Mikoto and anna relationship memes

mikoto and anna relationship memes

A story of how the Red Clan copes with Anna's growing up (or how Anna copes Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Humor - K. Anna, S. Mikoto .. relationship between Anna and Mikoto during Anna's early teenage years. #Mikoto #Anna. Mikoto suoh and anna kushina i miss my red king ╥﹏╥ Best character relationship in any show. K Project Anime, Project Red, Suoh Mikoto, Return Of Kings, Hakkenden, Anime Qoutes, Anime Meme, All Anime. This Pin was discovered by Mallika.. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Mikoto looked up at him sharply.

mikoto and anna relationship memes

He rubbed his hands over his face in frustration. For a moment he wished he could see Totsuka to smack him on the back of his head for dying. These were things they could have counted on him for. He had been Anna's caretaker after all: He practically devoted his life to Anna.

A wave of sadness washed over Mikoto then, as he recalled what it was like having Totsuka around. He was still missed. It was only six months after his death, and the sadness of it would linger for many years to come.

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Mikoto sighed, pushing thoughts of their comrade to the back of his mind. Anna's welfare was of utmost importance. I think Yata once said he was like a mother. That that," Mikoto growled.

Period, sex or both? He hadn't raised his voice in a while, but he was so tense with the situation and how uncomfortable it was that he found himself doing so. A strange one, but a plan indeed. Who's gonna do it? I'm King and you will obey me! No way in hell am I gonna do that! They both suddenly remembered that they had to do this for Anna.

She had lost her parents at a young age. Then, two years ago, her aunt who had cared for her, had had a child of her own and seemed to stop caring for her, leaving Anna to become completely reliant on the members of Homra as a source of support and family unit. To ask the aunt for help in such a situation could damage Anna's tender feelings.

Then, only a few months ago, Totsuka, the one who cared for Anna so much, who she confided in, died. They needed to do this for her. She was their little princess. Her innocence in itself offered some light in the darkened individual lives of the members of the Red Clan.

The two men released each other. She might hold my words better as truth, in the event that she does become tempted to 'experiment,'" Mikoto spat out the last word, because the idea of Anna 'experimenting' with anyone was distasteful and disturbing to him. So, Mikoto Suoh, twenty four years old, the powerful King of the Red Clan, was going to be a counsellor to an eleven year old child in terms of advising her about sex. Oh this was disturbing. Disturbing indeed, Izumo thought.

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The idea of Munakata and Seri coming to convince Mikoto to send Anna to school reminded the bartender of a childhood story. Alm Uncle was talking care of his granddaughter who was orphaned at a young age.

He lived high up on the mountains, away from civilization, and when the time came for her to go to school, he was reluctant to do so.

Villagers who knew of Heidi-the granddaughter, travelled up the mountain to demand that he send her to school. The man then started to apologize, saying he wasn't used to being filmed. Anna smiled happily at the clip and says "I've found Tatara", while Kusanagi pats her on the head.

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Anna listening to Totsuka sing. Sometime during the month of September, Anna was drinking from a small glass provided by Kusanagi. She blew a bubble in her drink after he made a joke about Totsuka. Anna denied that she was laughing. Once she finished her drink, she went up to Totsuka and asked if he was going to sing his song. Flattered that Anna would ask, Totsuka began to play a song with the whole Clan as his audience. When Mikoto asks what was wrong, Anna answered it was not a good time to go downstairs right now, and seemed rather happy as she passed the King.

On December 7th around night, Anna goes to Mikoto's room and quietly wishes him a good night and he notes how she is in a good mood. Smiling cheerfully, Anna answered that she wondered, and said tomorrow was rare, because she would get to be with everybody and goes to sleep in her room, leaving Mikoto smiling.

That same night, one of Anna's marbles suddenly shatters and she sits up in shock, noticing what happened and quietly said Totsuka's name with worry. Anna goes to see Mikoto and he grimly tells her that Totsuka had died while his Aura began to flame up as his face remained without expression. She ran towards Mikoto and hugged him, wearing a sad expression and calling out Mikoto's name. He sits quietly while the clock ticks A year and a half later, Anna joined her Clansmen as they watch old footage recorded by Totsuka.

