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Kenzo Gutierrez says he has a "happy crush" on Kamille Filoteo. dubbed as “ Teen Mama ng Manila” is currently in a relationship with the. Former PBB teen housemate Kamille Filoteo break up with Justin PBB that Kamille said she had plans to continue her relationship with Eugenio. housemates by flirting with fellow housemate Kenzo Gutierrez. Head editor at Zeibiz covering topics on technology, entertainment and television. Despite some issues involving Read More · What is the real score between Kamille Filoteo and Kenzo Gutierrez? Abunda asked former Pinoy Big Brother ( PBB) housemate Kamille Filoteo regarding relationship with Justin Eugenio, .

He is also determined to help his family financially. On Day 49, he secured his place as a finalist with He exited the House on Day He exited on Dayemerging as the winner for the teen batch, garnering Though he frequently visits his relatives in Cebu, he only knows little of the Filipino language.

He is, by far, the youngest Big Brother housemate in the whole franchise. On week 3, he won the Ligtask challenge, rendering him safe from nomination. On week 4, he was nominated after failing the immunity challenge, but got saved by the winning team.

On Week 5, his group, the Dream Team, won the majority of votes for their performances in The Big-Ating Concert thus, being granted immunity along with Franco and Ylona. On week 6, he used the Ligtas app from the Big Tablet to save himself from nomination. On Day 49, he became a finalist with 1. He returned to the House on Day He was placed fourth during the finale night, and garnered 7. He exited on Day Kamille[ edit ] Ma. She is a teen mother and gave birth to her 2-year-old daughter when she was 16 years old.

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She was taking up a psychology degree. She was nominated on week 4, but was saved after Kyle made a voluntary exit. She was evicted on Day On Day 84, she, together with Mikee, re-entered the House.

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She became a cross-over housemate and fought for a chance to be an official housemate, with her fate to be decided through public voting. Her name suits her doll-like physical features. She grew up in a broken family and she only sees her father frequently.

Barbie's family currently lives in a house beside the Philippine National Railways in Albay. She and Bailey became nominees on week one.

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She belongs to a family that practices Islam. Her mother is a housewife and her father is an overseas worker in Saudi Arabia. The show has consulted different authorities, including the National Commission on Muslim Filipinosto prepare Ailah for her stay in the House. The housemates are being reminded to consider Ailah's restrictions when living inside the house, like not buying pork for their weekly shopping, among other things. She was given a buzzer by Big Brother to guide her when its time to do her daily prayers.

She was nominated on week 2 and was evicted on Day He is seen in several print and television ads. He grew up having a low self-esteem because of his weight. He decided to do something about his weight, and has regained his confidence. His grades improved and now has a girlfriend for ten months now.

Due to personal reasons, he opted for a voluntary exit. Her family owns a small bakery. Her parents are strict and impose a curfew on their children, making her quite sheltered, but she doesn't mind. She is a swimmer, like her other siblings, and was able to use it to get a scholarship at her school to help her parents. She was granted immunity with Franco and Jimboy on week 4.


He is popular at school because of his talent in singing and dancing. He is also a flutist for their school's brass band. His siblings are studying in Manila, while he stays in the province with his parents.

His mother is a government employee and his father owns a piggery. He, along with Bailey and Ylona, was granted immunity on week 5. He was nominated on week 6. On Day 49, he became a finalist with 3. He was placed third during the finale night, and garnered Both of her parents are practitioners in the medical field, but she has more interest in the performing arts.

It's more about pagkakaibigan. It's about brotherly affection, brotherly love. It's a deep friendship between two male. Walang malisya yun, 'pag ganun? Paano po natin i-e-explain yung behavior ni Kenzo at Bailey? Maganda silang pag-aralan kase magkaiba yung background nila. Pareho silang unico hijo so nandun yung natural longing na magka-brother.

The other thing is si Bailey is, of course, the youngest child so baby pa yun. So, syempre yung kid malanbing. Yung pagpapakita nya ng paglalambing is the same paglalambing na pinapakita nya to his parents. Pero normal ba na maging touchy ang mga boys sa isa't isa? Yung mga boys ay talagang touchy naman. Pero maraming touch eh. On that night, Bailey was called to the confession room for several violations.

Right afterwards, all the remaining boys along with Barbie were called to the confession room for not wearing their lapel microphones. On Day 3, Bailey was punished to become a human speaker box and to remain as is until Big Brother had told him otherwise.

On Day 4, the housemates were given their weekly task wherein they had to create a group performance showing their individual talents within 7 minutes and 37 seconds. On Day 7, the housemates performed their weekly task; they were not successful after three tries. On the evening of Day 8, the nominees were revealed in the nomination night. The first nominees were Barbie, Kamille and Bailey; however, Kamille was removed from the list of nominees after winning the Ligtask Challenge.

Zonia is the leader of the task. On Day 14, Barbie was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Bailey. Week 3 On Day Day 15, the second set of nominees were revealed. The nominees were given a chance to save themselves in the "Ligtask" Challenge; however, no one win the challenge, therefore all of the nominees were still up for eviction. On Day 21, Ailah was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Bailey, Ryan, Ylona and Zonia.

Week 4 On Day 22, the housemates had their "Positive Nomination" wherein they need to choose which housemate is deserving to stay in the house.

Franco, Jimboy, Kenzo and Kyle were the top 4 highest pointers and they are saved in the possible eviction. On Day 28, Ryan was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Kamille, Ylona and Zonia.

Week 5 On Day 30, the housemates were given their fifth weekly task. They were grouped into two groups: Each of the 7 numbers must trend on Twitter for them to win the task; however, each group must still outperform one another in order wherein the winning group will win immunity for the next week's nomination.

The concert was attended by several ex-housemates from the franchise's three editions.