Love and relationship rescue

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love and relationship rescue

The Relationship Rescue Workbook: A Seven Step Strategy For predictable, such as "list and describe five things that made you fall in love with your partner. Dr. McGraw helps get relationships back on track with clear action-oriented steps the relationship * Learn to live with love and harmony Relationship Rescue. Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with You Partner as "List five things that today would make you fall out of love with your partner.

People try all sorts of ways to change their perspectives from doing imagery and visualizations, to different forms of talk therapy and coaching. Some of this can be quite useful, but it can take a long, long time.

love and relationship rescue

People try different types of alternative healing methods of one kind or another. Many have received benefits, but still haven't changed their core patterns, so these approaches have little lasting effect. While these all can be helpful I use and practice some of these methods myself we often need something deeper, something that breaks the old patterns. To get deep results and break the old patterns we need to go to where we are really stuck, and that is a lot deeper than our thoughts.

To make the big changes we need to make and to clear out our blocks to loving--for genuine relationship rescue--we need to free ourselves from where we are stuck emotionally The Key is to Free our Emotions We all long to live the life of our dreams. What keeps us trapped is that a huge amount of our life force is stuck in old beliefs, old feelings and outdated perspectives of who we are. These thought, feelings and perspectives are the old story we are trapped in.

A life filled with health, joy, abundance, clarity of purpose, and so much more. That's the new story we long for!

Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner by Phillip C. McGraw

Where we are really trapped though is in old feelings, many of which we may not be that aware of on a daily basis. These emotions can form a sort of background noise to our life that we've built up so slowly we hardly notice it any more. It might be some buried sadness that we only really feel when triggered by a movie or a television show.

love and relationship rescue

Or it might come out in sudden bursts of anger that "come out of nowhere. The key to changing ourselves is to transform the old story of our lives by working through our stuck feelings. And that doesn't have to take a lot of time. At our retreats people make huge changes in just a few days.

We need to learn how to safely and quickly free up all those old stuck feelings, gain back all our life force trapped there. And then bring our life force back home. That is the work of our emotional healing retreats. The Gifts Within the Pain The big discovery people make with our work, is that within our biggest problems, our core issues, lies our greatest gifts!

Because of this reading quest that I'm on, I found a new love for relationship books. I am absolutely fascinated with them and I don't know why. My personal reading quest for is to read books I would normally never, ever read. I remembered that I read this 13 years ago and picked it up along with the workbook to read again. When I read this stuff, I go through the programs in the books because I find it fun and interesting. I don't read them to save my marriage or anything like that, but my husband Sean does go through it all with me.

He has the patience of a saint as some of this stuff is way out there. Phil - his show is interesting and I like his writing style. He really does have a tough love, no BS approach to helping people, and it can be an acquired taste.

Love and Relationship Rescue

What I didn't remember about this book and workbook is that in the first part, it's all about you and working on yourself. You have to dig deep within yourself and be critically honest in order to do this.

Relationship Rescue! How to Get The Love You Want

So, that's what I did. We would discuss it and move along. This book is really full of helpful advice and the program is easy to follow, but I would not recommend doing this half way or only doing parts of it. It's designed the way it is to begin with you, add your partner and then finish off together, if your partner will work with you. You can do this alone, it is possible.

love and relationship rescue

This is one to read with an open mind and heart, and to be considered before brushing off. I've read a library of relationship books lately it seems, and this is one I can get behind and recommend. Whether you are doing this alone or with your partner, or you are just curious, this is a great read. Phil doesn't sugar coat things; that's never been his approach.

Take your time, go through the program, and do it with the workbook. It's well worth your time. Another review can be found with the companion workbook that goes with Relationship Rescue. I'm cleaning up a self-help shelf in my library and intended to give this a skim and then determine whether to keep or give away. I almost got sucked clear under!! I found all of my old notes, answers to the many worksheets and quizzes and a solid set of relationship advice that I had forgotten were in this book.

It's a keeper for me. The first 20 pages especially where Dr. Phil calls yo I never reviewed this book which means that I must have first read it prior to when I started Goodreads.

Phil calls you to action and puts the power for change firmly in your own hands are so well done and super empowering.