Judge dredd and anderson relationship

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judge dredd and anderson relationship

This is a poem I wrote about Judge Dredd Dredd and Anderson continuing their partnership, both on and off the streets of Mega City One. Explore what makes the relationship between our two fabled heroes so connected, part of a bond. (Reprints: Judge Anderson stories from AD Progs and Compare, say, Anderson's relationship with her nemesis Judge. Judge Cassandra Anderson is a member of the PSI Division of the Justice department of Mega-City One. Like her namesake from antique myth, she has psychic powers. Over time, Anderson has become a prominent member of Psi Division, and although she has become critical of the.

That gets a little old. I can't get quite as enthusiastic about most of the writing here, for the most part.

judge dredd and anderson relationship

The problem is that Grant tends to mention deep stuff, and let that pass for depth; his take on it doesn't tend to go very far. Ranson's artwork is so much about serious tone and careful observation that the broad gestures and jokes that still came naturally to Grant are jarring in the context of these stories. Satan's narration fluctuates between a Biblical tone and extreme casualness "Yay!

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Let that fury flow! Awake the rage that threatened Heaven! And listing the atrocities of human history over the course of three pages, then letting slip that the Apocalypse War dwarfed them all, undercuts the argument badly. For a story that was the climax of two and a half years' worth of Anderson serials, "Satan" also goes from eschatology to apocrypha very quickly: Satan himself arrives on Earth, and Anderson dispatches him by confusing him until he talks like a Steve Ditko villain "He made me!

The problem may be that Grant is playing in John Wagner's upside-down, morally dubious world, without the advantage of Wagner's morally dubious protagonist.

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Anderson is sensitive, and Grant stacks the deck in favor of sensitive special people who shouldn't have to do ugly things. Compare, say, Anderson's relationship with her nemesis Judge Goon--a violent jerk with no redeeming qualities and a name that gives the game away--to Dredd's relationship with Judge Edgar, which is much more a battle between two terrible creatures with incompatible ideologies.

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And the supporting characters in these stories are often nothing but types, like the Sov professor who exclaims "Pah!

Still, I like the way Grant's writing on this period of Anderson is so often drastically different from the tone of his Dredd--his language, his pacing, even the narrative devices. On Dredd, he was mostly just staying out of Wagner's way by the '90s. It seems like they weren't even reading each other's stories, actually.

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Shamballa suggests that Judge Corey's suicide in "Leviathan's Farewell" affected Anderson even more strongly than everything that happened with her father; I don't think Wagner has ever referred to it. When Half-Life is unleashed on the city, causing a wave of mass murder, Anderson stops it.

judge dredd and anderson relationship

Being a Psi prevents her from using drugs and treatments Street Judges use to stay active despite aging. Because of this, Anderson expects to age beyond usefulness. Alternative comic versions[ edit ] In DC Comics began publishing the short-lived title Judge Dredd — Legends of the Law, which featured their own version of Dredd. Note that the Anderson in the Judge Dredd and Batman crossover stories is the original AD version of the character.

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IDW gave Anderson her own comic in In the Judge Dredd Megazine published stories based on the version of Anderson which had appeared in the film Dreddin issues to Psi Division and Anderson: Psi stories and also Judge Corey are being collected in order of their original publication in a series of trade paperbacks: The Complete Case Files.

The Mega Collection in May A total of seven volumes of that collection collect Anderson stories. In other media[ edit ].