Nami and luffy relationship problems

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nami and luffy relationship problems

Nami and luffy have a relationship, but when they arrive at an island . ship and they were really close, so robin had no problem telling her and. What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami in One Piece? . time they got to spend with each other but just one movie and the problem was solved and no . Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. .. just like everyone else can be) but because shes in trouble and he cares.

When they finished eating, they just talked about nothing in particular and stared at each other, she didn't seem angry, so luffy was happy because everything was apparently going on right.

There was a beautiful sight of the sunset, whit the town in the background. In the way nami was struggling between apologizing now or waiting for him to show her the rest of the surprise, she really wanted to apologize but she was really curious, so she waited. Once they arrived at the ship, luffy grabbed her hand and lead her to the railing, heading towards the sea, at the time, it was really dark and the calm sea reflected the stars.

Relationship between Luffy and Nami

It was pretty nice and she thought that he wanted to show her this, but then, a loud whistle and an explosion leaded her attention to the sky. It was a firework show, but those were not normal firework because when they exploded, they formed a giant red heart, whit their names in orange inside of it. They took sit to enjoy the show, and While nami was dumbfounded watching the display of lights and sounds, luffy put a small box in her lap.

Chopper found the place in the hill and guided you there, sanji made the food, franky and usopp prepared the fireworks, asking people in the town, I found out that there was a giant group of bandits in the island and they had LOTS of treasures so I went there to beat them and I brought zoro whit me to finish faster, and then robin helped me choose the best one to give it to you, of course, I still brought the rest to the ship. In that moment she couldn't take it anymore and hugged him tightly "I'm sorry luffy" "wait, what?

But you are the one supposed to forgive me" "I love you luffy, but you are to good whit me" she said sobbing on his shoulder. Luffy wasn't sure of what was happening, but he just rubbed her back to calm her down.

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She pushed him in the bed and jumped in top of him, kissing him passionately. The kiss was really breathtaking and when he opened his mouth trying to breathe, she took the chance to introduce her tongue inside of his mouth. Licking everything she could and then started battling whit his tongue, until she left him explore her mouth, he tapped her tongue whit his and when her tongue got out of her mouth, he started sucking and biting it slightly, making her moan. Her hands stroking his strong chest, started unbuttoning his vest, and when she was finished, she kissed his pectorals and his abs.

He rolled and got on top of her, then started to lick and bite her neck "uh…luffy" she moaned. His hands caressed her neck and started going down to her breasts, he massaged them and started pinching her nipples, making her moan louder, he started going down whit his mouth, kissing the way to her mounds and started sucking on one of her nipples while pinching the other one whit his hand, his free hand slowly going down, until it reached her pants and started taking them off.

She wanted to do the same instead of just staying there enjoying. He stretched his fingers inside of her, reaching for her "special" spot and rubbing it continuously, she was on the edge, but she had to resist, It was too soon.

He then removed his fingers from under her panties and kissed his way down to her core, there he slowly removed her underwear to slowly for her and then started licking her lips superficially, from the bottom to her clit, it felt really good, but it was even better when he introduced his tongue and started stretching it deep inside of her.

She was panting hard and her face was flushed and full of sweat. Luffy kissed her core one last time before going up again, positioning the tip of his member at her entrance, but he decided that there was no hurry so he started rubbing all his length against her lips and clit. He grunted from the pleasure while she screamed.

And whit that in mind, he started sucking her breast while fucking her and slowly he moved one of his hands to his mouth, he separated from her breast for one second to lubricate his finger and then returned whit what he was doing, his hand now directly at her entrance, of course, nami was too occupied being fucked hard to notice any of this, so slowly luffy introduced his finger inside "ahhh…lu-luffy, no, not there" but he just ignored her and introduced another finger making her scream, they were both at the edge and she came first.

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He moved his hand from her hips to her clit and started rubbing it, also kissing her back, without stopping the penetration. The noise woke luffy up "oh, hi nami" he said grinning, but then she punched him out of the bed. You wouldn't consider them for that, right? That's what you mean by romantic. May I ask why? I guess she doesn't want to be the Freest Woman in the World. She gave up the opportunity of a life time to marry a man like Luffy. It's for the best. A girl like that wouldn't be fit to be Luffy's wife.

