Obama dad a polygamist and his relationship

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obama dad a polygamist and his relationship

Jacobs believes that if Obama Sr. had played a larger role in his son's life, says , have had to come to terms with their complicated relationships with their father. He came from a traditional culture that tolerated polygamy. President Obama opened up about his personal life in an interview with comedian Marc Maron, in which he called his father a "tragic figure,". President Barack Obama speaks during a campaign stop at the Alliant as well as the imagery of polygamy, African paganism and extreme.

By using George to magnify discord in the Obama family, there's no doubt that D'Souza will stop at nothing while he digs for dirt on his president.

President Obama's Father: A 'Bold And Reckless Life' | WBUR News

His nuanced portrayal of Kenya as a primitive country in his film and writings- through the images of rickety huts and dirt roads, as well as the imagery of polygamy, African paganism and extreme poverty- is nothing new when Western lenses focus on Africa. However, what I find most deplorable in D'Souza's work is the notion that Obama's father's anti-colonialism is something to be condemned. Anyone with basic understanding of African history knows that we are not sitting under our huts fondly reminiscing about the days of colonialism as D'Souza would have us do.

obama dad a polygamist and his relationship

There is nothing to crow about when hundreds of thousands Kenyans were raped and killed in forced labor camps, when families were displaced and disintegrated, and where victims of British torture and brutality live with broken limbs but also with a resilient spirit that justice will one day answer the door.

Colonialism left a reprehensible legacy in Kenya and Barack Obama Sr.

Sasha Obama reminds dad "Behind you!"

If anti-colonialism is the reason behind D'Souza's deep prejudices against President Obama's father, then he has a whole country to reckon with. D'Souza, again misrepresenting Georgeseems to argue that Africa developed more while it was under colonialism. There is an opportunity cost in living under the yoke of foreign servitude for as long as Kenya as well as many other African countries did.

obama dad a polygamist and his relationship

But we are not a lazy, bitter population that blames Western colonialism for our poverty and suffering as D'Souza would like to depict us. Kenya, despite many hurdles of corruption and bad governance since gaining it's independence inhas recently been making piecemeal steps in economic development.

obama dad a polygamist and his relationship

This trend can also be seen in other African countries. As Kenyans, we won't be voting in America's presidential elections. The documents also show that the CIS investigated the elder Obama as a polygamist, having a wife in Kenya and a "wife and child in Honolulu.

obama dad a polygamist and his relationship

The Times article reports that despite Obama Sr. Rice reads deep into the files — including the hard-to-read, hand-written notes — and points out that Immigration and Naturalization Service agents seemed obsessed with Obama Sr.

The whole piece is worth a read: It challenges the assumption that Obama's father gave up on his studies.

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It challenges the assumptions made by the Times article we mention above. And perhaps most importantly, it places what happened to Obama Sr. Here's a short excerpt, but I encourage you to read the whole piece: It's clear that Obama Sr.

Sure, he seems to have behaved like a cad. But ask yourself this: And, it seems clear, not-so-subtly nudging the Harvard authorities to cut off his scholarship?

obama dad a polygamist and his relationship