Mika and yuu relationship tips

mika and yuu relationship tips

Mika and Yuu only have a relationship of master and maid. Yuu is "M-Mika. I' m about to cum.." Mika started to lick Yuu's tip. "Mmmm " Yuu moaned. "This is. To contribute to the storming rain of MikaYuu gay baby supremacy. Disclaimer- I As if our secret relationship couldn't get more worst'. Yuu joked to He used his fingers to press on the tip, leaking out precum. Yuu really is. Owari no Seraph | Yuu and Guren Relationship Part 1. Owari no seraph, Mika, Yu, Guren, Ferid pt 1 Owari No Seraph. Owari No .. Anime Quotes. See more.

He will just shout at his face. However, Mika knows Yuu! That's why, in those moments, he will cheer him up by showing him the upside of being together, as a family! Mika and Yuu, together with the others, plan the escape, but are discovered by Ferid Bathory. One by one, their family members are brutally killed right before their eyes.

Mika tries to shoot at Ferid Bathory, only to give Yuu a chance to escape, but ends up with an arm slashed and a hole in his chest. Rage takes over Yuu, as he takes the gun and shoots at Bathory's head.

Right after, the moment when Yuu will try to take the agonizing Mika outside with him is one of the most touching part. Mika, who sacrificed everything to save Yuu, will ask him to escape and not to let their death be in vain.

Alone, with the dream of hope that he and Mika shared fallen to pieces, Yuu swears revenge towards the vampires! Yuu is destroyed by his family's death, and will devote himself to the training. Yuu's hope is to, someday, make the vampires pay for the future they took away from Mika and the others. On the other side, there's Mika, saved by a powerful vampire — Kurl, the vampire queen of Japan. The cruel fate will strike him, as he will be turned into a vampire.

From there onward, Mika's purpose is to find Yuu and reunite with him. So as the years will pass, they will only think of their own purposes, and act consequently. Basically, they are each other's reason to keep on living, and they cling to that reason with resolution! It's interesting to see how they evolve and change, and how their tragic past changes them. When they were little, Yuu was a hot-tempered, stubborn kid who had always something to say. In those moments, the sweet Mika tried to cheer him up, or make him calm down.

Yuu was usually a pessimist, and in those moments, Mika's kind and upbeat character was essential to soothe him. Years after, the tables turn. Yuu, who initially was so negative, becomes a person who is able to make friends and even to cheer them up. Now a vampire, Mika, who was so cheerful and optimistic, becomes cold and cynical.

The injustice he felt in the past, for being turned into a vampire, and for being separated from Yuu, have hardened him. With these changing, their meeting after a long time shows you how different they became, and yet how one needs the other to keep himself together! Their bromance is more than bromance, and yet less than romance. It maintains the right balance that makes the girls go all soft, and yet allows the boys to like this show anyway.

They just feel that they can be themselves when they're together, and when they meet again after years, Mika will cry, while Yuu will be so shocked that he will turn into a demon. Only Mika's words will save him, once again.

Later, the moment when Mika, on the verge of death and unwilling to save himself, will be constricted by Yuu to drink his blood, meaning that he will turn into a real vampire with no turning back, will give you moments of real, much appreciated bromance. Mika is afraid that Yuu will hate him, but Yuu assures him that he can never hate his Mika, because Mika, human or vampire, will always be Mika. The twine that symbolized what not to talk about. A Never talk about the way human use Yuu, B Never open your mouth about this relationship or ask if this really was a legit relationship True they never announced the rules out loud, but it was basic logical fact to the both of them.

It was plain not wanting to just the others feelings, is all. So Mika sucked up his words and restarted his statement, "I'm not as fragile as you anymore. Simply as that Yuu-chan. But your still human and your body is still growing, you need certain climate conditions, and nutrition. So that you grow up to be stronger.

I'm not that fragile Mika. You treat me like I'm some glass China doll or something. He had to treat you like that, he felt it was his obligations to cherish the black haired boy, being as gentle as possible, not wanting to tear his human flesh. Almost it was like picking up a pet rabbit and petting it, your so scared you don't wanna be rough with it. You enjoy the way the animal respond to your touches, the little hum it makes as response. You just wanna hear it more, wanting the pleasure to fill you, but not torment the poor creature.

