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Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's marriage is most certainly a marriage of unequal minds. Though the narrator does not focus on Mrs. Bennet's perspective, the reader is. Everything you ever wanted to know about Mr. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice Let's flash back to what Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's whole romance must have been like. unpleasant situations—namely, his marriage—but he always has some pithy. The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet is one that Austen illustrates as the typical husband-wife relationship of our time period.

Jane Austen often uses marriage as a way for us to see the morals of different characters and to comment on what society valued during the Regency period. This is first evident as we can see the importance of marriage, its influence over the characters and events of the novel in the ironic opening sentence: Here Austen highlights that marriage is a central theme in the novel and how life for everyone will be structured around finding a mate.

Their marriage has resulted in an unsatisfactory relationship between them and through this we can see their very different personalities which have been reflected in their children. Marriage to Mrs Bennet is a financial transaction.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet

His view on marriage, however, is perhaps too relaxed and does not willingly go to Mr Bingley to introduce himself. Mr Bennet repeatedly has clearly lost interest and lacks love for his wife and spends the majority of the novel seemingly trying to warn his favourite daughter Lizzy of his mistake. Perhaps most importantly, Austen uses Elizabeth Bennet to show the contrast between marriage for love and marriage of the era.

Many girls may have felt similarly to Elizabeth Bennet but in the serial climate of the time of Pride and Prejudice, if a good marriage was offered she would accept. This idea of marriage for security is most evident in the character of Charlotte Lucas. Bennet, does what he thinks is best for the family and is tries to please his persistent wife. An example of this is early of the novel when Mrs.

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Bennet begs with the rest of her daughters to have Mr. Bennet meet with Mr. Bennet gets some fun out of playing dumb and pretends to have no intentions of going to see him. Without his family knowing, he does in fact meet with Mr. Bingley and when the conversion turns towards being acquainted with him, Mr.

Bennet and her daughters are overjoyed. Austen seems to create this ironic situation where Mrs. Bennet to find some joy in teasing and poking fun at his wife but does what all husbands eventually do, this being do whatever pleases their spouse.

Later in the novel though, there is an instant where Mr. In this instant, Austen uses the tone of the characters to convey the important of the disagreement. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, Mrs.

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Bennet is infuriated because she sees the marriage and adventurous and tries to force Elizabeth into the marriage to have the family keep their house in the future. She uses am authoritarian tone to tell Elizabeth that if she does not marry Mr. Collins she will never see her again, and she asks Mr. Bennet to order Elizabeth to marry him.

Austen then gives Mr. He states strongly that he does not want her to marry Mr.