Lindo jong and waverly relationship quizzes

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lindo jong and waverly relationship quizzes

Lindo and waverly jong in china, four-year-old lindo (ying wu) is arranged, for college lindo jong and waverly jong essay enzymes quiz ap biology essays the relationships of waverly jong and jing-mei woo in the joy luck club amy tan in. As Amy Tan matured, so did her relationship with her mother. Once when quizzes. Answer keys are available for all of the questions. If your school has the appropriate . How did Lindo Jong become engaged to her future husband, Tyan-yu? 2. . How do Jing-mei and her mother disagree in regard to Waverly Jong? 5. For Teachers · Literature Lesson Plans · Literature Quizzes When her mother Lindo realizes that she might just have a potential prodigy on her hands, she " Rules of the Game" by Amy Tan explores the relationship between the main character, In “Rules of the Game,” Waverly Jong's mother is a good example of this.

She doesn't dream until the very end, when she dreams again of Old Mr. He is going to crush her, and he rings a loud bell. As Rose wakes up, the bell turns into the telephone.

Her mother begs her to stand up for herself. He is angry that Rose has not yet signed the divorce papers. He wants to get married again, and is impatient. Shocked and humiliated to find out that he was cheating on her, she suddenly pulls herself together and tells him to come over.

She doesn't know what she wants to do, but she knows she wants him to see her. When he arrives, she saw that he really doesn't care about her. She shows him the garden, taking her time, then suddenly tells him that she is not moving out.

She likes the house, and wants to stay there. He is angry and tries to bully her, but she insists, and he is afraid. She is very proud of herself.

That night she dreams about her mother and Mr. They call her over to the garden, friendly. Her mother shows her she what she has planted, saying there is enough for both of them.

Chapter 12, Jing-mei Woo: But now she wears it every day. She wonders what the jewel and design mean, but knows that everyone she asks would give her a different answer. She met a bartender who wore the same sort of pendant, and when she asked him where and why he got his, he said his mother gave it to him, but Jing-mei could tell he had no idea why. For last Chinese New Year's, Suyuan bought eleven crabs--one per person, plus one extra.

Jing-mei helped her shop, listening to her mother complaining about her tenants she and her husband owned their building and criticizing other women on the street. She says that a Caucasian couple accused her of poisoning their cat, who has disappeared.

Jing-mei wouldn't put it past her mother to do such a thing. They examine the crabs, using a pencil to see how strong the creatures' grips are. But one crab loses a leg, and when Suyuan tries to put it back, the store clerk insists that she take it. Irritated, Suyuan says it doesn't matter anyway, because this one will be extra. Back home, Jing-mei can't watch her mother cook the crabs. She remembers playing with a crab when she was eight, then watching her mother boil it alive. She cannot forget the image of the crab trying to escape from the pot.

Lindo, her husband, Waverly, her brother Vincent, his girlfriend, Waverly's daughter Shoshana, Rich, and Jing-mei's old piano teacher come to the dinner at the Woo household. Jing-mei watches as everyone picks out the best crabs, leaving her and her mother with a discolored one and the one with the missing leg. Suyuan takes the one without the leg, and Jing-mei sees her quietly smell it and then take it into the kitchen, returning with more seasonings for the table but without the crab.

Waverly and Rich disdain the crab's brain, which Lindo says is the best part. Then Waverly begins to sneakily insult Jing-mei, telling her that she should get her hair cut where Waverly goes--though it might be too expensive for her. Furious and wanting to hurt the other woman, Jing-mei asks Waverly why she hasn't paid her for the copy-writing work she did for her company.

Waverly looks flustered at first, but then she says that Jing-mei's work was unsatisfactory. Ashamed, Jing-mei tries to say that she can change the work to meet the needs of the company, but Waverly brushes her off. She says Jing-mei just does not have style. Then Suyuan tells Waverly, "True, cannot teach style.

