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Gallery: Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza She retired in with persistent injury problems, returned in and won the Italian Open, The Times of India speculated in December that the marriage was foundering, with. India's Leander Paes and Swiss ace Martina Hingis are having a blast at Melbourne Park in the year's first Grand Slam. It's hard to tell that this. Tennis News: Indian tennis is on a roll these days after Leander Paes, Sania Mirza and Sumit Nagal made the nation proud by winning Big W.

I feel with him on court, nothing can go wrong. He is a great human being. Be it in a relationship or in life in general or on court, you need to feel protected.

Hingis learned a new language, a life-defining sport, and to rely on her mother for support in all aspects of her life. She intimated that fun was not an ingredient on that stage. Problems would have to be solved in singular strokes of genius. Sabine Lisicki should be credited with drawing Hingis to the tour, too. In the semifinals, Lisicki and Hingis saved seven match points. At Family Circle Cup this spring, Hingis was questioned about a large what-looked-like diamond ring on her left wedding finger.

Nestor joined forces with another Indian: Of all the high-profile partnerships that were forged at the beginning ofalmost none have survived. Mirza may be one of the fortunate ones for whom the change worked, and worked quickly.

With the tactical nous and experience of the former singles world No. It has become a cut-throat business. There is an unwillingness to develop, to try and get better as a team.

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In those days, there were a lot more established doubles teams, and it used to be like us versus them. But now they have all played against each other. Of late, only American twins Mike and Bob Bryan have stuck with each other long enough to leave a lasting impression.

I am very emotional. Leander is very sensitive but he does not show his emotions as much as I do. He keeps it inside but I know he never forgets. So I have to be careful with the right words as I have great respect for him and don't want to hurt him.

Communication on court is very important. We can read each other very well and we speak about everything in our lives to each other as we are friends off the court. For us in India, Switzerland means the Alps and chocolates. Do you have a favourite brand of chocolate?

I love chocolates and that is my biggest sin. Do you have a favourite Bollywood star? I love Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

List of Leander Paes' Grand Slam titles | Australian Open News

She is very popular in Switzerland and she is very beautiful. Do you see yourself becoming a mother some day? Yes, I can see myself in that position when the right time will come. My mother had me when she was 23 and that is why we are such friends. I don't want to be a mother at But I cannot do that right now.

I can see myself playing for the next years and am looking forward to playing the next Olympics. Conversation with Leander Paes: Talk about playing with Martina Hingis? Martina Hingis has a great understanding of the game, of life and our positions in court. The most beautiful part between us is that we can just be ourselves between us.

As a guy I feel if I can give Martina the comfort and space to just be herself, she is magical.

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Her tennis is amazing, she understands life and we do a lot of fun stuff in our down time. Her understanding of the game, of life, of me and our positions on court are so natural. I love her intellect. We complement each other extremely well on court. When you play doubles, you need to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. I need to know how Martina is feeling on that particular day, whether she wants to play an aggressive match or a smooth match or when we need to cover each other.

Martina and you are both very positive? Have all your partners been so? I have had 99 partners for men's doubles and 26 for mixed doubles. And I can guarantee that not even one of them has been as positive as Martina and I are.

Relying on Relationships: The Longevity of Martina Hingis

It's all about understanding the person and being able to make up for their weaknesses and allow their strengths to shine. What has been your lowest period emotionally? I am going through the hardest time of my life right now. I am a very private person and whether that is good or bad, I tend to just live by own ethics and that is important for me.

My responsibility to look after my daughter is very real and true. Just as our parents gave us the opportunity to be the best, the responsibility I love is to give her the best chance to be the best she can be. If I can give Aiyana all the opportunities to become what Martina has become in her life, that is my dream as a father.

She used to play tennis but now she doesn't. She used to be a fabulous soccer player but now she doesn't. I know that life is about ups and downs and this down will not remain forever, but what is important for me is the truth. I want to make sure that I do the best as a father, as an athlete and as a son to my parents. Both Martina and I come from old school where ethics and morals matter.