That was how Mika felt around Yuu, He just wanted to love him. I shouldn't have ever hurt Yuu-chan. It feels so pleasant, only when you do it. Yuu moaned loudly his body had been waiting for this. Waiting for when Mika would loose control. Waiting for Mika to fall deep into his vampire heat. Waiting for this amazing moment where Mika would claim him again screwing his ass over and over repeatedly.

He bucked his hip up against Mika's whimpering with glee. Roughly their erections grinded together, reach groaning in unison. Oh what a wonderful sounds they were filling the room with. Every little mew from one of them bounced off the walls echoed around them exciting them even more. It was incredible how such short kisses could arose him. The way Mika nibbled at Yuu's skin bitting and sucking mercilessly eating up any and every moan out his princess's mouth.

Leaning down to claim what was his, locking lips with that black haired horny beauty under him. The way Yuu curled close clawing into Mika's back, telling, no encouraging the vampire to continue.

The blonds tongue slid it's way sneakily in his princess's mouth, rubbing against his inner cheek kisses him repeatedly, "Say it. Mikaela licks the roof of Yuuichirou's mouth teasing with the other boy's tongue, moaning darkly, "Say your mine, Mine now and for ever. Say you'll stay with me until the end of time. Like he was some fangirl or deranged lover, "aaahhh.

Slowly give in to my power. Mika smirked as his free hand reached down to tease Yuu's crotch, "My poor lil princess. The purplish-red eyed teen growled dominantly, Mika wanted to make sure Yuu understood his sexual frustration as traced down his Yuu-chan's bare slender sides, stopping at his round thick thighs, marveling with heightened senses at him. The smell of Yuuichirou's scent overwhelmingly filled the air, his blood smelling like a dark sweet chocolate treat, his whimpers stirring up Mikaela's animalistic instincts wanting to pounce on and pound himself into the younger male.

Mikaela commanded to him in a husky voice, "Beg. His body, heart and mind was jumping leaping swallowing up every sound out of Yuu and claiming it for his own. The sounds that only Mika could hear, the way Yuu would sway with want all his. It was driving him pure mad to think Yuu would still return to those cursed humans. Even on such an important day like today, the day they met. The day he made sure, Yuu got straight who owned his ass and how it was gonna be around here.

He would show Yuu a good time. A very good time. Mika bites Yuu's ear harshly using fangs drawing up dark red blood from the carnage his white teeth getting stained with the gushing out substance, "Are you scared of me, Yuu-chan? The red eyed creature lapped the up runny yummy sweet blood rolling down his Yuu's now bright pink colored cheeks, using his rough tongue to spread the blood around making tiny hearts, "You scared cos I'm a monster?

I love you, Mika. Ur not a monster and if u are, ur mine But it wasn't the words he wanted, he pulled out from sucking straight from his live food source and kisses his forehead, grinding his knee cap mercilessly onto Yuu's erection his teeth together agitated, "That's not all the words I wanted to hear.

Oh he was about to explode! The way Mikaela was pressing on this his tender chest, wrapping that playful mouth of his all over his left nipple.

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How Yuuichirou would subconsciously arch his back and attempt to press warm kisses all over his boyfriends toned abs, leaning down at each opportunity Mika lowered his guard.

I want Mika to take me, claim my fat warm tight ass, for his own fucking me senseless. Where words and reality have no meaning. He used his fingers to press on the tip, leaking out precum. Yuu really is close as fuck to tipping over.

So Mikaela decided simply jerkin off the other boy would be fine. Using those skillful clever fingers of his, massaging Yuu's length while stroking it with his free hand feeling the throbbing heavy sensation bucking begging for release.

Mika inched up kissing Yuu's beautiful shut tight eye lids before breathing the words in his ear, "Cum for me, sweetheart.

Coating Mika's hand in his white thick juices, running out like a waterfall. Yuuichirou's body shook and trembled riding put his climax as Mikaela firmly gasped the slick wet cock in his hand as it spurt out the last bits. Mika grinned satisfied at the bloody messy teen laying under him with an neck covered in hickey, bitemarks, and many other versions of Mikaela's markings with love.

