Life with derek casey and relationship god

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life with derek casey and relationship god

The story behind the story of Life With Derek that we all picked up on. about their unique relationship and Derek's obvious feelings for Casey. when she lived across the country (did I mention I was also a hockey god?. There is something about Casey that only Derek knows. They had met previously Relationship: Dasey Summary: There is The girls fawn over him as if he's a Greek God, and the guys all want to be his friend. Was this a. so yeah this is my Life With Derek Fanfiction about Casey and Derek. i dont even and Edwin but i just love Casey and Dereks relationship so much more, because there is so . "God Casey you gotta let go of it sometimes.

He tries to drown out the sounds of Kendra and Sam's bickering on the phone with the TV but it just seems like they keep getting louder and louder. He simply says a 'yes' and 'mhmp' every so often so they don't think he's totally oblivious. The immediate sound of sob over takes all the commotion.

The door slams shut just as loud as it opens, if not louder and Derek turns around to see Casey, eyes full of overflowing tears that trail down her cheeks. She drops her purse and quickly makes her way up the stairs to her room, not even making an effort to close her door. The one thing that Derek Venturi could not handle. He rubbed his forehead fighting against himself to go see if Casey was alright.

life with derek casey and relationship god

Without a goodbye he hangs up on the continuing arguing of the two, and heads up the stairs to her room. Casey's crying and whimpering made him nervous and a little bit nauseas. Derek doesn't do good with crying. Never did with any girlfriend, Sally, Kendra or Emily, or any other unimportant girlfriend, he just got overwhelmed at the sight and sound of crying.

Derek leaned himself against her door pane and folded his arms. The distraught brunette lifted herself from her pillow. The old tone confused him. She usually enjoyed and wanted comfort. She just wanted to be alone. She was alone now.

life with derek casey and relationship god

She regretted going out with Emily today and all Casey wanted to do now was curl up in the corner of her room and cry herself to sleep. But on the other hand she wanted comfort, someone to understand what's going on. Lizzie is too little to understand, only in 10th grade and hasn't had a solid boyfriend she would be no help. And Derek is way too insensitive to understand even if he was her brother. So what was he even doing there? Standing at her door asking her what's wrong.

Sure, he helps her out when she needs it, but right now she just wanted to let things sink in. He pushed himself off the door pane and walked over to sit down next to her limp body that lay dreary on her bed. She mumbled the same statement again more serious and angered. For they shot her blood pressure up, and anger skyrocketing past it's boiling point. She shot up from her depressed position as frustration and remembrance filled her.

Casey started to think about her outing today. Emily pulled up to the mall with a jerky stop. Casey held onto the seat like a cat with claws. A bit frightened at her friends driving skills, wondering how she passed the test. They exit the car and wander the mall for a while. Casey looked at Emily strangely, her friends' expression was hard to read and the tone in her voice made Casey nervous. He said he was busy and that his older brother was in town today.

Emily tried to collect herself. She took in a large breath then exhaled. But I don't think with his brother.

What did she mean? Obviously Emily could tell Casey was puzzled and pointed a finger behind her. Cautiously, she turned around to see Max kissing a ultra-thin red head.

Now Casey wasn't a stick. She had an hourglass shaped figure and was proportioned nicely but the image in front of her made her conscious. Only for a thousand and one deadly thoughts to pass though her mind and pushed the comparison comment out of her mind. Anger and confusion were the only two emotions rushing through Casey at the moment; she stood up at made her way over to the pair.

life with derek casey and relationship god

The smiled cashed and his eyes widened. Casey what are you doing here. I cannot believe you Max.! Casey's eyes widened and mouth came to a small gape. You're not gunna even fight for Me? You're too high strung and it's like every second of the day you need me by your side. I'm sick of it. You and your constant needy attitude.

Casey McDonald

After studying with each other all weekend, Casey and Derek walk through the hallway, Derek in his pajamas, everyone staring at them, each only noticing each other.

The scene is considered by some non-platonic Dasey fans to be the moment when everyone understands Derek and Casey's feelings for each other.

When Nora and George are engaged and Casey and Derek are trying to break them up, Derek asks Casey if they can't stand each other, and touches her hand. Although she brings her hand back closer to her body, this is considered a notable Dasey moment. While dealing with their younger siblings by themselves, Casey asks Derek if the kids are okay.

They have a short conversation reminiscent to that of a married couple. Casey and Derek are locked in the bathroom and spray white substances at each other. Their positions around each other are also considered sexual by many.

One day, Derek plays a trick on her and she must come down wearing Derek's shirt and deodorant.

life with derek casey and relationship god

To many, the scene plays out in an alternate reality as Nora catching Casey after having obviously spent the night with Derek. Derek is seconds later pleased she is wearing his shirt.

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The intro shows Derek playing with Casey's ear, and she turns and he gives a goofy grin and it almost seems to fans as if they are going to kiss. In the movie, Derek takes Casey away from Jesse while he is kissing her to dance with her and she is happy about it.

The movie shows Casey and Derek rescuing Marti. They see a bird and the girls call it beautiful and Derek says "not bad" and looks to Casey. Many fans see this as him indirectly communicating to Casey that the bird is beautiful, but she is more beautiful.

His last appearance is in the episode "Futuritis". After receiving Derek's permission, they begin dating in the episode "Male Code Blue". After breaking up numerous times, they call it quits in the episode "Middle Manic", but decide to stay friends in the episode "Battle of the Bands" when Casey becomes the lead singer of Derek's band.

Lauren Collins as Kendra, popular girl, friend of Casey's and Derek's ex after the episode "Misadventures in Babysitting". She still has a major crush on Derek, and she attempts reuniting with him in "Just Friends". Robbie Amell as Max Miller, the school's quarterback and Casey's boyfriend beginning in "Misadventures in Babysitting".

LIFE WITH DEREK -- 4x16 "Truman's Last Chance"

He dated the head cheerleader Amy before asking Casey out. They broke up in the episode "Allergy Season". Casey wanted to get back together with him in the episode "Two Kisses, One Party", but he had already moved on. Shane Kippel as Ralph Papadapolis, one of Derek's friends and fellow band member.

In season 4, Ralph harbors a crush on Casey. William Greenblatt as Sheldon Schlepper. He is currently living in Newfoundland.

All of his siblings have once been class president except him. Keir Gilchrist as Jamie, Lizzie's best friend who harbors a crush on her. Kate Todd as Sally, Derek's co-worker who starts to like him after breaking up with ex-boyfriend, Patrick. With some interference and planning from Casey and Nora, they finally begin to date.

Sally and Derek break up after Sally decides to go to UBCget back together soon afterward, and then break up for good when Sally actually goes to Vancouver. Joe Dinicol as Truman French, a new boy in school that Casey has recurring dreams about.

Casey denies her feelings for him, but in the end, finally agrees to date him. They agree to go with each other in "No More Games" and they start going out in the episode "Teddy's Back".

They break up in the episode "Truman's Last Chance" because Casey sees Truman being kissed by Vicki and think it's vice versa. Casey was upset, but she reunites with Truman at the prom, and they reconciled in "Surprise;" however, they broke up.

Alex House as Trevor, a "punk" boy who goes to Casey's school. Derek bets Casey she can't get him to ask her out, and Casey takes the bet, soon developing a crush on him.