Konata and kagami relationship memes

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konata and kagami relationship memes

A strip in manga volume 2 had Kagami ask Konata what does Soujirou write, and before Konata even started, For a relationship even closer to Yukari/Nyamo, see Hikari/Fuyuki. Misao . so then what about the picture, and the meme itself ?. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Lucky star, Konata izumi and Manga anime. Tsukasa and Kagami (Seems more like Kagami should be the dark one ) *Snicker .. anime is the reason why we have messed up sleep schedules. anime meme with our cute otaku, konata of lucky star I just love their relationship xD. Tags: Anime, Lucky☆Star, Izumi Konata, Hiiragi Kagami, Hiiragi Tsukasa Kyoto Animation Lucky Star, Otaku, Kyoto Animation, Anime Meme, Melancholy, .

He's been given the name Toshiaki, which is basically the 2Chan version of " Anon ". Kanata didn't want her daughter to have Sou's personality. When she died, Konata didn't have a strong female role model to keep her grounded. Lampshaded heavily with all the anime, manga, and otaku references Konata makes. Her friends often have no clue what she's talking about. Many see episode 5, when the director of the show was switched from Yutaka Yamamoto to Yasuhiro Takemoto, as the turning point in which the series really started to get funny.

As ofany scene where Anime Tenchou's sales tactics fail and Konata goes to Gamers instead. Konata deems her weight-watching excessive. Les Yay Some people see this between Konata and Kagami.

Lucky star

Hiyori often sees this between Yutaka and Minami only to chastise herself by saying to herself that she shouldn't think about her friends that way. In one of the fourth wall breaking strips published in Kadokawa Hot Line catalog inKonata states that in order for Lucky Star to have a chance of being turned into an anime in the future, they need more romance in the stories. Kagami then points out the lack of men around, to which Konata responds that she didn't mention anything about men And then there is of course the autor confirming that there is at least a one-sided love interest between Konata and Kagami And now, providing you're a Yuri Fanyou'll spend the rest of your days analyzing the clingy otaku and the tsundere and attempt to figure out which one he was referring to.

All in vain, of course, because, tragically, the straight one cannot return the les one's feelings, and the seires are done either way I do it all because I'm evil Strongest example is Yutaka and Minami since they have a very close relationship. Kagami and Konata are very iffy and are bi at best. Kagami does seem to be conscious of Konata at times and Konata does seem to have a thing for moe female characters though. To a lesser extent than most, but for most of the fans all you have to do is mention chocolate horns Every main character that isn't Soujiro can be seen as Moe by someone probably a result of Puni Plush Konata outright designates Miyuki and Yutaka as walking Moe.

On the other hand, Konata also frequently deconstructs Moereminding Kagami that Moe is not about reality: Big Brother Instinct does not occur on Real Life big brothers, there's nothing cute being an Ill Girland Dojikko are one annoying sort. Even this show has its moments. The extreme close ups of the fly and mosquito in Episode The ending of the OAV especially comes to mind. Also Konata's prank on Tsukasa in Episode 6.

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According to the liner notes, it was based on a Peek-a-Boo Corpse moment in the detective movie Sukekiyo Inugami. Hiyori fell into this a bit in Episode Something about her "frustration pose", with her eyes going blank behind her glassesa borderline Slasher Smileand the way she occasionally bobbed her head back and forth She also underwent a somewhat disturbing Art Shift when she tripped and moved to avoid injuring her drawing hand.

It certainly explains why she wasn't a single bit annoyed with her 4'8", flat-chested body compare with Yutaka who is rather self-conscious about that. Only a person who is coping well with some disease can treat it it has been happened.

She's been shown as being bothered by it, though maybe this discovery shoved that concern aside. Perhaps in order to keep her friends from worrying about her impending death and bringing everybody down, she lies and says that "a line from a game" made her feel better about her body There is one flaw in that theory, though.

Short height and flat chest aside, Konata is quite healthy and athletic, this despite her sedentary lifestyle, and notably lacks Yutaka's vulnerability to illnesses. Then again, Yutaka may simply have a more severe case of it. Or it could be that her athleticism has actually staved off the vulnerability to illness. People who are more active are generally healthier and get sick less often.