Nami was sitting with Haredas, enjoying the food he gave her. As she ate, she saw something strange on her plate. She rubbed the liquid between her fingers after wiping it off her plate. Are you playing some kind of rain prank on me? I most certainly am not. Did something happen with Luffy? The one I need to return to.

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It's too early for that. Maybe, after I help him achieve his dream In that second, the ring she used to fool Lola flashed in her mind, making Nami smile.

Do you have feelings for her? She said it sounded like fun. I'm really glad she did. I want to be with her as long as possible. But it also healed someone else. Robin was still unconscious from the forced trip Kuma gave her, but a memory helped her stay alive.

She looked around to see that she was in a the middle of a snow covered hole. Young lady, may I ask who you are, and where I am? My name is Soran. This is Tequila Wolf. Anyway, if you don't mind, I would really like to hear more about this Luffy person. After she snuck Robin into her home, she hid the beautiful woman in her room. She made sure to give her a blanket and some food. Do you live on a island?

At least, not anymore. I live on a ship. He saved my life several times, kept my dream alive, and gave me a reason to live. He's always making me laugh, and always giving me a reason to smile, and makes me actually enjoy my life. But, most of all Nami is also capable of great forgiveness, even back when she blamed Luffy for the destruction of Chouchou 's owner's shop, she soon cooled her anger when saw that Luffy had salvaged food for the dog.

Due to her deep compassion and empathy, Nami is willing to help people in dire needs even when there is absolutely no monetary benefits in doing so. As shown in Punk Hazard, Nami is strongly determined to rescue the gigantified children after learning from Chopper that they were abducted and tricked into becoming test subjects in Caesar's experiments, declaring that she will not leave until she has assured their safety.

When she and the Curly Hat Pirates first arrived at Zou, she joined her crewmates in treating the injuries of Wanda and the Mink Tribe after they were brutally devastated by the Beast Pirates. She even cried when she learnt that the Mink Tribe actually endangered their lives in protecting Raizo. During the Punk Hazard ArcNami is shown to have a soft side for children. When she and the others are fleeing through the Biscuits Room, the giant children plead with her to save them.

After which she stops, and declares that she cannot turn her back on crying children asking to be saved. Interestingly enough, Oda has stated that Nami would be a child-care worker if she weren't already a pirate. It is because of her care for children that Nami downright refused to forgive Caesar Clowndespite his efforts in aiding her and her allies at Big Mom's Tea Party.

After he got his heart back, Nami still claimed that he was trash and reminded him of the children he experimented on back at Punk Hazard. Fashion Sense Edit Nami also has an obsession with fashion, as she is never seen wearing the same clothes.

This was not present in the early chapters and started after the Syrup Village Arc. Vanity Edit Nami can be very vain and full of herself at times saying she is "too cute" and becomes melodramatic during the Davy Back Fightsaying that the Foxy Pirates would choose her for sure and became annoyed when Usopp said that would not be the case. Nami can be defensive over her lack of modesty at times, like when Paulie was furious that she changed clothes right in front of everybody, Nami shrugged him off by saying there was only one cart to change in.

nami and luffy relationship problems

Also much later in Punk Hazard, Kin'emon thought that she had been stripped since she was wearing only a bikini, but Nami claimed that it was "fashion" and mused that Kin'emon actually liked it, which he admitted lewdly leading to him getting stomp by an irate Sanji.

She does not seem to have much modesty, as she sometimes wears rather skimpy clothing and allows people to take photos of her wearing very little, such as swimsuits as long as they pay her. She often uses her looks and sex appeal for her own benefit, flirting with men and acting helpless. Nami will even allow men to see her completely naked. However, she chargesto each person who did see her naked, even if it was an accident.

Nami will even take advantage of Sanji's devotion to her.

nami and luffy relationship problems

Despite her flaunting of her body, Nami does legitimately detest being treated as an object by men, expressing disgust when Sarkies tried to buy her and was horrified at Absalom's harassment and stalking in Thriller Bark.

At one point she lashed out the invisible man declaring she didn't keep herself fit for voyers like him and wouldn't stand being treated like a piece of meat.