Optimus prime and megatron relationship questions

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optimus prime and megatron relationship questions

Although it was only hinted at, I enjoyed the fraternal relationship given to Optimus Prime and Megatron in the TFilms (which had never been. Source: By Sham Hardy (Flickr: Optimus Prime) [CC BY-SA The two supreme commanders, Optimus Prime and Megatron, were generally. The Decepticons escaped when Optimus Prime returned in a new body and Their relationship changed completely when Megatron left Starscream in charge .

Oddly, it made its way into one relatively obscure piece of media: In the original Marvel comics, he started out as a politician on Cybertron. He was first a scientist on their homeworld in the original animated series.

Both seem to be rather dull occupations for someone as ferociously dynamic as Starscream.

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The Dreamwave comic series decided to make him, more fittingly, a Cybertronian gladiator before he and the Decepticons came down to Earth, much like IDW did with Megatron. He was able to trick Autobot Grimlock in the arena, but not when it came to real battle.

optimus prime and megatron relationship questions

Joe and Transformers share a lot of similarities. Transformers, of course, had Starscream, while in the G. Joe, the two worked together.

optimus prime and megatron relationship questions

The two baddies, both wanting to overthrow their leaders, decide to unleash a giant robot called Bruticus. The plan ultimately works out for Destro, as Cobra Commander winds up trapped under a pile of rubble thanks to Bruticus and the Baroness kills the helpless leader.

Nor does it work out for Cobra, who are defeated. Joe and Transformers had their well-armed fancy fliers.

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The Joes had their take on the scissor-winged F, the Skystriker, while the Decepticons originally had three military-style jets, known as Seekers. And in the IDW comics, confusingly, Goldbug was never affiliated with Bumblebee, but is the leader of the Throttlebots. It was evocative of his personality, always striving to go above and beyond what everyone perceived to be the limits of his size.

Herbie the Love Bug. But in between those two most well-known alternate modes, Bumblebee has had at least six others.

Optimus and Megatron’s relationship

Alternity Japanese toy line, he was a yellow Suzuki Swift Sport, which at least is still a small, quirky car. The Transformers crossover comic. Prime animated series he can take the form of the fictional Urbana muscle car. Chevrolet had actually stopped producing the Camaro inafter having it in their stable since In the movie, he starts out as a Camaro before modernizing himself.

They later switched to the production version for the sequel Revenge of the Fallen and he was yet another updated model for Dark of the Moon in the SS model.

optimus prime and megatron relationship questions

In Age of Extinctionhe appears both as a model and another new model of the current version. Fox-- but not just regular old Michael J.

Nevertheless, Fox does have a distinctly bowlegged gait, and you can see some of that in Bumblebee, and you can maybe see some Fox mannerisms in his more casual interactions with Sam Witwicky.

In the process, Shockwave kills Bumblebee and sets off a chain of events that leads to retribution against Shockwave. His ship is damaged during a space chase with Starscream, so he lands on Earth where G.

Joe and Cobra are going at each other as per usual. But his fatal mistake was helping G. Joe favorite Snake Eyes, who was trying to take on Starscream.