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Jumba and Pleakley obviously have a thing for each other, after all Then his mother prearranges a marriage for him and all hell brakes lose. The following are fictional characters from the Lilo & Stitch franchise. Contents. 1 Characters introduced in Lilo & Stitch. Stitch (); Lilo Pelekai. Scrump. Nani Pelekai; Jumba Jookiba; Pleakley; Gantu; Mertle .. crises which involve Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley (who often tries to help . Being voiced by a gay actor definitely helps give that impression, but add into the . Jumba and Pleakley from Lilo and Stitch but he felt it would dishonor him to have a relationship with a man, but maybe he also felt relief?.

Pixley is CEO of a medium-sized galaxy and she even has a bathroom in her office, and Bertley claims to hate his brother. Fibber's lie-detection ability reveals that they don't actually dislike Pleakley, but are actually jealous of him.

Stitch Has a GlitchPleakly often talks to his mother by his cell phone, but she does not appear Jumba also talks to her, because Pleakley's cell phone was the way to call Stitch in the spaceship. Though they often antagonize each other, Pleakley has a very close relationship with Jumba and they are arguably best friends.

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Varoius Clothes and Accesories Though Pleakley is distinctly a male alien, he is consistently seen dressing in women's clothing for his enjoyment and dressing in full drag while out among the humans, possibly raising his effeminacy. He is shown admiring his wig in a mirror while "off duty", and refuses to let Jumba who once had long hair, but lost it in an accident involving an experiment try it on.

Pleakley's cross-dressing has led to some speculation and concern among fans that he is gay, although this was never officially proven and he does occasionally wear men's clothing as well. He also dresses as an exchange student named Inga and a Flamenco dancer when he tries to help David with his relationship with Nani. The MovieNani is bothered by the fact that Pleakley tries on her clothes when she's not at home.

It is also implied that he ordered a girdle despite his unconvincing denial, since it is technically underwear and thus useless for his normal disguise. Though he enjoys wearing female clothing, he will choose to wear male clothing when the situation calls for it. In an alternate future explored in the episode "Skip", Pleakley spends 10 years locked in his room studying Earth fashion, then becomes a world-famous fashion designer 10 years after that.

In "Swirly", Nani says he has more clothes then she has. Pleakly also usually doesn't wear pants probably because there are few pants that fit his three legs.

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In "Slick", Pleakly says that his planet doesn't use money, and "that's why they don't wear pants". Middle-aged female tourist, Jumba's "ugly wife" several times throughout the series. Having this narrative play out juxtaposed with a sham marriage to a male character puts a little extra context around the fact that Pleakley and Jumba were very nearly married.

In order to keep up their charade, or because they actually are that close at this point? He never specifies who the letters are to or from, but there are at this point only so many people, and one of the options is super obvious. What gets me is when Pleakley first proposes his study. He actually suggests the idea to Jumba while doing this: Anyway, Jumba shoves him off and rejects the proposal, but is brought back around to it when he realizes the power of love could potentially be used for evil.

Pleakley goes along with him on this.

jumba and pleakley relationship help

However, even when evil experimentation is on the table, Pleakley is willing to drop the argument just so he and Jumba can work on the project together. Jumba then hands it to Pleakley, and Pleakley drinks it. Of course, it does nothing. Please do not try drinking melted chocolate, sand, and dog spit at home. But if your first instinct upon holding the essence of love is to hand it over to your close friend to have him drink it, I think you already have a slight idea of what love is, and it has something to do with that friend.

For my final exhibit pre-Leroy, I want to talk about something that did not happen in the show proper, but, if sources are correct, almost did.

jumba and pleakley relationship help

Second of all, WOW. The toast Pleakley tries to make to Jumba to call out how kind of a person he actually is. Some things never change. Jumba and Pleakley obviously ARE very important to each other. By now, their interactions are very sweet. What really propels them into OTP water for me during this phase of the canon is just how much time they have to interact with each other.

The conclusion of the series, canonizing it as having taken place over three years, it begins with the alien members of the Pelekai household becoming recognized as heroes by the Galactic Council and going their separate ways to realize new destinies. Jumba is reintroduced to his old laboratory, where he begins creating a brand-new experiment. Pleakley is given a supervising professor job at a university, which disappoints him because he thought he would be working with students, but that is not the case.

And Stitch becomes a captain, piloting his beloved Big Red Battleship. With Jumba, however, this is realized in a rather telling way. Once he makes progress on his new experiment, take one guess who the first person is he calls out for to come see what he did. During this time, Pleakley is also coming to terms with the fact that he misses Jumba.

This is pretty much canon. This results in a display on both ends of how much they care about each other. Pleakley fires off his own barrage of insults before the call ends, at which point he just lays his head down on his desk and cries.

I just want you to sit back and think about that for a minute when compared to how Jumba treated Pleakley in the first film.

They were a fire-forged alliance, but Jumba also regarded him as a nuisance and wanted to be rid of him. He is also into fashion and in an alternate timeline episode is shown as being a very flamboyant world famous fashion designer Season 2, Episode 7.

Pleakley sitting on Gantu's lap, throwing shade. Pleakley clearly enjoys his disguise, and enjoys playing the part of wife to Jumba. She ends up hosting her potential boss, Jameson, for dinner in order to show her aloha hospitality.

The cousin of the episode is Nosy, a gossip who likes to tell everyone's secrets.

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Trend setting Pleakley serving Bulletproof Coffee, before it was even invented. Pleakley is excited to get to try out his hosting skills. Predictably things go poorly, ending with Nosy revealing everyone's secrets. Nosy loudly proclaims that "Aunt" Pleakley is not a woman. Pleakley runs into the house upset, leaving everyone else to sit outside awkwardly.

Jameson ends up offering Nani the job based on the fact that she must be a caring person to have such a diverse makeshift family. Keoni, Jameson's son, talks to Lilo about Pleakley not being a woman, and then shrugs the whole thing off as not a big deal. However Pleakley personally identifies within the show, Keoni and his father would be left to naturally conclude that Pleakley is trans or somewhere on the spectrum and is in a relationship with Jumba, and everyone is fine with this. Jumba- Jumba is more emotionally distant then Pleakley.

Unlike Pleakley he has female love interests mentioned well, two. He had a wife he divorced at some point before the franchise started. In an alternate timeline episode he mentioned having made himself a robot wife Season 1, Episode 34but this is also the timeline in which something terrible happened to Pleakley that Jumba won't talk about. Alternate timeline Jumba gives regular Jumba the advice to never built a robot wife, so presumably this doesn't ever happen in the real timeline.

Jumba and Pleakley's room Jumba has top bunk His friendship with Pleakley is domestic, but at times dysfunctional. Jumba and Pleakley live together in a shared room, but sleep on bunk beds. In only one episode are they shown to have shared a bed Season 1, Episode 8when on vacation in a shared room with Lilo and Stitch. Pleakley does things like bringing Jumba his favorite meal when he is having a bad day Season 1, Episode 19but in this same episode Jumba threatens Pleakley if he tells Lilo or Stitch that he has created a new evil experiment.

Jumba takes pride in being an evil genius and, particularly at the start of the series, this can cause tension in his friendship with Pleakley. Jumba and Pleakley- In the first film they are forced together, and share a mutual dislike, bound together by circumstance.

Is Pleakley a boy or a girl?

Their overarching character development though the franchise is about their friendship, and building of an ohana together. In Season 1, Episode 14 we are introduced to Pleakley's family. Lilo is woken up by Pleakley's phone going off in the middle of the night. Jumba explains that it is Pleakley's mother calling to try and pressure her son to find a wife.