The way Yuuichirou's black hair was tangled all over his face, the loud panting, and huffing. Those green eyes still shut tightly trying to recollect himself, as his body was still begging Mika for more, making random thrusts and hearing Lil Cry's of joy.

Mikaela chuckled as he began to lick his hand clean, the delicious state of saltiness tainting his lips, "Your too cute for your own good, Yuu. Arrrg, I am gonna fuck that fat ass of yours so badly. Where he paused, for a few seconds. Something felt different about his princess. He had first noticed it when he traced down his sides a bit earlier, there was almost like Yuu had gained weight. It was odd cos most of the time, soldiers were likely to loose weight with all the training and speed drills.

Yuu even once told him 'it was pure hell to run each day. It wasn't soft, squeezable or doughy. It was hard and firm. Almost like Yuu had over stuffed himself at breakfast this morning and was full off food.

Not that he minded tho, whatever was a part of Yuu's body he would love it. Every part of his princess was precious after all. Mikaela leaned over and kissed Yuuichirou's semi-flat stomach, sliding his tongue inside Yuu's belly button.

Arching his back up to feel more of Mika's pleasant sensation and cringing at the wet muscle rubbing around with more slimy kisses following, Yuuichirou couldn't help but let out a desperate wail. The black haired teen felt his hardness already beginning to build up again, with a rush of blood flowing down there.

Oh what Mika was doing felt so good to Yuu.

mika and yuu relationship tips

In fact whenever Mika touched Yuu it felt good, sending lightning bolts zapping through his body. When Mika would be aggressively sweet like this it only managed to turn him on more. He felt all his troubles from this morning wash away. He couldn't even remember what he was so mad about. Nor did Yuu let one thought of his friends pass his mind.

When Mika became like this, his mind turned automatically one tracked, pleasing Mikaela. That's another thing, We'll work on. I think I like my greed.

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Since my guilty pleasure is right here. All over that tender bare chest. Please, aa-aahh don't do this. I'll place my rock hard thick dick right up this nice round ass of yours. You'll be so full. To become one with Mika was always a great sensation, a feeling Yuu desired to have each and everyday.

His stomach was in flip flops, and despite all the excitement running through his veins, he felt a strong pull of hesitant holding him back. A little voice in the back of his mind warning him not to do this. He just couldn't put his mind on why. Even though Mika called him that every once a blue moon, This time it was different, he, he.

What am I doing? Getting inside me, could hurt Rough kinky sex would surely NO! Ah, We can't d-doo This Mika. It pained him to say that, to be honest, he wanted this just as badly as Mika did, however it would hurt him more to know Him and Mika had done something to hurt the little one inside him.

If Yuu did anything to harm the child he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. Yuuichirou grinded his teeth together, how was he possibly gonna explain this to Mikaela, without actually explaining this to Mikaela. He didn't really know how to put his thoughts into words about any of this. So he quickly changed the subject under the heat of the moment not wanting to break the mood, as he looked at his lover's bulge in his pants.

He tugged at them with his teeth, soon pulling them down and told Mika mesmerizing the tone in his voice to one light and dangerously charmingly, "Don't worry about that, now Mika-kun. I'll take of that urgue of yours. Puzzled Mikaela blinked up at Yuuichirou with his glossy red eyes sinking in a pool of green haze.

As Yuu kissed his cheek softly humming along in his work dancing those fingers along brushing his body in a brief wave of warmness taking Mika's warm exposed cock all the way in his mouth and coating it in saliva.

The vampire howled at the warm cavern that took him in without warning, twisting and turning moving all around inside Yuu. Feeling that skillful jaw and teeth play in between the slit, nibbling on the veins. All wrapped up in pure heavenly bliss Mika began to thrust upwards into the tight heat, it felt so good when Yuu blew his whistle. When Yuu took control using his tongue to lick his balls like it was an ice cream cone. Which was probably what it looked like with all that precum bubbling at the top.

