Materazzi and mourinho meet in tunnel

And when Chelsea met Galatasaray in the Champions League last year, Mourinho reciprocated with Jose Mourinho and Marco Materazzi. The result was that, when Mourinho finally met Abramovich on his yacht in . Marco Materazzi's embrace outside the Bernabéu following that season's whether in the boardroom, referee's room, tunnel or press room. Mourinho stranding on the edge of the tunnel, ready to make a swift exit. 90+2 min: Materazzi coming on for Motta to eat up the clock. . dispell the notion that Mourinho is some kind of Clooney meets Clough hearthrob he.

It'll be too heavy to move and if the baby doesn't arrive in the next few hours you won't have to vacate it before full-time to let your wife in.

Bayern Munich 0-2 Inter Milan - Jose Mourinho Crying and Celebrations

According to ITV's team line-up graphic, Barcelona are going to be playing a tonight, with Pique, Milito and Toure across the back. That's the kind of news that would excite my colleague Jonathan Wilsonbut I have to say it leaves me cold. I suppose time will tell if they're right or not. Trophies won by Pep Guardiola in one season: Trophies won by Trophy Machine in 10 seasons: Jose Mourinho has apparently announced that Goran Pandev is "injured" and replaced him with Christian Chivu in the starting line-up.

That's a defender for a winger, with the obvious suggestion being that Mourinho has seen the Barcelona line-up and changed his own to suit it without having to waste a substitution. Oh dear sweet God, if this has any obvious bearing on the result the UK press will shove their collective tongue so far up his jacksy the groans of pleasure - from both ends - will be deafening.

The teams are out, the 96, home fans are rocking Camp Nou and ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley's banal nonsense is already getting on my nerves. He's talking about T-shirts Barcelona's players wore after their La Liga win last weekend, which he thinks bore slogans promising their fans they'd "quite literally play out of their skins tonight". That should make for interesting, if not a little gory viewing. Speaking of skins, Inter wear all white tonight, while Barcelona wear their usual home strip.

Barcelona win a free-kick in the Inter left-back position within a minute. Xavi lifts it in towards Seydou Keita at the far post, but it's put out for a corner from which nothing comes. For Barcelona, Pedro cuts inside Maicon from the left flank and tries a shot from the edge of the area. Wide, but not by much.

Barca have lined up in a with Toure and Pique in the centre-back berths and Dani Alves and Gabriel Milito playing at right and left-back respectively. For Inter, Christian Chivu has gone in on the left wing as a direct replacement for the injured Pandev.

That'll upset the conspiracy theorists. Barca play it long from the back, Ibrahimovic leaps and skims the ball wide off the top of his head. Lionel Messi tries his first darting run from the centre-circle, only to get knocked off the ball by his international team-mate Esteban Cambiasso.

Barcelona 1-0 Inter (Agg: 2-3) - as it happened

Barca are enjoying most of the possession at the moment, unsurprisingly, but aren't doing a great deal with it beyond probing the area between midfield and the edge of the Inter box looking for openings.

Thiago Motta gets booked for a trip on Dani Alves. Free-kick for Barca about five yards outside the Inter area, near the angle. Messi crosses the ball to the far post and the referee blows for an infringement in the penalty area. He awards Lucio a free-kick for a foul by Ibrahimovic but remains unmoved when Ibrahimovic shows him that the front of his shirt has been ripped open by the defender.

Contesting a ball with Messi, Maicon injures his shoulder after sliding into an advertising hoarding. Play is held up as he receives treatment. Sit tight there and I'll just summon my personal coterie of IT "people". After all, it's not like I'm busy doing anything else at the moment and I'd hate to see you put out by the inconvenience of having to click a mouse every now and again. In the Barcelona half of the middle third, Pique is penalised for brushing against Diego Milito, who falls over as if shot by a sniper.

Nothing comes from the free-kick. Ibrahimovic is penalised for handball on the right-hand side of the Inter penalty area after controlling a pass with his upper-arm. Craven plea to certain readers who know who they are: It's there now and the incessant whingeing of lazy spoilt people is drowning out the big match atmosphere.

While I feel slightly embarrassed by even suggesting to Xavi Hernandez how he should play football, it's worth noting that he just tried to pick out Ibra with a dinky pass from the edge of the penalty area, when I think he should have shot.

It's a view I offer reluctantly, for obvious reasons, but one that's been confirmed by the sight of his attempted pass being intercepted by a defender. The ball refuses to sit nicely for Xavi as he careers through the Inter penalty area and tries to offload to Ibra. Dani Alves sends in a cross which the unmarked Pedro Rodriguez tries to half-volley home from 14 yards. With Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar anchored to his line, the ball fizzes wide, but not by much.

Inter finally get forward and the ball is pinged out to the right flank, where Samuel Eto'o is standing alone in acres of space. Between them, Gabriel Milito and Gerard Pique manage to force him to run the ball out of play.

