Latika and jamal relationship quiz

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latika and jamal relationship quiz

Possible outcomes: Jamal, Salim, Mamahn, Javed, Latika Quiz. character are you ? Possible outcomes: Jamal, Salim, Mamahn, Javed, Latika. Related quizzes can be found here: Slumdog Millionaire Quizzes There are 49 Jamal then asks Latika to come with them if she wants to live. 2 When we first. Possible outcomes: Jamal, Salim, Mamahn, Javed, Latika Quiz.

The script by Simon Beaufoy The Full Montybased on Vikas Swarup's novel Q and A, flashes back upon Jamal's life, from his hardscrabble upbringing in Mumbai's slums to his single-minded goal to win the heart of his lifelong love, Latika Freida Pinto. Jamal explains to skeptical investigators how the 12 questions he has already correctly answered relate to events in his past, many of which coincide with India's own history and modern-day development.

A question about what weapon Hindu god Lord Rama holds in his hand recalls a Hindu mob's raid on the Muslim slums where Jamal lived as a child, during which Jamal's mother was slain.

Jamal finds the answer to a geography question about London in the mock street signs adorning the call center where he works as a chaiwalla tea servera derisive term the quiz-show's duplicitous host Bollywood vet Anil Kapoor uses to openly mock Jamal.

The show's final question references Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers, a metaphor for the film's central, triangular relationship between Jamal, his brother Salim and Latika a trio of terrific actors portray each character at different stages in their lives. Orphaned during childhood, each is enslaved as slumdogsstreet urchins consigned to a life of beggary, petty theft and prostitution. Their unending attempt to escape Mumbai's mean streets and a life of crime frames the rest of the storyline, particularly as it relates to Salim, who graduates into working as a hired gun for a local crime boss as a means to secure both power and protection.

Salim's treatment of Jamal and Latika is both loving and monstrous: In childhood, Salim steals and pawns Jamal's prized autograph from a Bollywood film star; in later years, Salim casts out Jamal at gunpoint and claims Latika as his own. No one depicts grit and grime with more visual flair than Boyle, the director of such hits as Trainspotting and 28 Days Later, but here there are perceptible thematic and stylistic echoes of Fernando Meirelles' Rio de Janeiro favela epic City of God.

While vacillations in Jamal and Salim's relationship occasionally lack adequate explication, the love story between Jamal and Latika quickly assumes a life of its own. Soon, Salim wakes up in pain and runs towards the shower to soothe himself while the other children, woken up by Salim's shriek, begin to laugh and make fun of him. From a young age, Salim was always the more enterprising of the two brothers.

How did Salim earn a living at the start of the movie? He operated a pay toilet. Salim was shown charging people to use an outdoor toilet located at the edge of the slums at the start of the movie.

When Salim lost a customer because Jamal was taking too long in the toilet, Salim got back at Jamal by trapping him in the toilet when he wanted to get Amitabh Bachchan's autograph. Jamal only managed to get the autograph by jumping through the toilet hole and holding Amitabh's photo high above his head so that it wouldn't get soiled. Salim still came out on top in the end, because he sold the autograph to a cinema projectionist while Jamal was having a bath.

What is written underneath it? The truth alone triumphs This motto is expressed in Hindi as "satyameva jayate. Where did Jamal work as a chaiwala?

Slumdog Millionaire Trivia Questions & Answers : Movies Q-T

A call centre Jamal knew the answers to one of the questions on the show because of his job at the call centre.

Since the call centre employees had to pretend they were British to the callers, they were taught a little bit about UK to help them. One of the classes also included learning about UK celebrity gossip. Jamal picked up some of this while working there.

Though the word 'slumdog' has been used in the movie to describe people like Jamal, who live in the slums of Mumbai, I have never heard it or any vernacular variation of it used in Mumbai.

Beaufoy coined it by combining the words 'slum dweller' and 'underdog'. Born in London inhe appeared on the British television show "Skins" in the role of Anwar Kharral.

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In an interview, Patel told of how the film's director, Danny Boyle, complained to his young daughter that he couldn't find the right actor for Jamal. She was watching "Skins" at the time and pointed to Patel on the television screen. Imran Khan was a famous Pakistani cricketer turned politician. He was also murdered, in Christiane Amanpour was hired by CNN shortly after her graduation from the University of Rhode Island and was later named that network's chief international correspondent.

An eye-patch Maman runs a racket on the pretext of an orphanage which makes the street-children beg on the streets of Mumbai. In order to earn more money, Maman's gangmen are shown to make some children physically deformed so that their appearance evokes sympathy from the passers-by. Jamal, Salim and Latika are also forced into this crime. However, none of them are physically harmed. Latika is shown in the film begging at the traffic signals of Mumbai wearing an eye-patch on her right eye.

Thankfully, both her eyes remain unharmed. They were followed there by a very young Latika, another survivor of the attack, who waited outside in the rain, too scared to share their hiding place without their permission.

latika and jamal relationship quiz

Who invited Latika to sleep in the container? Jamal When they were playing, Jamal and Salim used to call themselves "Athos" and "Porthos", after two of "The Three Musketeers" they had learnt about in school.

latika and jamal relationship quiz

Jamal wanted to invite Latika in to share their container, saying that she could be the third musketeer, but Salim wouldn't hear of it. Salim was actually awake, but he did nothing to stop Jamal.

A bow and arrow Lord Rama is based on a real king, although he has been deified as one of the avatars incarnations of the god Vishnu. Vishnu is depicted with blue skin, but, unlike the presentation in the movie, Lord Rama is not depicted as blue because he is Vishnu in human form a concept Christians should understand.

latika and jamal relationship quiz

Lord Rama is always shown with a bow, although it can also be in in his left hand or slung over his shoulder, and often shown with an arrow. Some Hindus have complained about the depiction of the Mumbai Hindu-Muslim riots the so-called "Bombay Riots" in the movie, during which Salim and Jamal's mother was murdered by the Hindu mob and the boys encountered someone dressed as Lord Rama. However, the riots were real, as were the thousands of ethnic killings associated with them.

One of the flashbacks showed Jamal and his elder brother, Salim, attending school. What classic novel was being taught in the classroom? They used these names as codes for each other. Soon after this, their mother was killed by a mob during the riots, forcing the two kids to start looking after themselves working as scavengers.

The uniforms worn by the school kids indicate that they were studying in a Government municipality school.

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The medium of instruction in these schools is generally Hindi or any other regional language. For an Indian audience, it's strange to see "The Three Musketeers" taught to such young students in a Government school. She was killed in a Hindu-Muslim riot. The boys' mother died while washing clothes in the river, beaten by a rioter. Still very young, the brothers took to living on a garbage heap. Their father was never mentioned. Cherry Maman wants to earn money by pushing Latika into the flesh-trade.

He confines Latika in a rented house at Pila Street, a part of the red light area of Mumbai, and employs several people to train and teach her music and dance. Where were the three children when Maman found them? In a rubbish dump The children were living in a rubbish dump when they were picked up by Maman.

Latika was sifting through the trash looking for something to sell, and Salim and Jamal were asleep in a makeshift tent to escape from the sweltering heat, when Maman pulled up in a dirty yellow van.

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He offered Salim and Jamal cold bottles of soda, and brought all three children to live with others just like them in an old, rundown house.

They were given food to eat and a roof over their heads, but Maman wasn't as altruistic as he appeared to be, for he only rescued the children to train them to be beggars for his own personal gain. Surdas The answer given in the movie was Surdas, the famous Indian blind poet and singer of the 16th century, which tied in well to this section of the movie, in which the singing beggars were blinded by the crime boss Maman to increase their earning potential although Salim saved Jamal from that fate.

However, the song is from the Bollywood movie "Narsi Bhagat", based on the life and work of the 15th century poet Narsinh Mehta. Gopal Singh Nepali was given the writer's credit for the lyrics, so he is the correct answer to the question, and Narsinh Mehta whose poems inspired the song also may be, but Surdas is not -- except in this quiz about "Slumdog Millionaire". What were the children then made to do? Work as beggars Salim was put in charge of the beggar children while Jamal was trained in singing.

The men planned to blind Jamal once he had learned to sing well, as that would make him earn more alms. Salim realized this and managed to escape with Jamal. He purposely left Latika behind as he hadn't approved of her being with them from the beginning. All the sequences involving the earliest part of Jamal's life were shot in Hindi at the suggestion of Loveleen Tandon, the casting and co-director of the film.

This stemmed from her inability to find young actors who could realistically portray slum children and speak fluent English. The three children cast as the young Jamal, Salim and Latika are all from the slums of Mumbai and continue to live there even now.