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Not quite a fairy-tale retelling itself, Keturah and Lord Death remain unfinished by the end of the night, so that Lord Death will spare her life for Aptly titled, the book is primarily about Keturah and her relationship with death. When Lord Death comes to claim sixteen-year-old Keturah while she is lost in Interpersonal relations -- Juvenile fiction. . He allows her to live another day on the condition that she come to him with an ending to the story and her true love. Lord Death's Paramour is a fanfiction author that has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the -Keturah and Lord Death, Martine Leavitt.

So I pretty much love this book incoherently I kept making noises out loud and annoying Loverbut I'll try to break it down. Also, full of little presents to the careful reader like repeated instances of three, barely stated character development, and clever plot twists.

Keturah is brave, loyal, and independent. She's also afraid, idealistic, and longing for true love, a house to put him in, and a baby. I have to say that after reading a ton of novels where feminist strength is portrayed as not wanting to get married, not wanting kids, not wanting true love -- it was refreshing. I think it's too easy to default to Katniss as a "strong female character.

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Her rejection of love is not strength. I love a strong character where the girl is operating perfectly fine without a man, but she's also willing to be open to love. And there's a lot of love of many different sorts in this book. My friend who recommended this book to me said that she almost afraid that the ending would ruin it, but that it came around. As I wasn't exactly sure what ending my friend would like, I didn't have any clue what that meant, even as I was reading it.

Like w writermala Aug 30, In a story reminiscent of mythological tales, Keturah Reeve runs into the Lord of Death.

Keturah and Lord Death

She staves of death by telling stories that keep him enthralled. The author Martine Leavitt manages to convey several important messages for her young adult readers; for example of love being greater than death.

Likewise Keturah's grandmother advises that talent defeats beauty any day. Lord Death and Keturah have some interesting conversations but we are all rooting for Keturah to find true love and stave death. All indications lead us to believe somebody will be her true love and right till the end that's what it seems like. Will she really find and marry this true love you must indeed read this book to find out.

Late Nights with Good Books: Review: Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt

Like n nidofito Sep 30, I love having Death as a character. I love the whole conflict with loving a supposedly evil character that causes deaths of people.

Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt

And although the story was neither as dark as I had hoped nor the scenes with Keturah and Lord Death as lengthy as I wanted, their conversations were really enjoyable to read. The setting has a timeless feel to it, nothing too modern and appropriate for a high fantasy, so the story seems like something written a long time ago despite its recent publication. I didn't want to put it down. The author has a natural storytelling flair, and uses it through her character, Keturah, who is also a storyteller.

The ending wasn't a total surprise, but it was good.

Keturah and Lord Death

I recommend it for teenagers and adults. It's a quick read and it's like a fairytale. Like robe Oct 17, Combination of fairytale charm and some life themes. Not too captivating but still a nice little read. Like a aboyter Dec 18, This is such a lovely book. It is short and to the point but reveals how ingrained death is in our lives.