The red card is out! Inter's Thiago Motta gets sent off for shoving his flat hand into the face of Sergio Busquets. He got his opponent in the face, but Busquets went down very easily, holding his face Have these ladies got no shame? He's not one bit happy and cuffs Busquets for being a drama queen and making sure he got the red card. It was a soft one alright, but he really only had himself to blame. Inter will have to make do with 10 men for the next hour. Barca attack down the left wing and Pedro tries to send in a cross.

It hits Lucio, prompting the fans behind the goal to appeal for a penalty for handball. None is forthcoming, which is just as well because the ball struck his midrift. But in Italy the rules are like this. I took a fine and in the appeal the club lawyer at the time told me not to say that I had something with the Milan fans, but I preferred to be honest also in this circumstance.

In fact we managed to close all discussions regarding the Scudetto at Siena. There were a lot of rumors flying about but Lazio played to win. I appreciate honesty a lot. I say this in all honesty.

They paid him for this too, in winning league titles he is the best in the world. With his arrival I knew perfectly well that having reached a certain age, it would have been very difficult to always play.

When you find a person like that, who tells you things clearly, you grow a lot. Ibrahimovic left, but in his place great players arrived who did great things with us.

Against Barcelona, Cordoba was selected which was the correct choice. He was hard and tough, he managed to always transfer his force to his team mates. Benitez decided to bring down the photo of Mourinho lifting the Champions League trophy, a completely wrong move to do when coming into our dressing room.

I can say the same about Chivu.

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I have to laigh when I think about all the doubts that were raised about him. He was a simple person. I have seen worse. Plenty of intrigue, but neither keeper's had to make a save yet. Decent wide free-kick from Sneijder is headed out by Terry, and Cambiasso hooks the ball back goalwards but there's no threat to Turnbull, who catches easily. Fantastic block from Maicon denies Drogba a goal. Malouda won the header and Drogba leapt onto the rebound, but Inter's defenders swarmed all over him.

Chelsea fans groan at Ballack as he gifts possession away for the third time. Told you so, Mourinho shouts thinks from the bench. Chelsea would have been desperate for a quick start tonight, the kind they used to get, so often, under Mourinho.

It's not happened though. And just like they did at the San Siro, Inter's defenders have denied Drogba the space he needs to wreak havoc. Inter get one, remember, and Chelsea need three. Wherever there's handbags, there'll be Drogba. All four in atttendance as Drogba wins a free-kick after clashing with Lucio.

Barcelona v Inter - as it happened | Football | The Guardian

Eto'o is booked for his chirp. Good start, this though, for Inter, and for the game as it's bubbling a touch. Eto'o wins a free-kick as Zhirkov is drawn into committing the foul.

The free-kick's wasted though, missing Milito at the far post. Another good break from Maicon - who was so quiet in the first leg - puts Chelsea on the back-foot.

Ballack shoots just wide of Cesar's post. Nice play from Lampard works the opportunity, but Ballack's shot was lacking conviction, like a golfer who take a little off his driver to avoid slicing it Sneijder feeds Pandev, who is all left-foot.

He in turn flicks it out to Maicon in space on the right flank. With Zhirkov out of position, Maicon accelerates into the box, but the danger disappears when he shanks his shot over the bar.

Big shout for Chelsea penalty as Malouda runs stright into Lucio and tumbles. Obvious contact, but Malouda simply pushed it past the Brazilian then ran into him. Shaping up nicely, this one. Dangerous from Inter, but Terry gets there ahead of Eto'o to boot clear. It was an excellent Inter break involving Eto'o and Sneijder, whose shot was fierce and goalbound but blocked Chelsea's finally find Drogba in the box, via Terry's hoof up, but he's penalised for wrestling with Lucio.

Zhirkov is fed by Malouda, but his low cross from the left is easily cut out. Inter have shaped up as expected, Pandev central, with Milito and Eto'o playing off him. Chelsea fans have been following orders - plenty of flags inside the Bridge.

Chelsea v Inter Milan: as it happened - Telegraph

Hands being shaking, almost underway Slumped in his chair like a teen at a bus stop, pulling up his collar against the wind. No waves, no flying medals, no knee slides. If you guessed c below, you were right. Boring choice, but, right. Tons of snappers surrounding him, so much so that Chelsea's players had to sidestep the pack to get out onto the pitch.

Another myth-busting fact to dispell the notion that Mourinho is some kind of Clooney meets Clough hearthrob Mourinho's watched the DVD of first leg seven times in the last two weeks - remember that fact, and tell it to the missus if she still swoons over him.

It was an enjoyable game, though, and tactically Inter did well to sit deep and deny Drogba and Anelka space to run into. Assuming they'll try something similar tonight, which could make Zhirkov and Ivanovic key figures for Chelsea, as if they can offer attacking width. Mourinho lays his cards on the table, with three strikers - Eto'o, Milito and Pandev - in from the start. Pretty attacking Chelsea side too, with the more positive Zhirkov replacing Ferreira at left-back.

Wolfgang Stark Germany 7pm: First of all, you'll be relieved to learn that there's no audio on this blog. Because my Jose Mourinho impression, which I can't stop doing, is shocking. It's a slightly less excitable version of my Borat impression, which is also dreadful.