Pakistan and afghanistan relationship for css

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pakistan and afghanistan relationship for css

In every age, Afghanistan somehow secures a central role to play in shaping the future of the world. Afghanistan is often termed as a 'Black. Bravado would be counter-productive (CSS Current Affairs) But Pakistan's relations with India and Afghanistan will also worsen because. This paper discusses 1) Islamabad's foreign policy towards Afghanistan and the implications this policy has on Pakistan's domestic politics; 2) the opportunities.

All this is utter nonsense. Not even a single tribe in FATA gave refugee to any militants. People who cooperated with the militants were individuals within tribes. These individuals have longstanding links with the military establishments and their tribes have no control over them.

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For example, Maulana Noor Muhammad from South Waziristan was openly urging the tribes in his Friday sermons to support the militants following their escape in the area. South Waziristan was the first FATA agency where the 'managed chaos' was imposed to construct a fake popular support for the militants.

While most people watched the activities of the militants as unconcerned bystanders, it were the local Waziri Pashtun nationalists and other sensible local tribal people who foresaw the danger in such activities and began to educate people about them.

At this point mysterious targeted killing of such anti-Taliban people began in The first anti-Taliban tribesman who was target killed in was Farooq Wazir, the local leader of the Pashtun nationalist Pashtunkhwa Mili Awami Party, PMAP, who had publicly declared in response to Maulana Noor Muhammad's sermons that no militants will be allowed to enter the city centre of Wana, capital of South Waziristan.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship for css

Between toover political activists, including tribal leaders in South Waziristan were target killed under mysterious circumstances never investigated by the government of Pakistan. The common denominator among them is that they all were anti-Taliban.

Their families hold the ISI responsible for their killing. Mahmud Achakzai, leader of PMAP, repeatedly visited Waziristan to attend the funeral ceremonies of his assassinated party workers. When the 'managed chaos' had to be shifted to the Mehsud area of South Waziristan, the intelligence authorities could not even find a suitable local Mehsud to 'crown' as Taliban commander.

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Thus a non-local Mehsud, Baitullah Mehsud, was chosen for the purpose on the recommendation of Maulana Mirajudin, an establishment linked Mehsud cleric. Although originally from South Waziristan, Baituallah's family had settled in Bannu for a long time. At the time of his arrival in South Waziristan as a Taliban commander, Baitullah could not even speak Pashto in the typical Mehsud dialect.

He used to speak Banuchi - the Bannu Pashto dialect. Later during his stay in Waziristan as a terror leader he learned the Mehsud dialect.

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This is a misleading claim. The Faqir's struggle was basically nationalist despite his religious orientation.


This is the reason that descendents of the Faqir's family have disassociated themselves from the Taliban militancy, implying that Taliban have no ideological connections with the Faqir.

One of them, Mirza Alam had been approached by the military authorities in Wana to give them one of his sons or nephews for leadership of the Waziri Taliban. He refused and later was killed along with six members of his family. These can only be addressed by fundamentally altered Pakistan-Afghanistan relations which will require serious action. Not just Pakistan, Afghanistan too needs to put its house in order.

The Chinese have long felt a wake-up call was overdue for Pakistan.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship for css

The message was clear. China would defend Pakistan against US pressure but not necessarily its policies, especially those impacting its own interests.

China is invested too heavily in Pakistan, particularly through CPEC, not to be worried about the shadow cast by the militant groups on the stability of Pakistan and Afghanistan. China recognises the importance of the US role in stabilising Afghanistan and the need for Pakistan to support that role in its own interest and that of China.

This is one reason China would like Pakistan to retain its linkages with Washington.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship for css

That would make it still harder for Pakistan to bring about any course correction, and for China to hover over Pakistan-India issues to maintain its relationship with India which is important in its own right. The spillover of the failed Afghan war has indeed caused horrendous problems for Pakistan.

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And the US and the Afghans were largely responsible for this failure. But Pakistan ought to admit that it too had contributed to the situation, and not just through Taliban sanctuaries.

In the end, it was chaos waiting to happen once this new Afghanistan war started. Arguably, there would have been no Pakistani Taliban had there been no Afghan Taliban.

pakistan and afghanistan relationship for css

The most serious national challenge for Pakistan now is its internal security and what is happening next door in Afghanistan. Only China and the US, the two countries with the most stakes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, can bring them together.