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Both Liesel and Hans have an artistic talent that brings peace to stressful situations. Rudy and Liesel have an interesting and dynamic relationship from .. market? What question does the Hitler Youth leader ask Rudy. Rudy and Liesel are like brother and sister in the fact that they spend a lot of time together; any time outside of their homes is spent in each other's company. This is a story of courage, friendship, love, survival, death and grief. Explain Rudy's reaction when he discovers that Liesel is a book thief. How does School for the Arts and Humantities Random House · Marketing Department ·

The chaos that was going on enabled Walter to help Max escape into hiding. The idea Liesel unknowingly gave to Hans is revealed on page What was his plan? Hans used Mein Kampf as a hiding place for a key to their home. Can you compare it to anything? This is similar to Mr. But it was awful too. Liesel and Hans had a moment in the basement where she was forced to think about what could happen if this secret were to get out. Hans tells her that as long as she keeps the secret they will be safe.

Liesel was comfortable wit the fact that she had to keep a secret, but now has to think what could happen if they were found out anyway.

Perhaps then the guilt would not have been so heavy. No final grip of the eyes. He also feels guilty that his one life is causing so much danger to perfect strangers. Max believes that it is powerful propaganda.

What are the commonalities between liesel and Max? They both have nightmares. They both rely heavily on words. What might Hans be feeling when Liesel says she is old enough to deal with her own nightmares? He could be concerned that his talk with her is making her pull away from him, but most likely he is feeling that she is maturing.

Explain the quote on page What themes and Symbols can you identify in the standover man? What secret about Rudy is revealed in the first chapter of this part? I know what happens and so do you. Liesel is very interested in Max and everything about him. She has compared his hair to feathers before.

Him trusting her with his haircut is also a step further in their friendship, which is growing deeper every day. Why would Max envision his fight with the Fuhrer as an unfair one? Because everyone fears the Fuhrer, they would bend the rules to allow him to win. No matter what the outcome of the fight is, Hitler has found a way to brainwash a nation into hating a group of people based on their religious affiliation and families they were born into.

What are some of the things that only Max and Liesel are capable of fully understanding and sharing with each other? Why is this so? Liesel and Max can share their dreams and each understands fully. Both hate the Fuhrer for separate, but equal reasons. The two also share a love of the written word. When they arrived, he got out of the car and climbed up the steps. Rudy took a big breath and opened the door.

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The first thing he saw was a girl sitting at the window. She had a pile of books near her and was surrounded by the library. She was reading a tattered, ripped and burned edition. She was breathing heavily and crying.

The girl crumpled in tears. Liesel didn't once look at the boy in the library. But she heard him "My best friend and I used to come here and steal things" it reminded her of Rudy, and it broke her heart to think that someone else was doing the same thing as them - as if it wasn't as special.

She stood in the kitchen, looking at the wooden spoons. Thinking of Mama and Papa, of Himmel.

A Long-Lasting Friendship

This boy's home was bombed too. He must have lost his best friend.

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Liesel wondered if it had been a girl. If he had asked her for kisses.

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If he had loved her, and she him, but she never told him. She decided to greet the boy with empathy.

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The girl was gone, leaving Rudy to look at her books. One, the one she had been reading, lay open by the window. The pages flipped and turned, filthy and charred. Rudy picked it up, closing it. He heard a sound behind him. It's my life's story. At least my life here" the girl said. Rudy nodded and sat on the floor, back to the girl. Liesel waited for the boy to start reading, but he just sat, holding it in his hands, feeling it.

She stood and ran her hands over the shelves, and watched him. His hair was dirty, but could be almost the exact likeness to Rudy's. She sighed and sat up against the shelves. Rudy just sat, unsure about opening the book.

What would he find inside? He hadn't even looked at the girl's face, and she hadn't seen his. He flipped through the pages, not reading anything.

A few words caught his eye. Running, Soccer, Basement, Jew, and Lemons. You can read it" the girl said softly. Rudy flipped to the front page. He whipped his head around to look the girl right in the face. He began to cry. Liesel raised her head with concern, and what she saw made her cry too. He could only nod.

The two smashed together in an embrace. Both were crying almost uncontrollably. I asked you too wake up, I begged you, but nothing happened and-" "I don't know how" Rudy interrupted, "but I woke up surrounded by dead bodies in a truck. I tried to find you but I couldn't" "It doesn't matter how. Only that we've found each other" Liesel said.

Her mouth, her neck, her cheek. Her skin was empty for it, waiting. The feelings that Liesel is having in this quote are drastically different from how she felt about Rudy when she first met him. She thought he would always be the crazy boy who pretended to be Jesse Owens and cared just a little bit too much about soccer. It's funny how the teenage female brain works that way. Their relationship develops climatically throughout the story and is all too familiar.

Though it ends much sooner than expected, Rudy finally got his kiss and the Liesel experienced her first love, no matter how long it took her to know it.