PJ sleeping on the seat with Boxy Boy. VALLEY -- DAY Scene cuts to the car driving off through the forest and moving onto the hill before jumping upward off the ramp into the sky and coming down intact before driving on the road again.

Scene cuts to Parappa at the wheel once more. You know, this is really a lot of fun! Scene cuts to Katy smiling again before cutting back.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could keep driving and go someplace far far away? As her words echo, Parappa is still driving at the wheel before the scene fades into Sunny looks at him, and as they are about to kiss, scene cuts to them holding both glasses of sparkling cider in their hands and fading into Parappa sitting around looking at Sunny, and then to Sunny looking at him and enjoying a toast to their new friendship.

Scene then cuts to each other's hands about to hold before cutting to a wheel that spins out of control with the beep of a horn distracting them. Scene cuts to Sunny and Parappa about to kiss again, then back to the wheel, then to the kissing scene again, then rapidly alternating between scenes underneath a truck and the kissing attempt for a few seconds while the truck goes out of control before stopping to the front of the truck becoming wild and finally into a "CRASH!

She takes pictures of the orbit of outer space using her camera before the car comes back down to earth again while there is a sound of PJ snoring, complete with comets blazing around the galaxy. The car finally comes down with a crash again before breaking apart into pieces.

I can't believe it! While Sunny looks around, blackness closes in on Parappa in a circle as he feels distressed. My dad's gonna bite me!! As he looks up, he hears his father's voice. Scene moves over to Papa Parappa standing in the darkness and looking sad, with his face turning red, then normal, and then to blue as he speaks. I still have 59 more monthly installments to pay.

What am I gonna tell your mother? I hope you're ready to pay for everything! Scene moves back to Parappa still surrounded by darkness. I'm in trouble now, how am I gonna pay for this car He thinks for a bit before he suddenly gets an idea again, complete with a light bulb being turned on as he moves quickly into close-up.

So you want to sell goods at this flea market, ey? You're a new boy, aren't ya? Scene cuts to a pot with some stuff at the table next to him while he speaks, then moving to the pants and other clothes behind him. If you want to sell goods here, come stand next to me.

Scene fades to more clothes before cutting back to a close-up of him once again. He smiles as the scene fades to black, and "Prince Fleaswallow's Rap" begins.

Camera moves from Parappa to Fleaswallow, who makes a strange frog croak or ribbit, and they dance along to the slow beat before he begins his rap with a song. I'm workin' in the flea market so early. I've been working here since my mama was a baby [Lyric error adds "ever" between "here" and "since"]. Just because the rhythm is slow, that don't mean that you can't flow.

In the rain or in the snow, Parappa: In the rain or in the snow, Fleaswallow: Got the, got the funky flow. While Fleaswallow raps, camera pulls away from him and Parappa to reveal two tie-dye t-shirts hung on the wall. Remember, strike it rich. In PaRappa's story, he is walking down the street and sees his friends, who tell him they're reading a new comic starring Joe Chinwho is portrayed as a hero. He notices his friends adoring Joe, so he decides to become a hero as well. His moves include the training from Chop Chop Master Onionas well as the aid of his boombox and skateboard.

His in-game "rival" is Spike from the Ape Escape series. Parappa returns to see his friends, telling him that Joe Chin disappeared, saying he wasn't invited to a contest that he was hopeful to appear at. Parappa begins to wonder and asks them to come to the dance club, eager to show off his new style. Trivia It has been revealed multiple times that PaRappa doesn't know what the top of his head looks like. In the final episode of the anime series, the others saw what was at the top of his head when the birds took it off and were freaked out by the appearance.

It was covered right until the birds gave him back his hat. Also, in Stage 5 of the sequel to the first gamethe stage's teacher and PaRappa say the following lines if the player fails the stage.

Take that stupid hat off! What does it look like in there!? I-I'm not sure myself In Bad and Awful mode of Stage 6: