Kim and reggie relationship quizzes

Reggie Bush on Relationship Hurdles with Kim Kardashian |

kim and reggie relationship quizzes

After all, from Kim & Kanye to Rob & Blac, behind EVERY Kardashian QUIZ: Which Kardashian Relationship Is Most Like Your Relationship?. Find out if you're Kim, Khloe, or Kourtney! Wait as long as it takes to make sure marriage is the right thing to do. Elope! Vegas, here we come!. After her ​high-profile relationship with Reggie Bush, Kim dated another NFL star, but only for a few months. Kim and Miles got together and.

Kim Kardashian launches her new perfume at Sephora Image: Kanye was still around. She was the guest star in his hip-hop puppet show pilot called Alligator Boots in Kris and Kim got married after whirlwind romance Image: Kanye had split from his latest girlfriend, former stripper Amber Rose.

She alleged that Kim had sent explicit pictures of herself to the rapper. When asked if it was true, Kanye replied, "I wish. Out of the blue Kim began dating basketball player Kris Humphries. It was a whirlwind romance and they married in Montecito in a ceremony filmed as a two part episode for Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Planet Photos They were not well suited and she filed for divorce after just 72 days.

Reggie Bush on Relationship Hurdles with Kim Kardashian

Kim defended the marriage against accusations that it was a stunt for the show: I love with all my heart and soul. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed into something too soon. In the end she rang him up.

Six weeks later they were seen in public together for the first time at a party in Beverly Hills. Since they made it official, Kim and Kanye couldn't keep their hands off each other Image: Twelve days after her divorce was finalised she gave birth, five weeks early, on 15 June to a baby girl called North, who they call Nori. They married in Florence the following May and this time there were no cameras from E!

She has been up for six hours by the timefilming begins at noon.

kim and reggie relationship quizzes

She wakes at 6a. Then she is straight into her jogging gear for a run around the trails of Hidden Hills, the gated community in Los Angeles county where they now live, before a healthy breakfast prepared by their chef. She has had to take it easier as she enters the latter stages of her second pregnancy in preparation for a birth in late December. The demands of a second child seem unlikely to slow Kim down, especially as her brand continues to flourish and now, in effect, she has double the power because she is married to such a famous man.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye visit the genocide memorial Image: Question 5 Which one of Kris' children was the first to give birth? Kim Khloe Rob Over the years, the Kardashian's and Jenner's have been giving birth quite a bit recently. Kris has nine grandchildren who must get spoilt rotten every Christmas and birthday! If you thought that this family will fizzle out eventually, then think not! They are creating a whole new generation and bringing them up in the spotlight.

Mason, North, True and Stormi are a few of Kris' grandchildren. Who was the first sibling to give birth?

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Question 6 Who is the father of Kourtney's children? Mason, her oldest son was born in while her first daughter Penelope was born three years later in Her youngest child Reign was born in Kardashian started dating the father of her children way back in but announced their split on July 6,as E!

The couple never got married but had an on and off relationship that was documented on the reality shows. Question 7 What is the name of Rob Kardashian's sock line?

kim and reggie relationship quizzes

Kardashian's main business venture is his own sock line which has its own website filled with many different designs. He even did a collab with his younger sister Kylie.

kim and reggie relationship quizzes

What is the name of the line? Question 8 What is the name of Kim's makeup brand? Who hasn't bought out their own makeup range? Like a smart woman that she is, Kim Kardashian has got her own makeup brand which has been really successful.

Launched in June - the first line of contour kits sold out immediately and it was reported that Kim made 14 million dollars in just 10 minutes. Can you tell me the name of this successful makeup brand she owns?

Question 9 What is the name of Khloe's ex-husband? Khloe met her husband in August and decided to marry him one month later. Kardashian removed her middle name and took her husband's surname.

Khloe filed for divorce in December but it wasn't finalized until in Decemberthree whole years later.

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Khloe has since moved on and had a child with her current partner, but what was the name of the guy she married after a very short space of time? Question 10 Which one of these was a step-brother to the Kardashians?