Yuuichirou worked on pleasing Mikaela like it was his sport he won MVP every year for. He knew all his soft spots and how Mika loved it when Yuu was rough, and when he bite down sinking his teeth deep on the vampire's boner, the wonderful sounds that arose. Sounds Yuu didn't even know Mika was capable of making. It made Yuuichirou feel even better, cos Mikaela was crying out for him.

The feel of the hot and heavy object leaking like a water fountain of delicious Mika flavored cum down his throat as the greedy little bastard shoved his cock all the way even deeper in Yuu's mouth. Yuu was more than happy complying to his seme's wishes leaning his head back giving the older boy so much more room to mouth fuck him. He enjoyed as the blonde gripped his head shoving it up and down on that fabulously large dick that was erected just for him.

Mikaela was wide eyed and panting crying out for dear life while watching those cheek suck on him like a bubble gum blow pop.

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As he bashed the walls as his tip was being harassed relentlessly by that playful tongue of Yuuichirou was all over him like it was a drug he couldn't get enough of of. The way it felt like his lover wanted to eat him up, how red Yuu's face was the way he didn't even seem to be coming up for air.

If Yuu wasn't so enchanted in his work, he might have made an effort to respond to Mika. But seeing his boyfriend, the usual cool calm and collected blond freak out like this, was much too interesting. He noted every moment or squirm the older teen did and moved his mouth to match lapping up every drop if his mouth slid off and randomly placing kisses and bites on the hard pencil. Mika when he went into a torn up, horny needy heat was for him and only him. Yuu was the only one who could make Mika grow so long, huge and thick.

That was something the teen took great pride in, to know he could create such a beautiful thing. Yuu slid his mouth from over the cock taking some gasps of air and then kissed the tip preceding to suck on it lightly and blowing on the surface, "God, Mika.

Your so damn big. I can feel my fucking jaw growing sore already. The black haired teen felt his cheeks fill up and get all all puffy as some access cum he couldn't take in leaked down his chin. He loved the adorable way Mika blushed as he looked up at him checks puffed like a squirrel filled with nuts. The older boy was still shuttering as he started caressing those huge lovely cheeks of his boyfriend commanding, "swallow.

It felt so good being touched by him, how benevolent it was. He returned the favorite by running his hands over Mika's toned stomach, another thing I created only my eyes have the benefit of seeing. This was true if Mika would have never drank Yuu's blood, then they both would never have seen how perfect Mikaela's final form was.

God it was sexy as fuck. Yet Yuu felt himself being led astray in this thought, he had always told Mika he would get strong enough to match up and compare with him. He slowly thought of how impossible that would now be and big he was gonna get while being pregnant. The thought brought tears to his eyes, I'm gonna get fat. Fat and nasty, I'll start craving things Mika will think I'm sicking and out of shape.

He won't like me anymore Yuu felt his bottom lip tremble. Even though Mikaela had no way of checking the time, he was sure it'd been an hour if not more since he brought Yuuichirou here.

That was, that is excellent. Mika thought as he looked at the naked boy, and not a thought of those dirty humans crossed his mind. In a few more hours, Yuu-chan will be all mine'. The blond couldn't help but grin at this, he loved the sound of it, after Yuu's 'friends' were dead and gone, the teen would stick around him like he was super glued being afraid to loose him.

How magnificent would that be? Mikaela was drawn out of his twisted fantasy but the sound of Yuu pushing himself away. The black haired boy crawled away from him and grabbed his boyfriend's shirt from the floor pulling it over his bare chest feeling a sudden wave of self conscious.

As Mika's eyes glanced at him curiously, watching how his large shirt stopped perfectly a little below his boyfriend's ass. It was enough to make the vampire cover his nose to stop the blood from pouring out onto the floor. If he wasn't trying so hard not to melt from the cuteness. Yuu fidgeted unconformably, his body had changed from before and in comparison to Mika it made him feel awkward.

He began to continue to get dressed reaching for his other garments to cover up. What are you doing, Yuu-chan? The way Yuu's blood pumped faster made the teen even mode on edge. Had he done something? Just remembered," Yuuichirou knew he was lying right through his teeth, but he kept on, "I need to get back and help set up for this Christmas party thing. It's really big, they even canceled training for it.

