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The Ace: Miyuki and Tatsuya to damn near everyone who isn't already an The result is a giant clusterfuck of arms-racing, Arranged Marriages, and aristocratic. Charismas came in early this year Now if you pardon me, I have an archive to populate Tatsuya and Miyuki. Disclaimer: I don't Mahouka. from The source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes · Shiba tatsuya the irregular at magic high school tatsuya and miyuki manga I Love Anime, Japanese Video Shiba Tatsuya/Relationships - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wiki - Wikia.

And that alone cause Miyuki to be mesmerize by her brother's eyes. Premonition An eleven year old Miyuki cannot help but have a premonition as she set foot in an airplane that would take them to Yotsuba Villa located in Okinawa. She didn't know why but she felt that this trip would change her life and perspective. Guardian For the Yotsuba clan, being a guardian is a way of life.

A Yotsuba Guardian gets monetary compensation, food, and water only to ensure that the Guardian can properly perform his or her duties. A Guardian has no life and is merely a possession of the master, using him or her as the master saw fit. Miyuki tries to convince herself to accept this concept so that she won't be excluded from the family, from the clan, since that is what a Yotsuba is for her, her family.

She then looked at her brother and wondered why he was merely a Guardian. He was never treated as the son of the clan head's older sister, no; he was treated as a mere servant and he played the part perfectly, which baffled Miyuki to no end.

She knew that her brother was strong; he had proven that over and over by protecting her from the many kidnappers and assassins that would have succeeded in taking her without his intervention.

He had proven his strength again when he nonchalantly dispatch a marine with just a mere punch, not even using magic. So why, why did he settle to be a mere guardian? Jealousy Miyuki never hated her brother, with that said, she also never like him. She does not how to interact with him, with most of his interaction with him ending into a very awkward mood.

Yet, as she watched her cousins interact with him in a friendly matter, with him reciprocating their friendliness, she could not help but freeze the glass in her hands until it was brittle enough that the air itself was the one who shattered it into million pieces. For some reason, she did not like others being friendly with him.

After all, why should they experience something that even she has of yet experience for herself? Understand Miyuki never understood her brother, something that dawn to her when she first saw him use magic outside of his signature magic, Gram Demolition. Before her very eyes, she witness her brother reading, altering, and destroying the information of an object, something that is considered to be magic of highest difficulty.

Altering reality is one thing, completely destroying it is another. She always thought that he was excluded from the family because of his lack of ability to perform modern magic but after what she saw, it was clear to Miyuki that her brother was a capable magician.

And she pondered on this thought; she questioned herself whether she ever understood her brother. Happy For the first time since Miyuki knew Tatsuya, the first time she had ever seen him remotely happy was when they entered a CAD military facility.

Miyuki could not help but look at her brother's eyes as he meticulously looked at the variety of CADs around him with child like wonder. The look in his eyes made her wonder if she truly knew her brother. Does he love her…. Or does he hate her…. Those thoughts invaded her mind as she faded into the background.

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Tears 'Why am I crying? She did not understand why she was crying or why tears were falling from her eyes. The way her brother spoke her name felt so empty, and that hurt her in ways that she could not comprehend. Yet, as the bullet of a gun pierce my heart, the wound felt hot I could clearly feel my life flowing out of me with my blood. I will die, there was no point denying that. I heard people say that when a person dies, he or she will experience various regrets.

Surprisingly, there were no regrets. The only person who came up was my brother…No, we never acted like siblings yet I would like to think that he was still my brother.

If I didn't exist, you could have had a life better than the life that you had. If I weren't here, you could live much more freely. I'm so sorry brother.

I thought my brain made up my brother's voice because of my final moments. Never in my life have I heard my brother so passionately call out my name. He has no need to call my name. I tried my best to open my eyes. I saw an overcast sky, the rebels gone, like they weren't even there, and my brother's left hand outstretched towards me. And then, something overwhelming was release by his right hand. Whatever that 'thing' was, it covered my entire body, my decaying body.

It overwhelmed my defense and magic with ease and it felt so good. As this 'thing' encapsulated my body, I felt like my brother's heart and soul was embracing. This feeling is incomprehensible, indescribable, and it felt so good. I watched as the blood that left my body disappear, the wound cause by the bullet disappearing, not even leaving any mark.

At this point, I knew that my brother recreated me. From my brother's will, from my brother's power, he defeated death. If this could be called magic, it's too powerful, too skillful, too daring…No, this is what "magic" is, bending the world with your will, which is the definition of true "magic". It's abilities like this that are worthy of the name "magic. Contrary to what I thought, you're quite mischievous, God of Death. To such a hallucination, I involuntarily laughed.

There was no taste of blood in my throat. Nothing at all, like I wasn't wounded at all. Please tell me your alright! It was the first time I've seen him express his emotions so openly. Not a single break or catch. For me, you can tremble. You can become more flustered. You can become human with me. My brother was holding me tightly, firmly, embracing me closely. This felt so right, inside of the arms of my "Onii-sama" is where I belong.

I felt like being a little impertinent. He's an artificial magician and considered a top-secret asset of the military- equal to a strategic weapon like an ICBM.

With his fellow engineer Ushiyama, although both are exceptionally knowledgeable. Tatsuya creates innovative prototypes far ahead of anything on the market, Ushiyama actually tests these prototypes and gets them mass-produced for the public.

Since Tatsuya from his earliest childhood was forced to engage in constant self-education and improve his analytical abilities, by the age of 15 he is a teenager with brilliant intelligence and such a speed of thought that he is able to instantly calculate any sequences in foreign spells. Moreover, he is so smart, that even his own father-scientist envies and hates him.

