Kite runner amir and soraya relationship

kite runner amir and soraya relationship

Soraya is the first prominent female character in ''The Kite Runner'', and her appearance provides more than just a love interest for Amir. She provides insight to. In Afghanistan, which is the setting in which The Kite Runner(Hosseini) begins .. Baba told Amir that Soraya had had a relationship with a man that did not work. The protagonist and his wife in Khaled Hosseini's novel, The Kite Runner, Amir and Soraya each have secrets in their past of which they are ashamed. Soraya.

At this time, Soraya and Amir share with her parents what they have been going through while attempting to reproduce. Khala Jamila is the only one who thinks adoption might be a good thing.

kite runner amir and soraya relationship

Soraya wants a child of her own; the General is wary of not knowing the bloodline of the infant; and Amir views being childless as a form of divine justice.

After the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan, the world pretty much forgets what is going on inside this country. Amir personifies the emptiness of Soraya's womb and it becomes a part of their relationship, a part of their family.

kite runner amir and soraya relationship

Analysis During his wedding celebration, Amir remembers thinking of Hassan and Hassan's wedding day — if he even had one — which indicates his compassion and interest and demonstrates his growth as a character. Amir also shows a new sense of maturity at Baba's funeral, when he realizes that he no longer has his father to lead him.

Soraya says "I won't bruise his precious ego," indicating that although she disagrees with her father and wants to distance herself from his hopes and dreams, she will still maintain a level of respect that her father should be afforded. This reveals her character's desire to respect her old-world traditions and new-world sensibilities.

The General's words about blood, family, and adoption not only foreshadow future events in the novel but also address the thematic topic of familial obligation and responsibility.

She made his toast and tea in the morning, and helped him in and out of bed. She gave him his pain pills, washed his clothes, read him the international section of the newspaper every afternoon. She cooked his favourite dish She could have simply just looked out for her immediate family: Amir is able to confide in her how he truly feels and can even cry in her arms for comfort.

How long will you be gone?

The Kite Runner: Amir & Soraya

This shows Soraya's understanding and support. She knows that Amir must go, and she doesn't even attempt to stop him, because she wants what's best for him.

All she wants is for him to be safe though. When Amir calls Soraya, and tells her that he wants to adopt Sohrab, he is forced to tell the entire story of Hassan in order to explain himself.

The Kite Runner

I told my wife everything. I had pictured this moment so many time, dreaded it, but, as I spoke, I felt something lifting off my chest. I imagined Soraya had experienced something very similar the night of our khastegari, when she'd told me about her past.

You have to bring him home. I want you too.