He did have to get back for the party or Guren would be even more pissed at him. He hadn't volunteer to set up, he didn't wanna pull a muscle while lifting something that might hurt the kid or some shit. But he did feel bad about this as he watched Mika's expression droop, from one of happiness to pure bitterness. Before he could even respond, Mikaela had jumped on him reaching out grabbing Yuuichirou's plump round thick thighs the thought of biting them made his mouth water as he whimpered sadly, "I want you.

I promised we all help set up. Deciding to attempt and answer in a logical way instead of bashing Yuu's friends knowing that it would only lead to conflict, Mika sighs, "But your wearing my clothes Yuu. What am I gonna wear?

It wasn't his fault! Mika had literally murdered his to shreds, while they had 'played' together. However Yuu felt he couldn't state the obvious!

Mika knew what he did, and it would just only come back to being Yuuichirou fault!

mika and yuu relationship tips

He was the damned reason Mikaela was so buff now. Mikaela just really was staring to piss him off. Insulting his family like that! He was perfectly safe with them! Family protects each other, they don't cling to people tightly and hold them hostage at every open opportunity! What have they ever done to you!

You see me now, you have me, I am yours! I will always be! How many more times do I have to say it, to get it through that crazy over obsessive thick bratty ass greedy skull of yours! It shot bullets in his heart as he watched Yuu scramble to the door and try to open it. A grave dark look came on his face as he stated clearly, "it's locked Yuu. Why did it feel like there was such truth behind, Mika's words?

Could, could it have been from when that other noble that held him down earlier said Said something about a light show? How it was gonna be blast? The black haired boy groaned putting his head in his hands. Mika did say if I got my friends gifts they wouldn't be around to enjoy it This did this mean? A terrible feeling, the feeling you get when you know something bad is gonna happen, yet you feel so helpless to stop it.

His whole body started shaking as his mind slowly began to connect the pieces solving the puzzle. There was indeed a reason much bigger than Mika's own selfishness that he wanted Yuu to stay so desperately. Of course you did. Your one of them. You're even helping them now. So your happy about this? That is so like you Mika. To lure me here for so long Make everything look so conquincidental.

You don't even care. That's why, I'm helping you, do the right thing. You sure have gone lost your fucking humanity then! You act like it's the first damn time I killed a person!

Don't you yell at me And shut up, Yuuichirou. Your not leaving and that's final.

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I'm so old, I'm having my own child! If all my family I love dies in that bombing. If you do save them anyway, they'll never be greatful. He wanted to go and beat the living shit outta him. Bash the filthy bloodsucker's head into the wall a million times. Maybe he should be hurt? Upset from hearing such cruel words about him out Mika's mouth? OR perhaps he should be in tears begging for his boyfriend to open the door and let him rescue his family?

However there was always this choice, one Yuu accepted firmly as he stormed right up to his naked beloved Mika-kun. He leaned his hand way back to its maxim length and put all his anger and distraught in his emotional state he was going through into his swing.

Yuu slapped Mika's ass as hard as he could. Earning himself a surprising scowl and ear bleeding holler from Mikaela who was clearly not expecting the hit at all. Talk trash about them? What are you talking about? Do you hear the insanity in your words!? I don't even have a child.

It was like getting called on in math class and not knowing what the hell was going on. The blond stared at Yuu with such wide eyes they looked like they would burst out there socket at any given second. He started gasping for air, the room seemed to be spinning, he couldn't get a grip on it all, everything seemed to be closing in, it was getting harder Harder to breath, like a half ton safe was crushing his lungs.

Yuu looked at first with a look of shock from his own actions, 'what the heck did I just say? Mika's body just seemed to have shut down and went into a shock, he was trembling like mad and he looked like he might be going insane. Yuu grabbed the older boy and began shaking him, he felt himself sweating bullets as his lip trembled tears threatened to shoot from his eyes.

I know how sensitive Mika is about me. I shouldn't have, I The black haired boy then remembered learning about this, 'panic attack! Mika is having a panic attack! People can't die from this can they? If Mika dies because of me Cos of my foolishness You need to breath.

