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Sounds more like anyone who unironically participates in vs topics. Medaka and Zenkichi promise to marry each other after this is done. Yet, for some reason, that marriage was delayed for a decade (if there was a reason. Medaka Box a manga series written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Akira Akatsuki , follows the . The relationship between Shiranui and Zenkichi is frequently commented on by their classmates, often negatively, is the "Reverse Sphinx" - her challengers must create a theme quiz based on any book of their choosing. Medaka explained their encounter with Oudo and the additional information .. At those questions from Kikaijima, Nabeshima, and Akune, Zenkichi .. "I had suspicion that she had relations with the Deep Ones, she tasted.

Is there some hidden meaning? He could only scratch his head, as he was somewhat weak with such things She passed through that ridiculously low probability like it was nothing. But what really surprised me is that she did it without hesitation," the twin with the white uniform said, then, they began to speak at the same time, "An undeniable proof that she is an Abnormal Abnormal.

Now we understand why the Chairman wants her. Is it like the squared of Abnormal? Crazy people with their weird use of words. Not that he didn't experience such thing in the past for he knows that words had power in them, painfully instilled into him with his experiences. Not that it would stop him from giving quips on such things, even if it's just inside his head.

Are you betraying us!? Cornered, without thinking much of his next action, he spun a finger on the side of his head as he pointed his other hand at the tattletale twins. Please make it work! We heard that you got offered a position as the 13 Party Leader and you turned it down! Here I thought for a second you're the secret final boss. And somehow, they made sense.

Maybe they ate something weird for them to offer it to me. He then pressed his ear on it while knocking on the metal door near the lock. Why didn't you say it before!? Otherwise, it would not be fair. Then again, who was he to judge the fairness of things? Even so, the chances are still the same. I now doubt the Chairman's evaluation of you.

The Door of Rejection has only one trick, those that can unlock it, can, while those that can't, well you know where we're getting at, a sort of classification if you will. Those that can't get it in the first try are Normals. In other words, those that try to overcome it by repetition and determination are losers.

It seems that this leader position is just another word for clown. A ha ha ha! It really doesn't matter how many people would try," the twins chorused, confident that no one would be as successful of getting through the door like Medaka. It was their much-awaited last member of their excursion, Myouga Unzen. However, what earned Zenkichi's attention was the absence of her six pairs of ball and chains.

She then cocked an arm back and punched. She punched through the large metal double-door easily as if she was just punching through Styrofoam, breaking it into half horizontally with the broken pieces blown inside, flying, and almost hitting Medaka, who just stood inside, never moving an inch.

We can all pass. I approve of your action. The others just bewildered, mouths open, at such incredible show of strength from Myouga. It's just a regular old elevator door. Classy, 13 floors up and 13 floors down, Zenkichi said inwardly as he rolled his eyes. Why do these 13 Party guys make things so damn complicated?

Zenkichi could even compare it to eating crab where one has to get messy to eat the meat. Damn hard to eat food. He could even remember burning his hands while eating a freshly cooked one. I had enough," said Medaka, annoyed. I can break it. The edgy twins do have a point. In fact, punching trough the walls and using such crude shortcuts would defeat our purpose of coming here! We're going to check and know everything about the Flask Plan.

Zenkichi remembered saying the same thing to Nabeshima. However, thinking back on it, it was stupid of him to say such things; he, who can never experience the concept of hard work, again.

Moreover, Medaka-chan, the same thing applies to you. He should have just went and screwed with everybody! And its Zenkichi-sama, you should already know that he's like that," said Kakegae with an air of a princess that she styles herself. Not that I care because I'll be the first in his heart. Remember, she can't use it on Zenkichi-sama directly.

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Hansode was sitting on a chair near the others, eating another feast as she watched the proceeding arguments between the girls and the happenings shown in the monitors. That girl chose a more difficult road over the easy one," commented Sui, the light coming from the monitors reflecting on her small pair of glasses.

Two Abnormals, three Specials and one monster. Her Grandfather suddenly choked on what he was drinking as the tension in the room suddenly increased, almost warping the surroundings into something foreign, the strangling sensation so thick that one could cut through it with a fruit knife.

Even if he was her grandfather, Hansode could not ignore such an unforgivable thing. The same could be said towards Oudo, and all the others that called Zenkichi that, but since he was there, she herself could not take action. In actuality, she herself wanted to storm towards the underground laboratory and beat the life out of the pompous bastard, and she was sure that the same could be said with the other girls.

To wake up in his denial. The Chairman's body was now shaking as he stared at them, horrified. Hansode's grandfather nodded with much difficulty, and after he did, the choking sensation disappeared, traces of it now absent in the minimalistic room. He then coughed and then wiped the saliva and tea from his lips with a white piece of cloth taken from inside his clothes. Namanie then raised her hand.