Once they were all done watching the videos, most of the male members left to carry out a mission. Anna is left alone with Mikoto and Kusanagi, though she distanced herself from either by staying next to Totsuka's camera. She eventually found a tape titled Basashi Commotion and showed it to Kusanagi. Anna accompanies her group, HOMRAon their "interrogation" of one of the city's gang leaders, who happens to reside in a hotel suite.

She is paired up with Mikoto, holding on to his coat as they walk towards the hotel. She looks through one of her marbles at one point, presumably to see all of the colors instead of only red. They arrive at the hotel suite not long after the others finish the preparations; afterwards, Anna begins to do her mind-reading on the gang leader, using her red marble as a sort of "link".

However, she is unable to find any sort of valued information from the man, disappointing the others; with that, they leave. The group head to the building's lobby, where they are confronted by Scepter 4quickly initiating in battle with them.

Anna is the only one who does not participate. This is the same for their next pursuit of a male teenagerwho closely resembles the man who murdered Totsuka. Atop one of their vans, Anna uses a map and four of her marbles to locate Yashiro Isanaallowing Kusanagi to send a call out to the others in their group to go look in the specified area.

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She is quiet when Yata and Kamamoto start fighting, as well as when Kusanagi explains to them why Mikoto turned himself in. Anna does comment that Kusanagi was lying when he said that he trusted Yata. She pinpoints him at Ashinaka High School. Several days later, while playing with her marbles, one of them suddenly floats in the air and emits a fiery glow from the inside. As she stares at it, Anna whispers Mikoto's name.

She joins her Clansmen when they head over to the Scepter 4 headquarters to check up on Mikoto. It is there that they discover that he has recently broken out of his prison cell. Upon seeing Mikoto, Anna runs over to him and quickly grasps onto his hand. She then walks together with him as the Clan itself makes way to their new destination: While she is walking, Anna pulls out a marble and it begins floating in the sky, though it shatters after emitting another glow.

The shards end up cutting her hand causing blood to drip.

mikoto and anna relationship memes

Her blood forms a sphere-like object and Anna suddenly sees Mikoto in a desolate, ruined city. Surprised, she asks whether he still intends to go but does not receive an answer. A silenced Anna continues onward as her blood ball splatters on the ground behind her. Anna, along with the rest of her Clan, eventually arrives at Ashinaka High School where they succeed in taking it over through force.

When he was gone, traces of cigarette smoke and burnt wood and cinnamon would be on her clothes, on her breath, and in her hair. She imagined the little thrill that ran up her spine when his heat washed over her was just relief; her body's reaction to the cold being banished. The affection that settled in her heart the longer she looked upon him was that of friendship. Anna thought his red was the prettiest because he was her King — that was all.

The first time he'd brushed his knuckles across her cheek, she had smiled at the familiar warmth that rushed to her core. It was only the look in his amber eyes that made her think twice about what it really meant. Mikoto's eyes always bore a certain heat. Whether it was anger, irritation, even contentment, every Red Clansmen was familiar with Mikoto's hard stares. This time he stared down at her and his eyes held a raw burning that made her feel she was standing at the center of an inferno.

He leaned fowards a mere fraction of an inch. A shallow, musky breath wafted across her lips, and her knees locked. She might have fallen if his grip on her arm hadn't been firm. He'd eased her into a chair, breaking his gaze to stare with deadly intent at the wall behind her head.

The lines under his eyes had seemed so much more pronounced… And then he had left, sweeping out the door not to return until late into the night. The throbbing between her thighs reminded her it had happened, and it was not just because Mikoto was warm. For reasons she could not understand, she had cried that night. They did not speak often, actually, but did not necessarily need to. Yata and Izumo began to cast sidelong looks at them when she laced her fingers through his.

She was confused too.