June not sophisticate like you. Must be born this way. There is silence, and then finally Lindo tells Waverly to give Jing-mei another chance. Jing-mei tries to smile and declines, going into the kitchen to wash the dishes. And I no longer felt angry at Waverly. I felt tired and foolish, as if I had been running to escape someone chasing me, only to look behind and discover there was no one there. Later that night, she talks with her mother. Suyuan says that she knew June would pick the worst crab--she thinks differently from the others, who always want the best.

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Though June doesn't understand, this makes her feel good. Then suddenly Suyuan takes off her necklace and gives it to June--it is her life's importance. Chapter 13, An-mei Hsu: Rose says she has no choice, but An-mei knows that even to give up is to make a choice. An-mei knows because she is this way, just as her mother was. Chapter 14, Ying-ying St.

Waiting Between the Trees Ying-ying, staying with her daughter Lena, knows that Lena thinks she knows everything, even though she has no understanding of Chinese ways of thinking. Ying-ying thinks she should have made her daughter respect her more when she was younger.

Ying-ying knows that Lena's marriage will fall apart. Ying-ying remembers herself as a young girl. She was wild, spoiled and stubborn. She was wealthy and believed she was too good for everyone. When she was sixteen, she told her half-sisters this, and suddenly she knew she would marry a mean man who lived nearby, who was much older than she. She was amazed that she knew this, and she was absolutely sure of it.

She married him, and soon came to love him. She did everything for him. When she got pregnant, she knew she would have a son. She realized her husband was cheating on her, and soon he left her for another woman. She aborted the baby out of anger at him.

Ying-ying says that her daughter does not know the strength of her anger. After her husband left, went to stay in the country with her cousin's family for ten years. After that time, she was ready to go to the city, and did so, unafraid. She went to work in a shop, and met Clifford St. She didn't like him or dislike him. She watched him court her eagerly with silly gifts, never knowing that she had been born rich.

She made him wait four years, then married him. She decided that she would give up her spirit, because it had gotten her into so much trouble. Chapter 15, Lindo Jong: When Lindo tells her that she will be instantly known as a foreigner, she gets angry. Lindo sees that Waverly thinks it is fashionable to look Chinese. Lindo thinks, "I wanted my children to have the best combination: American circumstances and Chinese character.

How could I know these things do not mix? Lindo reasons that people in America have ways of solving their problems that Chinese people don't have. Lindo knows that Waverly is ashamed of her, because she looks so Chinese. She insists that Lindo have her hair cut. At the hairdresser's, and the stylist talk about Lindo as if she isn't there. Lindo thinks about how Americans never really look at each other. The stylist says that Waverly and Lindo look strikingly similar, and Waverly gets very upset.

They look at each other in the mirror, and Lindo remembers herself as a young girl. Chapter 16, Jing-mei Woo: June is going with her father to visit his aunt, who he hasn't seen since he was ten. Then, in Shanghai, June will meet her mother's other daughters.

When a letter from them had finally come, Suyuan was already dead--a blood vessel had burst in her brain. At first, Lindo and the others wrote a letter telling the other sisters that Suyuan was coming.

The Joy Luck Club

Then June convinced Lindo that this was cruel, so Lindo wrote another letter telling them Suyuan was dead. In the crowded streets of China, June feels like a foreigner.

She is tall--her mother always told her that she might have gotten this from her mother's father, but they would never know, because everyone in the family was dead. Everyone died when a bomb fell during the war. Suddenly June's father's aunt comes out of the crowd. She recognizes him from a photograph he sent. June meets the rest of the family, having trouble remembering any words in Cantonese.

They all go to a hotel, which June assumes must be very expensive but turns out to be cheap. The relatives are thrilled by how fancy it all is. They want to eat hamburgers in the hotel room. In the shower, June wonders how much of her mother stayed with those other daughters. Was she always thinking about them? Did she wish June was them? Later, June listens while her father talks with his aunt. He says that he never knew Suyuan was looking for her daughters her whole life.

Her father tells her that her name, Jing-mei, means, "little sister, the essence of the others. Her father tells her that though her mother hoped to trade her valuables for a ride to Chungking to meet her husband, no one was accepting rides. After walking for a long time, Suyuan realized she could not go on carrying the babies, so she left them by the side of the road and wrote a note, saying that if they were delivered to a certain address, the deliverer would be rewarded greatly.