The blond didn't push Yuu away but he did appear to be listening trying to comply with the humans will for him to do. Yuuichirou tried not to loose his mind even tho, seeing Mikaela like this was giving him chills, he stayed calm, he stayed calm and tried not to imagine a terrible out come of this situation. Yuu swallowed, this was good Mika was still with him, "Slow steady breaths. It seemed broken somewhat, as if it was still a struggle, broken little intakes. Yet it was a start, so Yuu smiled despite his lips uncontrollably shaking with some fear he pushed on, "That's it, that's it.

His light-headed feeling began to lift as well, as he felt numbness leave his limps he stopped trembling with each sweet word across his princesses lips. They purred in his ear singing, "That's it Mika. Your better than this. I'm here, I'm right here. Watch me, in and out. I believe in you Mika.

Which came as an unfamiliar unease between the two. Yuu was first to shatter the silence as he burst the barrier of tears in his eyes they flowed out making his green emeralds shimmer, "Mika! I thought I lost you!

mika and yuu relationship tips

I made Yuu panic I made, I promised myself I wouldn't make Yuu-chan cry I was so dumb and selfish Didn't know you, you. I didn't know you would have a panic attack! I didn't know I would have one either. I-it never happened, before.

mika and yuu relationship tips

I'm such a baka. Mika felt his breath falter again, "I'm gonna be a father Am I gonna be a father? He hadn't meant to break the news like that, especially not in the heat of the moment.

He was just so mad, he wasn't thinking straight, it had just slipped out. Well the cats out the bag now, what is Mika gonna say about it. The awkward over looming silence came over Mika, he had never been so uncertain on words in his life.

mika and yuu relationship tips

He put his hands on Yuu's hips and lead the boy to sit with him. Yuuichirou's green eyes didn't loose his look at Mikaela's dark red as they sat down. The blond kept a firm grip on the younger teens plump round hips bouncing him on his leg in his lap, trying to think of what to say next. He thought grimacing mentally, "Are you alright with this?

Obviously he wouldn't say happy, I mean considering his nausea, throwing up and cramping. But what did it matter? It wasn't the baby's fault, it didn't ask to be born or created. I'm worried about you. Like where on Mikaela's screen it had just flashed, 'finish him' And Yuu was helplessly knocked out in a daze mood unable to defend himself. It was so mind wrecking like awaiting his oncoming doom, or should he say, 'fatality' Cos that was it, like the finishing move the question came, 'Are you gonna kill it?

His neck was about to be broke, he character was dead. He was so dead. His tone kind put Yuu even more on edge, he had came to tell and ask Mikaela about this to get his opinion.

Not to be faced with more questions if he wanted more of those he would have kept this to himself. To be honest he more than likely came to ask Mika for some advice.

He had no idea what he was getting into having the baby. I know, that's it's growing inside me. I really don't know what you want me to say. Do you think I wanna hear that bull shit? I'm 2 fucking months pregnant with your child! Wasn't Yuu a boy? How was he having a kid anyway? Did he do something to Yuu? I, I really don't understand what's going on here. Just, please calm down, Yuu.

Stress is not good for the baby. But the words out my mouth, just don't effect me anymore. Krul she, she never. Well, no one ever got around to telling me. Vampires can be created like me, or they can be born I guess Your not a girl are you? There was something he knew more about then Mika?

And yes babies come from pregnant girls You do know how girls get pregnant right? Or in our case, when a Vampire and human love each other very much. Then that's your answer! Don't you think I know that I don't have any eggs! Wasn't I the former cherry boy? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

That's not what I mean by eggs. It's not really important, I guess I since, I don't have any and there's ahhh Let's forget it ever happened! I want to help you.

Yuuichirou sighed heavily, "I don't know. I just, I don't know. I was expecting you to maybe shed some light or try to talk some sanity into me or something. Cos I want the child just like you do, Princess. Perhaps some good came out of me being a vampire, maybe the real reason I was turned was to get you pregnant. It almost made him shiver at the truth in those words. No human knew for sure how vampires reproduced.