He can technically dance well, but there's no emotion or spontaneity in it. The young child Kokoa merely looks at his stern face and tries to hide.

Due to the mystery surrounding his magics, people tend to be afraid when he uses them and he is fully aware of it. After they get engaged, he deliberately flirts with Miyuki because he finds her flustered-ness cute. For the student council. For example, he's the one who enacts their plan to coerce Azusa into becoming the next president.

And just now, she looked as if she would burst into tears. If he drove her into a corner, she really might break down crying. However, if he was going to give up just like that, he would never have undertaken persuading her in the first place. His Decomposition magic at full-contact. Partly due to not being able to really display emotions any longer.

He was a Child Soldierafter all. At the age of six, he was already seeking allies. When the group were discussing which roles they'd play in an RPG, they pegged him as this.

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Well, most of them did. The others considered him a hermit sifu. Trained since his childhood to be Miyuki's guardian, his mother even removed all his emotions save for his love for his sister so he'll do his best to protect her at any cost.

The novels reveal that this was done in order to prevent him from possibly going berserk and destroying the planet with Material Burst. There was a sizable faction that thought he should be killed outright just to be safe. People looked down on him because he is a Course 2 student. He is also on the other end of this trope; he doubts Azusa's capability because she's so excitable.

Mayumi assures him otherwise. He will unrepentantly let thousands die just because Miyuki ordered him to rest. This is also why he accepts Miyuki's feelings towards him, despite not approving of incest.

Many people think Mahesvara doesn't exist. In his case, it's an Unnoticed Harem. Aside from Miyuki and Honoka, Tatsuya gets borderline romantic moments with Mayumi, Erika, Lina and Pixie; all of whom have expressed interest in him on different points of the series. Unwitting Instigator of Doom: The "Scorched Halloween" event that he caused made the Japanese navy very concerned- especially since they didn't know the perpetrator was technically on their side- so they did some very illegal things in order to 'protect' their country.

This forms the plot of the movie. Most of their interactions are verbal sparring. He is this when he is not using his innate magics. Sometimes wonders what is romantic love since he can't feel it. Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Miyuki is literally his sense of life and at the same time, its guarantee. If something happens to her, he will destroy the world. He is not this trope, but appears to be it because he finds doing a lot of engineering work more comfortable than the small amount of social work refusing it would require.

Since he must hide most of his abilities, he can't fight at full power. Granted, a few of his abilities are also not readily available to him. An example would be his Decomposition magic "Material Burst" which requires the "Third Eye" CAD in possession of the military as well as Miyuki removing her suppression effect on his power.

The thing about "Material Burst" is that he can use it Reminiscence Chapterbut he was also in range of the enemy's attack ships that could launch rockets at 20km. Wise Beyond Their Years: Many people think Tatsuya is too mature to be a teenager. You Are What You Hate: His similarity to the government's crazed drone-magicians only makes him more convinced they should be eliminated.

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Tatsuya constantly spoils Miyuki, going along with her whims as much as possible and is willing to spend a bulk of his finances just to make his sister happy. Their interactions can be called easy-going and comfortable for Tatsuya since he can constantly show his hidden witty and mischievous side towards his dear little sister, albeit only when they are alone.

Tatsuya is rather extreme and aggressive when it comes to protecting Miyuki. Tatsuya is willing to kill anyone who dares to cause Miyuki harm and he is willing to get into trouble just to protect her. Tatsuya would destroy anything that would cause Miyuki harm indiscriminately, immediate or otherwise. To be precise, the only fuel to his wrath would be anything that threatens her.

Still, Tatsuya acknowledges Miyuki's prowess and skill in magic and is willing to bring her along to the battlefield if she chooses so. Tatsuya has been rendered speechless by Miyuki's beauty and he constantly comments and compliments the beauty of his sister, much to Miyuki's delight and embarrassment.

Even after living with her for years, he still caught off his guard against Miyuki's beauty and often mesmerized by her. He is the only person who can calm Miyuki down when she is distressed. Tatsuya is ruthless when Miyuki is threatened. When Miyuki was on the verge of death during the Okinawa Invasion he went on a ruthless rampage soon afterwards to avenge her, murdering many and also leading to his first time using Material Burst.

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Click here to reveal them. After the announcement, once they were alone, Miyuki finally exposed her heart to Tatsuya and cofessed her love. Tatsuya was initially surprised. When Miyuki said the words "I love you", they resonated profoundly within him, causing an unknown sensation in response. Tatsuya quickly assured Miyuki that he would not push her away and that he did not consider her as someone abnormal or disgusting.

He accepted her feelings and assured her that he will stay by her side till death. Tatsuya then told Miyuki that, currently, he only sees her as his little sister, but would try his best to love her as a woman, much to Miyuki's satisfaction.

He still does not yet have romantic feelings for her. Even if he had decided about how to respond to Miyuki's love, his heart hasn't reached that place yet.

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When Tatsuya came back after sharing the umbrella with Mayumi, Miyuki smells woman fragrance on Tatsuya's suit, she was extremely jealous, but she didn't show it because she feared that Tatsuya would hate her and cancel the engagement. After school, Tatsuya visited her class, Miyuki greeted him excitedly thinking he came to see her, Tatsuya tells her that he is only there to talk to Masaki, Miyuki feels disappointed as nothing has changed in regards to their relationship.

On Valentine day, Tatsuya received a lot of chocolate. After he returned home, Miyuki has recently baked a chocolate cake for him. Miyuki questioned him about the bag she has seen Tatsuya carrying.