Now, they only have ex-step-brothers. Bruce had two children with Linda Thompson when they were married. Since marrying Kris years later, he transitioned into a woman named Caitlyn. Which one of these was a step-brother to the Kardashian siblings and is a half-brother to both Kylie and Kendall Jenner?

Question 11 What was the name of Kylie's reality show? Her reality show only had one series that contained eight episodes. The first two episodes were watched by over a million people but the views soon went down as each episode aired. A second series never came. The series first aired August 6,and ended on September 17, What was the name of the show?

Question 12 Which of these song's music videos does Kim appear in? She even has her own music video for her own single released in Her own music video currently has over 9. The single charted at number 21 on the US Heat chart. As for the other music videos she's appeared in, they also have had millions of views on their YouTube channels.

Which one of these four music videos below did Kim appear in? Question 13 Which one of these shows is NOT a spin-off? There have been many spin-offs throughout the years. Some successful, some not as much.

Critics recognized the reality series as a "guilty pleasure" and acknowledged the family's success at the same time. The main show has had high viewership ratings, becoming one of the network's most successful shows and winning several audience awards. Which one of these shows is not a spin-off? Question 14 Which of these is not named after one of Kylie's makeup items?

Worth dollars herself, her makeup company has been a huge part of that. Kylie's makeup range consists of lip liners, glosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows and much more. A lot of Kylie's products have names to differentiate each of the items. Kylie has an online store which lists all her items on it.

Which one of these is not named after one of Jenner's products? Question 15 What was the name Khloe and Kourtney gave Kim so they could talk about her behind her back?

kim and reggie relationship quizzes

Cindy Nancy Kristine These Kardashian sisters literally have no chill. When Khloe and Kourtney wanted to talk about Kim, they referred to her as a certain name pretending it was one of Kourtney's friends so they could talk about Kim without her knowing.

The sisters felt that Kim was being too critical of them all the time so they thought they would go behind her back. They jokingly told Kim that this person was an annoying person. What was the name they gave her on the reality show?

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Question 16 Which of these films did Kim appear in? Movie 5 Final Destination 5 Mamma Mia So Kim has recorded her own song, has her own makeup brand, appeared in some music videos So much for her being famous for being just famous aye?! The first film Kim appeared in was in and this year she appeared in Ocean's 8 playing herself with a mini cameo role.

Out of these four films listed, which one did she appear in? Question 17 Which music video of Tyga's did Kylie appear in? Rack City Dope'd Up 1 of 1 Kylie Jenner and Tyga dated for quite a long time which caused quite a bit of a media frenzy. Tyga has been making music for over 10 years racking up many hits.

He has released 19 mixtapes, six studio albums and one collaboration album with Chris Brown which included the smash hit Ayo. In Tyga's work, Kylie has appeared in two of his music videos. Out of these four, which one of these from the list did she appear in?

Question 18 Which sister did a Pepsi commercial? Kylie Kim Khloe Ina family member was a part of a Pepsi commercial which caused a lot of controversies. So much controversy that the whole ad got pulled due to so many being offended and complaining. Pepsi apologized for their actions and for putting this family member in this position.

On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this family member got emotional about the backlash of the commercial and said they never intended to offend anyone. Which sister did the Pepsi Commercial that was pulled? Question 19 Which sibling is the oldest? Kylie and Kendall Jenner, their youngest siblings who are their half-sisters are in their early 20's.

The family love to make their birthdays a big deal, therefore, we usually are aware of when they are one year older. Kylie's 21st birthday party was Barbie themed this year with lots of pink aesthetic. Do you know which sibling is the oldest of all the others?

Question 20 Which one of these musicians did Kendall briefly date? She was named as one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world on April 9, Time magazine also named her and Kylie as two of the 30 Most Influential Teens, once in and again in Both Kylie and Kendall have both been known for dating men linked to music. Out of these musicians listed below, which one did Kendall previously date?

Question 21 How many days had Kim been married to Kris Humphries before filing for divorce?