Mike and frank american pickers relationship

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mike and frank american pickers relationship

Danielle Colby (born December 3, ) is an American reality television personality who co-stars on the History reality television show American Pickers. By , she was married with two children. Colby had been a close friend of Mike Wolfe for a decade before the concept of the show had even been developed. American Pickers is a reality television show that has been airing on the History and collectors named Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe around the country to “pick” items for resale. On September 8, , Mike married his wife, Jodi Faeth. American Peaker's star Mike Wolfe has an unbelievable amount of net worth. Check it out. Also American Picker's Mike Wolfe is married to wife Jodi Faeth. Mike Wolfe is He works on the show along with his friend Frank Fritz. He is also a.

When Mike started making money, he gave up his apartment in LeClaire, Iowa and bought his dream house. It is located on 32 acres of woodland and the home is 5, square feet. He has enough room in his home for his collection of over 40 motorcycles. The home also has a castle-like turret and a working telephone booth inside. Mike has used his fame and his knowledge of picking to help reach out to younger pickers.

mike and frank american pickers relationship

Over the last few years, he has written a book to teach young pickers and he was working on a television show for kids that has yet to be picked up. Danielle Colby-Cushman If you have ever watched the show, you know Danielle as the woman who calls the guys while they are on the road to give the addresses of the leads that she managed to dig up.

Danielle met Mike over 13 years ago when he was running his store, Antique Archeology. She was designing clothes back then, and Mike would bring him t-shirts with his company name and logo and she would do fun things with them. She says that she heard Mike mention his name over the years that they had known each other, however, she only met Frank about six years ago. Although she is working with Mike and Frank now, she still sells her own clothes on etsy.

mike and frank american pickers relationship

When it comes to her work hours when they show is not filming, she has it pretty good. She follows up on leads and does most of her morning work at home. She says that since the show started, the store has become a tourist attraction.

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If she tries to go into work before the store opens, would never get anything done. The actual hours that she is at the store is 11 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday. While she loves being in the store and chasing down leads, she says that would love it if she could be out on the road with Mike and Frank.

Bruce is an avid collector of historic farming tools, so he reached out to Frank Fritz to try to purchase the polarimeter. He even got a confirmation text from Fritz. After that, he never heard back from anyone associated with the show, and never got his polarimeter. Luckily, Fritz never cashed the check either, but the text conversation was enough for Bruce to sue and win.

In fact, she kept it up during filming of the show as well. What's more, Danielle owned her own boutique called 4 Miles 2 Memphis. She doesn't view burlesque dancing as anything but an art form, and puts her money where her mouth is.

Danielle also uses the resources of the show to "pick" in her free time. She has her sights set on vintage costumes for burlesque dancing, instead of the traditional picks of the rest of the team. Their suspicions have been augmented by multiple posts claiming firsthand experience with the show.

If these allegations are true, it's understandable why they plant items. If they didn't, the show would waste weeks or even months filming episodes that don't feature any valuable items.

mike and frank american pickers relationship

It stands to reason that the "diamond in the rough" nature of the show is a bit of a farce. He's not just your average hobo, though. In the end, we think that he went for the best name possible.

mike and frank american pickers relationship

It kind of rolls off the tongue perfectly. However, it is much deeper than that. A lot of my body is a memoriam of sorts. I just want to make sure to carry these people and moments with me the rest of my life. All of them are about my loved ones. Believe it or not, not everybody has cable. A lot of the people have never seen the show.

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Danielle Made A Documentary InDanielle was able to combine her knowledge of what she had learned about camera work, on the TV series, with her passion for burlesque. This is quite the impressive award. The Quad-Cities has a few people who have done something special. I went to his premiere at the Adler when his pilot episode aired the show was not picked up. I was happy to promote him. I like to help people…But no one in Davenport ever asks.

Unfortunately, the park never recovered from the storm and everything was there for the taking. However, the owner of the park held onto all its possessions. Fame and fortune leading to broken hearts. Sadly, this is what happened to Danielle. Danielle was previously married to someone she describes as a good man.

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She would end up finding love again. While one man lost his treasure, the pickers got their treasure. Over the past several elections, Prince Mongo has run for city mayor. His campaign was hurt a few years back when he tried to give away his castle. Unfortunately, the castle no longer belongs to Mongo, but rather a businessman by Kenny Medlin. However, it is not to avoid fans. Mike says it is because he can no longer get work done there. Best Advice Danielle Ever Gave With such a widespread of knowledge in various subjects, Danielle can certainly offer expert advice in areas such as burlesque dancing or picking.

However, when asked about the best advice she ever gave, it was something a little unexpected. Ironically, the theme song of the series is also recycled. The music is from a song by the Reckless Sons.

You can go on their website and find a number of amazing tunes. Nobody saw this coming when they watched the show. She was his everything to him. Therefore, she found other ways to help pay the bills. I owned a shop and we made clothes, sold jewelry, and I also did energy healing.

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I still do all of that stuff for fun but not for my career. Antique Archaeology is where the trio keeps most of their finds. Therefore, there are some very important and expensive items in that store. ShareTV asked Danielle what is the one item everyone would grab if the store caught on fire.

Picking Can Be Dangerous Although it seems like a simple activity, picking can be dangerous.

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Many times people are reluctant to let the guys pick through their stuff. One time, someone even opened the door with a gun. However, she has a strong passion for other things as well. I want to know everything and I love to read. I will read over socializing every time if I can get away with it. Her choice in hobbies certainly also reflect that. Colby used to be the team manager and member of the Big Mouth Mickies roller derby team. The team was actually very good and even won the local championship.