Not likely, as they are paternal cousins. Yutaka's mother Yuki is Soujirou's sister. That could explain a scene in which Konata nonchalantly expresses her peace with the thought of untimely death, followed by her humorous, yet depressed, father telling her that she can't talk that way and must live.

konata and kagami relationship memes

While Soujiro's sentiment is undoubtedly because of Kanata, Iwho concurred this WMG based on Konata's view on her body see abovewould leave doubts on whether Konata said the above line because she knew she's dying. I like to see it as something else. While Konata, DOES have the same disease, it can only become deadly if she were to become pregnant, about the time the effects really hit Kanata.

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However, should Konata not get pregnant, she would just stay small and flat. This also serves as a good plot point for yuri stories, since pregnancy is impossible with two girls Perhaps, but maybe Soujiro knows about it and not Konata. Soujiro's always going on about Konata not dying in his lifetime, and Konata's seemingly oblivious. Konata's dad wasn't always a lolicon. After the health problems that stunted her growth took her life, he began to lust after underage girls because they remind him of her.

Konata mentions that her mother was her dad's childhood friend or something along those lines. Even if they were childhood friends, by the time they fell in love, they should've hit puberty. He did say in the manga that he wasn't always that way, but liked kids in an innocuous way. Lucky Star is the world's first commercially made Abridged Series. It has no true plot and little continuity between scenes, it's full of random pop culture references no one could get, there's constant Breaking the Fourth Wall and meta discussionsthe characters are purposely Flanderizedthe supporting cast have intentionally unfitting voices, and it uses inappropriate and copyrighted music in every episode.

Ah, so that's why no major American distributor wants to touch it!

konata and kagami relationship memes

Until it admits it's an Abridged Seriesit has no hope of hitting any American station's anime block. So that's why no one makes an Abridged Series of it? Well, I will be the first. That crunching sound you heard was the universe returning to singularity form. Tsukasa is a closet yandere.

Hey, if one twin is a tsundere, then wouldn't it make sense that the other is the polar opposite? Some of the signs are there; she gets pushed around a lotpeople tend to look down on her as an idiot, she never gets really angry or frustrated meaning more steam is building up She's also rather clingy with Kagami, so Konata's relationship with her sister might just be what pushes her over the edge I have two ways to look at that: As I have implied in the character sheet, being pushed over implied rape—so the poor girl was implied to have been raped for a few times in the anime.

Break the Cutie certainly, but yandereI don't know. According to the Yandere page: Well, following OP's logic though, Kona-chan would be in danger: Konata found it disappointing when she saw Tsukasa being able to type quickly on the cell phone, saying that went against how she characterized Tsukasa.

Misao is the daughter of Taniguchi and Tsuruya. If you think about it, she has her father's short hair and her mom's Cute Little Fang. She has inherited her mom's genkiness.

konata and kagami relationship memes

And most importantly she inherited their Ensemble Dark Horse genes. If not, she's a fusion of the two. The only hindrance would be her hair color though In fact, her brownish-gold hair can come from mixing pale green and chestnut brown hair. The guys are kinda scared of Kagami. The main reason the four seniors don't get much male attention is because Kagami's tsundere nature kinda scares them off.

After all, one guy wrote her a note just to get a little trinket from her. Also, in Episode 3, Konata tells Kagami that she kinda "protects" Tsukasa, so perhaps guys are afraid to approach her entire group.

That's not a fault of Kagami's; just that the guys aren't willing to see her her "dere-dere" side. We've only seen caricatures of the characters so far. Haruhi-chan was drawn in a similar Puni Plush style, and that show obviously featured caricatures of the cast. So up till now we've only seen the gals in chibi caricatures, not their real forms. Feel free to add whatever weird theories you wish, dear fellow tropers.

Isn't this true of all fiction to one degree or another? In this case, it's actually true.

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The manga has more 'real' sketches of the characters every so often, including a few where Konata looks like a highschooler. Ayano has no boyfriend. We never see him, and he's barely mentioned.

Ayano's always around Misao. She has no boyfriend, and is making this up for one reason or another. How about if it's first mentioned by Misao?

konata and kagami relationship memes

Or alternately, Misao herself. They are very close, even by Lucky Star's standards.