Keagan and talia relationship goals

Photos from former BBA housemate, Talia Hayward's wedding and baby shower

keagan and talia relationship goals

Talia Hayward who represented her country Zambia on the 7th season moved on to South African housemate and eventual winner, Keagan. failing American restaurant with the goal of helping to restore it to profitability and prominence. Profile for a man is keagan still dating talia received. . More about the relationship Robert has been married twice in his life. Keagan and Talia (Big Brother Africa 7) The viewers got to see Keagan's soft side. How dare they deprive Africa of relationship goals?.

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The most expensive thing that he's bought with his winning cash. Driving to Primi Piatti, Keagan explaining that he bought the Mini after a car accident late last year.

keagan and talia relationship goals

I assumed that it's brand new - it looks it - but it's second hand. Would you have bought second hand if you'd won over two million smackers?? What Keagan's spent his money on: He's doing a Business diploma so he can learn how to manage his money and go into business so he can achieve his lifelong goal: Lee still lives around the corner from Keagan and he's working at an IT company involved in 3D graphic design - he started his new job a few weeks ago.

Also, Keagan's given Lee R, of the prize money - R, per year. He's divided it over two years so that Lee doesn't have to pay as much tax as if he got it in a lump sum. Keagan seriously lucked out when it came to his winnings Keagan and I hit Primi Piatti, put in our orders and chinwagged: Keagan had two of those monsters. Once you won did you find that long-lost family and friends started to creep out of the woodwork?

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Everything was exactly the same when I got home - it was just the first couple of weeks when I walked in malls and stuff. What about making money out of the show afterwards? Lee and I were confused about what we wanted to do.

Mr and Mrs Otono, as they were known, were like Mr and Mrs Smith with minus the romantic affiliation. They had good chemistry but their constant fighting was bordering to unhealthy but we loved every bit of their unorthodox drama.

keagan and talia relationship goals

Luclay crying over Karen accidentally scratching his face. The Otonos may have acted like they skipped the psychoanalysis part but we absolutely loved them. Luclay and Weza Big Brother Africa 6 Late night cuddling in the garden couch and kissing under the blanket while other housemates are asleep, that was Luweza.

Luclay had a girlfriend, although Weza reminded him numerous times that he has a girlfriend, she came running back to him. Luclay was an actor and acting comes naturally to him. He would emotional blackmail Weza with tears racing down his face followed by him professing his undying love for the Angolan lass. They did argue — quite a lot but no love was lost. One of the best showmances. Known for dressing in outrageous outfits, her long synthetic eyelashes, Goldie had the girl-next-door attitude.

The relationship felt one-sided most times, probing the question if Prezzo was playing the game. Prezzo would peel off his hard exterior, often times seen with Goldie resting her head on him as he tries to crack jokes.

If we saved money every time these two had sex, we would be owning property buildings. Props to them for having sex and never been caught in a room with the tiniest space between the beds.

They read the bible together, romantic, right? Everything couples do together is romantic in the Big Brother house.

Junia and Malonza Big Brother Africa 7 She might have one of the most annoying voices and he might be one of the most confused housemates but they made the list. It took Junia a while to get Malonza to realise that they can be more than just kissing friends. Whenever asked about the relationship, Malonza had a long pause.

Not to relationship related questions but in general — he was just confused.

keagan and talia relationship goals

Their constant kissing irked people. If you were irked by their kissing, blink three times. Keagan and Talia Big Brother Africa 7 No one saw this relationship from a centimetre away from their screens. Surprisingly it gained a very strong fanbase which was ready to drag any team that came at them, like their biggest rival, Seylia.

In the last week the two engaged in steamy sex which some till this day believe contributed to Keagan winning the competition. Beauty and the beast type. Betty was quiet and Bolt was loud — very, very loud. Betty was Dumbledore in public and Voldemort in bed. The couple set a record for having sex earlier in the game it was on day 3. Bolt liked his women submissive, Betty was perfect for him. That Saturday, ladies and gentlemen was the birth of Bengelo.

Angelo was the oldest housemate with a young heart who had all the motivational quotes stored in his brain, killer moves and an appetite of five people. He surely backed up his claims.

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Remember their first kiss in the rendezvous room? Now fast forward to Hakeem sulking about Cleo and walking around with a long face.

keagan and talia relationship goals

In the beginning the relationship looked one-sided but it gained momentum. Remember that wedding task? How cute were they? Why was Dillish in a relationship? Their chemistry could light a cigarette. It was more like a blessing in disguise. I got my friend back.

keagan and talia relationship goals

I went in that house by myself and I was focused on executing my game plan so I could get the three hundred thousand dollars. Talia wearing my 'good luck charm' shirt Seydou was gone and she was sad for a few days but I always had her back. We talked about a lot of stuff which we seemed to both enjoy.

We beat the other group miserably bad that they had to put in a request to buy me to be their leader. Talia rejected their request but somehow Biggie rules played a huge part and the other group led by Prezzo managed to buy me for a few drinks. Fast forward Talia and I became really close and she intimated to me several times how she was fighting with her feelings for Seydou now that he was out of the house and I only told her to stay loyal to her man even when he was out of the game.

Things did not go as I had advised or wished. She had other plans. Falling for Keagan, the South African lad who swept her off her feet with his foul mouth. The two sparked off a romance way late into the game, if I can remember correctly it was in the twelfth week with just two weeks left to the end of the show.

For sure she could have waited longer but it seems she was really burning, just saying! I had a clue of who Seydou was.