Mike markkula and steve jobs relationship with daughter

Steve Jobs, The Movie: 11 Things That Aren’t True About The Apple Cofo

mike markkula and steve jobs relationship with daughter

Not everything in Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle's biopic about Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is true to life. Mike markkula and steve jobs relationship with lisa . company went public December 12, Steve Jobs right with his daughter Lisa in the early s. Armas Clifford "Mike" Markkula Jr is an American businessman and investor. He was an angel investor and second CEO of Apple Computer, Inc., providing early .

The movie was flat A movie with all that would be fascinating. It would also be four hours long.

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Here are five things the movie gets right, and wrong. Kutcher makes a convincing Steve Jobs If you know as Kutcher only as the handsome dimwit from "That '70s Show" or lightweight movies like "Valentine's Day," you may be pleasantly surprised. Thanks in part to some subtle hair and makeup effects, he looks a lot like the Apple co-founder in many scenes.

Kutcher nails Jobs' speech patterns, distinctive gait, hunched posture and manner of pacing, hands clasped, when speaking to a group.

mike markkula and steve jobs relationship with daughter

Kutcher, in full '70s mode, as Steve Jobs. Ashton Kutcher on his movie transformation He projects the intelligence in Jobs' eyes and his impatience with people he felt were wasting his time. And he effectively captures both sides of the notoriously mercurial Jobs, who could be charismatic one moment and cruel the next.

The movie does not have Kutcher portray the skeletal, cancer-stricken Jobs of the late s, however. That would have been asking a lot. Apple was founded over The movie has some fun with the now-legendary story of how Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched Apple from the garage of Jobs' parents' house in Los Altos, California. Several real-life characters -- electrical engineer Rod Holt and early investor Mike Markkula -- show up at the house for the first time and gaze dubiously at Jobs' workspace and his motley crew of assistants.

The scene where Jobs and Markkula negotiate Apple's first infusion of venture capital takes place in Jobs' parents' dining room, with his mother serving the confused Markkula bread and a plate of fruit. It's not clear whether such a scene actually took place. Actor Ashton Kutcher left recreates a familiar photo of the real Steve Jobs right posing on a desk at Apple headquarters.

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Why did Steve drop out of Reed College? There are a few reasons he attributes to his decision. For one, he disagreed with the strict course guidelines given. He wanted to only take classes that were of interest to him. Secondly, he had no idea what direction he wanted to take in life, and he felt like he was wasting his parents' hard-earned money on nothing. Ultimately, he decided to drop out and "trust that it would all work out okay". Was Jack Dudman James Woods' character really okay with him auditing classes after dropping out?

In researching the Jobs true story, we learned that Jack Dudman, the dean of students at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, permitted Steve Jobs to audit classes and stay in dorms after dropping out six months into his education. Jack was impressed, "He had a very inquiring mind that was enormously attractive. He refused to accept automatically received truths and he wanted to examine everything himself.

Was Steve Jobs a fruitarian? Yes, at one point he was. He always followed strict diets, which varied at different times in his life. He went through phases of being a fruitarian, a vegan, a vegetarian and he often dabbled in fasting. He believed his diets would prevent body odor so he rarely showered.

His assumption was incorrect and was a problem for various companies he worked for, including Atari and Apple. Was he forced to work at night for Atari due to complaints from co-workers about hygiene and attitude? After landing the job by simply walking into Atari and refusing to leave until he was hired, a number of complaints came in from his colleagues. In an effort to appease everyone, his boss, Nolan Bushnell, allowed him to work at night instead.

In Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, Inc. That game became known as Breakout. Unlike what is shown in the Jobs movie, Bushnell counted on the fact that Steve Jobs would recruit Steve Wozniak to help him design the game, knowing full well that Wozniak was the better engineer.

Woz left and Jobs working on the Apple II circa It depends on who you ask. According to Walter Isaacson's book Steve Jobs, the game had a base pay plus a bonus based on the number of chips saved.

The claim is that Stephen Wozniak was only paid half of the base and wasn't even aware of the bonus that was awarded because of his ability to save five chips. Jobs says, "I gave him half the money I ever got. That's how I've always been with Woz.

mike markkula and steve jobs relationship with daughter

I said yes, there was a bonus for each chip they saved and he just shook his head Did Steve Wozniak really create the first display connected computer? According to the real Steve Wozniak, "Sunday, June 29, was pivotal.

It was the first time in history anyone had typed a character on a keyboard and seen it show up on their own computer's screen right in front of them. According to his book iWoz, he created the line where callers dialed in for a joke and an answering machine would give them a Polish joke for the day. Occasionally, he would answer the phone himself which happens to be how he met his first wife, Alice Robertson. This venture lasted a few years but caused headaches for a number of people who had similar numbers that were accidentally being dialed.

He changed it several times to more foolproof phone numbers but it never helped.

mike markkula and steve jobs relationship with daughter

Eventually, he shut it down due to costs. Was one of the possible names for the company really Enterprise Computers? A fully assembled Apple I computer with wooden casing Smithsonian. Neither Woz nor Jobs have said that any Star Trek themed names, including Enterprise and Phaser Beam Computers mentioned in the movie, were discussed as options for the company.

However, the true story behind the movie Jobs reveals that basic names such as Matrix and Personal Computers Inc. In the end, they decided to temporarily name it Apple, agreeing that if they couldn't come up with anything better prior to filing the necessary paperwork, it would stick.

What the Steve Jobs movie got right, and wrong

Why is Apple Computers named Apple? The name Apple came from Steve Jobs and was picked for a variety of reasons. Although it was not depicted in the movie, the true story shows that the fruitarian Jobs often frequented a acre apple farm turned commune called the All One Farm outside of Portland. Daniel Kottke accompanied him on his visits.

He had just returned from one such trip when he and Woz were deciding on a company name. He viewed Apple as simple, fun and not intimidating, which was the opposite of how people currently viewed computers. Like in the Jobs movie, it was also noted that it would come before Atari in the phonebook, an added bonus. Wozniak did remark about issues with The Beatles' Apple Records name, but perhaps it was for the better since they both were fans.

Was Apple Computer started in the Jobs family's garage? Steve Jobs in his family's garage the "Apple Garage" in They also commandeered the kitchen table and his sister's vacated bedroom. They recruited whoever was available to help, including Daniel Kottke, his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes, and Job's pregnant sister Patty others shown in the movie, including technician Rod Holt, didn't come on board until they began work on the Apple II.

Steve's father, Paul Jobs, halted his side venture of repairing old cars and gave them the whole garage. He added a long workbench, built a new plasterboard wall on which he hung a schematic of the computer, set up rows of labeled drawers, and built them a burn box so they could test the computer boards by running them at high temperatures.

Mike Markkula

Was Steve Jobs's real childhood home featured in the movie? Scenes featuring the exterior of the family home were shot at Steve Jobs's former childhood home in Los Altos. Did the owner of the Byte Shop really expect a more complete product? Byte Shop owner Paul Terrell had been expecting a more complete product, not just boards. They included no power supply, case, monitor or keyboard. Like in the movie, Jobs convinced him to accept the order and pay. What was Rod Holt's initial role at Apple?

Rod was brought in to design a new power supply for the Apple II computer so that it would not overheat, eliminating the need for an internal fan.

mike markkula and steve jobs relationship with daughter

He is responsible for creating the revolutionary switching power supply, which is significantly lighter due to the fact that it did not require a transformer. Although he could have been awarded founders' stock, Jobs and the board decided not to allow it. He said that since Kottke was not high enough in the company and not salaried that he did not meet the criteria to receive options. He was not the only worker to get shortchanged in the deal.