Lexie and jackson relationship advice

lexie and jackson relationship advice

Jackson and Lexie Grey developed a relationship after Mark Sloan bribed . and four weeks of marriage counseling, April was served with divorce papers in the. At first, when Callie and George started dating, their relationship was kind of cute. Even though Jackson and Maggie seem to be getting along fine, they haven't shown . Mark and Lexie were there for each other until the end. A pregnant woman sought advice after her husband insisted on naming their. The relationship between April Kepner and Jackson Avery on "Grey's Jackson meantime attempted a relationship with Lexie Grey, but she.

It seems like they're over for good now and it's saving viewers a lot of stress. With Penny, it kind of felt like Callie was dating her grandmother. This was an obvious plot device to create even more tension when Penny decided to show up at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after killing Derek.

lexie and jackson relationship advice

It wasn't totally her fault, but we'll blame her until the end of time. On top of the lack of passion, Penny wasn't honest with Callie from the beginning. She never told her new flame she was one of Derek's doctors or that she knew anything about the hospital at all.

She furthered proved that by putting Callie in the middle of a bitter custody battle. We'd love for Callie to come back, but Penny can stay in New York.

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It was great to fantasize about Cristina being with the sexy military doctor when Owen wasn't a staple at the hospital. Most of their issues had to do with poor timing. When he came on the staff full-time, it became clear that Owen had a lot of emotional issues to work through. She woke up to him choking her during a PTSD nightmare, for goodness sakes.

Obviously, it wasn't the right time for him to be in a serious relationship. When Owen got his PTSD issues in order, Cristina ended up with the disorder after a hospital shooting and married him in hopes that it would make her better. They also had very different views on children and where they saw themselves in the future. It would've been best if this relationship never happened for either of them. We spent all of those episodes wondering how the mechanics were even possible.

Everybody missed Denny and wished there was a scenario that would allow him to come back, but ghost sex is just not what we had in mind.

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It all ended up being a plot device to lead Izzie to her own cancer diagnosis. Ironically, just like Denny, she was dying. Izzie beat it in the end, but left the hospital after some personnel issues.

It was prompted by some on-set issues with actress Katherine Heigl. If she had ended up dying, we hope she wouldn't have returned to have creepy death sex with Alex. The worst part is that, although this was really weird, we had to lose Denny all over again. This idea was better left on the drawing board and not in the show. Look, they both grew up poor and had rough childhoods, so they must be soulmates.

There was definite chemistry between the two, but way too much fighting and secrecy. Jo hid the fact that she changed her name and went in hiding because of an abusive husband. This time, it was the aforementioned thing with Amelia that came into play. When Lexie found out that Mark had feelings for her, she took the first step and went to his apartment to talk it out and perhaps re-initiate their relationship. All would've ended well had Mark not again been involved with Amelia at the wrong time.

Witnessing Amelia and Mark in the middle of things prompted Lexie's departure and stalled them getting back together for the time being. Although they first noticed each other because of Mark's previous bullying of George, he refrained from pursuing her because of Derek's promise.

However, by this point, Lexie had grown enamored by Mark and went to his place with the sole intention of starting things. So, in a way, Lexie is responsible for everything that happened between the two; both good or bad. He was thoroughly immature in that he never gave peoples' feelings any consideration and preferred to think from a different part of the body rather than his mind. In the case of Lexie and Jackson, though, Mark finally relented and gave them his blessing.

A whole lot of immature antics had preceded this change in character for him, but Mark finally got to the point where he could let go of his feelings and think of Lexie's happiness over his own. It didn't last long; her feelings for him were far too strong to control.

She had made up her mind that she was in love with him, but the event brought to his mind that they had wasted all this time staying away when they should've been together. It took an awful calamity to come to this point, but they did at least part with love. It may have been the one genuine declaration on Mark's part in his life. In Mark's case, Lexie remained in his mind till the end.

Meanwhile, Jackson was in love with April by then. Lexie's passing brought the clarity to Mark that he had been passing over love his entire life and he imparted some sage advice toward Jackson.

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Mark told Jackson to always tell the person they love how they feel before it's too late. Jackson would later use this advice by stopping April's wedding and eloping with her. Had Lexie not passed away, the marriage between Jackson and April would never have happened. The two had several heated moments - and the show didn't shy from showing us those - but Lexie was always into what Mark was doing to justify her relationship with Jackson.


Jackson consistently felt like the runner-up in the time they were together and this infatuation Lexie had with Mark ultimately resulted in Jackson dumping Lexie. Before Jackson made the breakup official, he asked her if she had any reason to deny her obsession with Mark; her silence was enough to tell him he was right.

lexie and jackson relationship advice

He also sought closure in the things that he felt were left hanging.