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Can I talk next? The balance of the party she took into this dungeon is quite uneven It wasn't much of a guess that those that encountered Miyakonojou-kun would join the party, but I didn't expect for Akune-kun and Kikaijima-san to tag along.

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What are you planning Sode-chan? Zenkichi wanted them to come. Has Femme Fatalonsa dark-colored nurse's outfit, and refers to her level as a "palace of pain".

Happens a couple of times. Kujira does it by faking a touching reunion, when she's told of her past by Maguro. After tearfully running into his open arms she immediately stabs him with a syringe full of " Normalize Serum ". It also happens to Medaka after she has defeated Iihiko. Just as she's about to fall from the exhaustion she gets caught and hugged by Shiranui, who then stabs her clawed hand through her gut as she reveals that she is Iihiko.

Deal with the Devil: In chapterZenkichi joins the Flask Plan. Medaka delivers one to Unzen in episode 11 after he tried to kill the student council members. It spooked him enough to unconsciously flinch. By the time the Thirteen Party Arc ends, there are people dying.

However, the deaths are quickly undone. Thanks to Kumagawa's ability, death just doesn't stick. The Unknown Shiranui Arc has Iihiko, though. People killed by Iihiko stay dead. Given that he ends up killing most of the cast, though, this is probably also unlikely to stick. The series may be seen in this way, given how it bandies about references to Shonen Jump manga.

When Medaka is looking for her successor, a few interesting characters get pointed out by the cast as being especially likely to make it. Due to Kumagawanone of them do. The same thing happens with a vengeance to the 6 fake suitors. All given weird characterizations, all made completely superfluous. Like the above, this is due to Ajimu.

Medaka manages to force Oudo to apologize and join her by making him realize she's not only the master of her abnormality s but also powered by a very dark place. This is also how she recruits the rest of her Student Council, and other allies besides. The people Medaka and the student council defeated in earlier episodes, such as Unzen and Munakata show up to help the student council against Plus Six in episode 8 of Season 2 after they find themselves in a rather desperate situation with Medaka having been captured.

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A less broad home-based example is presented. It is eventually revealed that Medaka's older sister, Naze Youka ran away from home at a young age because her home was too idyllic. She had wealthy supportive parents, an older brother and younger sister who loved her, and everybody was eager to help her make the most of her genius intellect. Her personal philosophy, however, boiled down to " Adversity Makes You Stronger ", and the huge number of advantages she enjoyed got in the way of that.

In the end, she not only abandoned wealth and privilege, she also concealed her beautiful face to avoid preferential treatment based on lookserased her own memory to avoid clinging to the past, and deliberately set herself up as a feared outcast in a new school. Akune and Kikaijima after Zenkichi takes over as Student Council president with his own council. After the ten year timeskip, almost everyone has lost their abilities due to growing up. Only Shiranui and Naze Youka seem to have kept theirs.

Happens off-screen, but Medaka has to deal with something on the moon that results in both of them disappearing. One year later she returns to assume control of the Academy; ten years later she's working on a plan to restore the moon.

After Iihiko is defeated, everyone poofs back to life as could be expected, but then Fukurou's Style drops the moon on the Earth and Medaka has to leave to go stop it. She doesn't come back.

That is, until the next chapter. All five of Medaka's potential successors attack Kumagawa, revealing that they are all there because of Ajimu, and planning to defeat him.

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After knocking him down, they insult him about his lack of power without All Fiction Apparently some fairly minor noise complaints from the music hall justifies not only destroying the music room, but killing, or at least severely injuring, the band members, according to Unzen. Several times including when Zenkichi and Kumagawa drop into the snake pit at the end of Chapter Everyone who meets him, even other Minuses to an extent, are afraid of him.

Zenkichi needed special training aimed solely towards suppressing his fear before fighting him. Even Hinokage is unnerved by Kumagawa.

All of the Class Minus 13 except Shiranui qualifies, to various degrees, as their despair and lack of restraint are considered as dangerous as their powers. Medaka and Zenkichi promise to marry each other after this is done. She wanted to wait until they graduated. Then she went off to be leader of Kurokami group as part of her deal to get info on how to find Shiranui. He stayed to be president and a high school student, because he had a duty to do.

Afterwards he started working his way up in the company because he promised Medaka, "Go at the pace you need to, and I'll catch up at my own pace". Anybody who didn't think he was still going to be in love with Medaka was not paying atention.

That is enough for me. Ill just assume they live happily ever after. Now we just need one more season of anime to finish it up. In the anime Medaka had no idea about Zenkichi or his feelings. Did he tell her in the manga?