She said to him, "Look at this face. Do you see my foolish hope? The babies, it turned out, were rescued by a pious couple who lived in a secret cave near Kweilin.

Several years later, when the husband died, the wife told the girls about their real mother, and began searching for her. Meanwhile, Suyuan and Canning traveled around China, searching as well. Finally they went to America, and Canning thought Suyuan had finally left the memory of her daughters behind. Years later, when Suyuan began to say that they had to go back to China before it was too late, he thought she meant she just wanted to visit, so he told her it was too late already.

He thinks the idea that her daughters might have been dead killed Suyuan. Meanwhile, one of Suyuan's school friends recognized the grown-up sisters while shopping. When June leaves her father's family at the airport, she thinks about good-byes, permanent and temporary.

Hours later in Shanghai, June gets off the plane in a trance, without even knowing how she is moving. She sees a double image of her mother, then realizes she is seeing the twin daughters.

It is so obvious. It is my family. It is in our blood. Looking again, June thinks that they do not look like her mother--and yet, in some way, they do. After her mother's death, however, the pendant will begin to assume great importance to her — even though she does not really understand the meaning that her mother assigned to it. Later, Jing-mei will notice other Chinese wearing similar pendants and will ask one of them what the pendant signifies.

He won't know either. Jing-mei had helped her mother shop for the crabs that she served at the New Year's dinner.

lindo jong and waverly relationship quizzes

That day, her mother was annoyed about the tenants living in the second-floor apartment of a six-unit building that she owns. She was especially bothered by their cat, which Jing-mei and the tenants suspect that she poisoned. Jing-mei listened patiently to her mother as she poked the crabs to find the liveliest ones.

As she was spearing the live crabs from the tank, one of them lost a limb. Woo refused to accept it because a maimed crab is bad luck for the New Year. After a lengthy discussion, the fishmonger threw it in for free. When they return home, Jing-mei watches her mother cook, but she leaves the room when Mrs. Woo begins to boil the crabs; she cannot bear to see them die. There are eleven people at the New Year's celebration.

Woo hadn't counted Waverly's daughter, Shoshana, and so she purchased only ten whole crabs. When she sees the extra person, she decides to cook the eleventh crab, the one missing a limb. At dinner, Waverly takes the best crab for her child, and Mrs. Woo ends up with the maimed one, which she doesn't eat. Waverly subtly insults Jing-mei during the dinner, mentioning her choice of hairdresser. Jing-mei retaliates by teasing Waverly about her firm's finances because the bill that Jing-mei submitted for her ad copy has not been paid.

Waverly retorts that Jing-mei hasn't been paid because her work was not acceptable — a retort that reduces Jing-mei to tears. Auntie Lindo comes to Jing-mei's rescue, pleading with Waverly to let Jing-mei rewrite the material. Jing-mei goes to wash the dishes; she is no longer angry at Waverly — she simply feels tired and foolish.

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Later that night, after everyone has left, Jing-mei asks her mother why she did not eat her crab. Her mother tells her that it was already dead before she cooked it, and thus it was not edible. Second Midterm on Drama. The epistolary novel form. Alice Walker and other African-American women writers. Choose themes to follow through the novel. Woolf and Tillie Olsen.

Plus look at two Emily Dickinson poems. Compare to the book.

lindo jong and waverly relationship quizzes

Write part of an epistolary novel yourself during class. Discuss the five class themes. Discuss writing as resistance and post-colonial Trinh Minh-ha handout. Who is Sandra Cisneros? Poetry of Sor Juana and Gabriela Mistral handout. Today we will choose class presentation groups and topics in class. Discuss how to talk about and write about poetry. Ten minutes at end of class to work on your class presentation.

June 16 Work on your paper. Group presentation on Gaining Independence and Personal Identity. Bring 2 copies of a draft of your essay to class. Group presentation on Moving from Silence to Expression. We will do peer responses to essays in class.

Group presentation on Finding Love in Human Relationships. June 23 Last Day of Class!!