Museveni and mbabazi relationship problems

Timing: what Mbabazi has said about Museveni

museveni and mbabazi relationship problems

Mbabazi's actions should be a tip off that whatever is taking place in Uganda the same about Mbabazi whose relationship with Museveni we all know? “If there was a serious problem as Besigye claims then may be these. The relationship between the two men grew from strength to strength Museveni lends his support as Mbabazi battles Garuga Musinguzi for the this NSSF land issue is not about Mbabazi but about [destroying] the party. WikiLeaks expose Onek, Museveni, Mbabazi He said the WikiLeaks are aimed at undermining the US role in resolving world problems. What about US- Uganda relations if President Yoweri Museveni was either aware or.

Mbabazi Museveni Fallout Is An Eye Opener – Besigye

My wife explained what has been going on and all these things about me standing for the president. Museveni said he had not heard anything [concrete] but rumours. Others have been standing. I will remain in the movement. People should not be worried. In the movement, everyone who wants to stand is at liberty.

The caucus wrote to me on the sole candidate idea, I forwarded it to CEC.

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CEC said it took note of the idea of the parliamentary caucus. The president did not say he accepted what he was asked.

Recently when I was in a meeting [in Kyankwanzi], I saw young people showing me how to behave towards Museveni. I sat and listened but wondered. I have worked with Museveni for over 40 years; there is no problem [between us]. But in those years we have not had the same ideas; imagine two people with the same ideas all the time, there must be a problem.

Our way of working is unique.

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We agree to disagree. We discuss and agree. My relationship or workings are not known to people.

museveni and mbabazi relationship problems

He [Museveni] did not write about this in his book but I will write my own book explaining where we have come from with President Yoweri Museveni. In the SG election inI got a landslide victory. Ugandans put trust in me because the five people who stood against me did not get even half of my votes.

museveni and mbabazi relationship problems

We agreed on how to handle this. We agreed that we get someone in charge of mobilisation [Richard Todwong] to help me. But that Todwong replaced me is a lie. To the contrary, I am the one who suggested his name to President Museveni and we agreed.

museveni and mbabazi relationship problems

In the interview, Mbabazi discussed the politics of succession in Uganda, among other issues. When asked about his relationship with President Museveni and the first family, Mbabazi said: Asked if he would offer himself for president inhe said: That is not how we have behaved in the past…at a leadership level.

museveni and mbabazi relationship problems

I have said that if President Museveni is a candidate inthen of course I will not stand against him. As a disciplined cadre, naturally I will not stand against him. One — the resolution is requesting President Museveni to offer himself and this line that President Museveni has become a candidate by that resolution is obviously off the mark.

Because the president has not responded…. He said that [cliques] were not good for the cohesion of NRM, and he said if that resolution would settle internal matters within the party on cohesion, he would welcome it. The second reason — essentially the caucus was expressing an opinion and any member of the party is free to express an opinion, including myself.

Therefore, looking at what happened in that context, it was not harmful to express my opinion. And my opinion was that I support President Museveni, and if that resolution was to support President Museveni, I wanted to be clear that I do support President Museveni of course.

The change Uganda must have requires someone with the requisite ideas, energy and drive; and the experience I have acquired has given me the wherewithal needed to successfully steer this change. In light of this, I will be seeking to run for party chairman of the NRM and as the flag-bearer for the National Resistance Movement for president of Uganda in the general election. I remain loyal to my party the National Resistance Movement. From Kyankwanzi, Mbabazi reportedly went back to Museveni and asked again whether the president had changed his mind about Mindful of that broken promise, Mbabazi is said to have rejected the deal Museveni offered him during the Twin towers meeting.

To prove his commitment, Museveni suggested that the agreement be put on paper for the two to sign.

Museveni, Mbabazi meet again with Mbabazi more powerful this time – Nile Post

That is when Mbabazi reportedly set conditions. He demanded that Museveni revokes the appointment of the new NRM secretariat and allows him to complete his term as secretary general in September One such change made the position of secretary general appointive, and not elective.

At that point, Museveni excused himself from the meeting to attend to other engagements, leaving Rugunda to conclude the dialogue.

Though no agreement was reached, our sources have indicated that another meeting has been scheduled. Mbabazi in-law in secret meet with Museveni; The Observer, March Before he went to meet Museveni, Mbabazi is understood to have first consulted his associates both within NRM and the opposition. He is also said to have briefed the same group thereafter. Rugunda is said to have suggested that Museveni disowns the sole candidate resolution so as to allow Mbabazi to compete in the NRM primaries, a suggestion the former secretary general accepted but with some conditions.

Mbabazi warned that the primaries would have to be free and fair.